What could you learn in the Self-Healing Course?

What will I teach in the Self-Healing Course?

As far as I can see, your well-being suffers most from what you hold as true. And what you hold as true comes from three sources:

1. your body’s wisdom of the ages, this is true, but being interpreted by the mind… so
2. your infinite wisdom from the vantage point of the limited perspective of the human mind… mostly wrong
3. information you hear or read

At this day and age, all of our signals are crossed, and cannot trust anything.

I will give you and example: if I asked you what sweet cravings mean, you would tell me the party line, or one version of it

1. you are addicted to sweets
2. you should eat something sweet… your body tells you

What you don’t know is that the taste buds on your tongue developed long long time ago, and they guided to you eat what your body needed very reliably. At that time, humans were hunters and gatherers, not like monkies, not living in trees, living mostly on the planes where they had more advantage given their body… and the tools they used to kill.

The sweet taste came from dark meat. Dark meat has a sweet taste, most of the protein molecules that are sweet can only be found in dark meet, and without them you are weak and dumb.

Did you know that? No, right? So I tested this the other day. I had sweet cravings. I muscle tested what I should eat… to make sure. Not sweet, was the answer. I had some buffalo meat frozen, so I took it out of the freezer. I had that the next day… I have had no sweet cravings since. None.

Whatever we call “intuitive” or counter-intuitive nowadays are not. Intuitive would mean “information that comes from all of it without being filtered or altered by the mind.” The mind, on the other hand, is all Tree of Knowledge, someone’s good idea, mostly garbage, half-truth, or deliberate deception.

So, returning to the original question, I will teach two things in the Self-Healing Course:

1. I will teach the knowledge that is proven and you won’t get anywhere else, about how to stay well.
2. I will teach you to connect and use your hands to guide the Light coming from All-of-it, to
– cleanse your organs
– to soothe overused or injured areas of your body
– to download Heaven on Earth to “zap” negative feelings that you may not feel but limit your body’s ability to be well and in balance, tensions in muscles, etc.
– to access and reconnect with your soul and ego, so there is a two-way communication
– to use what you learn on others as well.
– the proper and reliable use of muscle-testing to test the truth…

All classes are recorded. You can stay on and repeat the class to make sure you got it right… if you wish.

PS: Do you need to believe me in order to learn self-healing? No. in this course I will give you all I got, but I will commit to only teach you good stuff, to teach you everything that you need, but I will not have time to actually make sure you have learned what I taught. That would make it a much more expensive and long course. Instead, if you want to make sure, you can stay on to the subsequent classes…

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