The Nature of Reality: Glimpses, reality, filters: why is the world the way world is… different for different people?

I had a rare glimpse at the nature of reality today.

It’s been happening quite some time, but I could never catch the why of it…

Imagine the scenario: you are playing a card game with 52 cards. No one is there to move the cards, just you, and you don’t cheat.

You get to a point where you are clear that you lost the game. So you go and make yourself a cup of tea, go to the bathroom, answer the phone… whatever.

About 10 minutes later you come back and look at the game. Before you close it, you just want to look at it again. And miracle: you suddenly see a way that, in three more steps, instead of losing, you’ll win this game.

You suspect divine intervention. You suspect miracle… but what happened, really? What is the “real” nature of reality?

Ever since I started to run the Harmonize Your Vibration audio in the background, I’ve been having miracles like this happen, several times a day… but this time I caught the “what happened” part, for the first time.

I caught the thoughts “it’s impossible…” and “I can’t…”

Chuckled, as is my habit, and said my mantra “It ain’t necessarily so” 1 and there it was: the card that I didn’t see before that made me win the game. I didn’t even have to leave the game. I just saw it. I am sure it wasn’t there before!

Now, playing card games is a low-stakes activity, but what about income? What happens when what’s impossible is to get enough money coming in in the next five days, so that you can pay the rent? Or the mortgage?

Surprise, the methodology is the same.

You’ll never believe how early you’ve been declaring defeat, how easily you settle, how automatically you start to look for the lost key under the street light! 2 i.e. looking at the same place, with a very narrow cone of vision!

But without first changing your mind about the likelihood of you seeing anything different than before, the chances of you seeing a solution are nil. Even if someone pointed it out for you, like a high-paid coach you hired, you would discount their guidance, you are so set in your beliefs.

The mind seems to be interested in staying right! 3

The easiest and fastest release solution I have ever seen, a solution that goes around the mind, is the Harmonize Your Vibration audio. It seems to lift the cataract from your eyes, so you have some choices.

You should try it. Let it play in the background, at night while you sleep, and watch your world, your reality change, miraculously. Be aligned with the nature of reality, with a “simple” looking audio that can do it for you.


  1. that is, in four words, the nature of reality, by the way!, that it ain’t necessarily so!
  2. this refers to the joke where the policeman watches a man look for something, in the street, on all four, for hours. Finally he approaches the man and asks: “Can I help you? Did you lose something?” “Yes,” answers the man, “I am looking for my car keys…” Now both the man and the policeman are on all fours, looking for the lost keys. After about an hour the policeman asks suspiciously, “Did you drop your keys here?” “No, I lost them over where my car is…” Then,” asks the policeman, “why are you looking for them here?” “Oh, it’s easy.” answers the man, “over there there is no light, and here there is…”
  3. this is why mind-control-methods don’t work. mind-control-methods, like affirmations, don’t change the mind, just fool you… underneath it the subconscious stays right, immovable, and screwing you and your methods, and laughs! That is another aspect of the nature of reality: pretense, cheating, make-believe don’t change the outcome

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “The Nature of Reality: Glimpses, reality, filters: why is the world the way world is… different for different people?”

  1. For the last couple days, I’ve been on this same topic, myself but with different wording. Here it is:
    “precepts”. We know we have “concepts” — ideas about this or that… models. What most people don’t know is that a) they have “precepts” which actually form the concepts; defining what is “allowed” to manifest, including the conceptual models. b) The precepts are mostly hidden away in the unconscious and most people don’t realize that these precepts are “where they are coming from”, literally. This is the meaning of the scripture: “as a man believes in his heart, so he is”.

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