Despair to get money fast, to get out of a bad situation?

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Do you know that feeling of utter powerlessness when you don’t know how you are going to meet your obligations, like paying your rent, or feeding yourself or your family?

That feeling seems to come from reality, right? That feeling seems to be totally justified and an exact match to how you should feel, given what is the truth about life, your life, your circumstances especially, right?

What would you say if I told you that the feeling and the actions consistent with it, scrambling or non-action, are based on an unreality? Would you say I was crazy? Would you say I was delusional? Would you say that maybe in my case this could be true but not in yours?

I sympathize. I understand. I was just like you most of my life, and even today I am hovering on the border of being like you and being different.

Different how? You ask… good question. Well, for one, when the world seems to be tumbling down on me, I now have the wherewithal (a fancy word for capacity, lol. exact meaning: The money or other means needed for a particular purpose.) to stay put and look and think. Thinking in emergency situations, thinking when in trouble, used to be my Achilles heel. Why? Because the saying: ’emotions up, intelligence down,’ are very true, for everyone.

Unless you can regain or maintain your calm, and stay collected and intelligent under pressure, you are roadkill…

Now, let’s see what causes the scrambling of the brain, what causes the incoherence that renders thinking not available in the situations of danger?

What is it that makes you act as if you were blind? That makes even the simplest ideas impossible to grasp?

What is it that urges you to hide, run away, quit, or alternately urges you to bash in the head of someone with whatever heavy object you can put your hands on? Or kill yourself?

And although there is an answer, having the answer won’t do you any good. Why? Because when it comes to it, knowing something doesn’t do squat, have you noticed?

So, why did I write this article? Because there is a solution. It’s not 100%, but it is the best we have.

When scrambled, incoherent vibrations are ravaging your body, your emotions, your brain, the solution is to expose yourself to a powerful unscrambled, coherent energy, that calms your frazzled nerves, restores the coherence of your heart and mind, and returns you to sanity and power.

When you start returning to coherence, you’ll begin to notice the world around you, your cone of vision becomes wider, and you are able to move your attention from the danger to the question: what can you do?

If you have read about my “hitting bottom method” you already know that in the moment of truth, where you reach that inner calmness, you suddenly see what you are supposed to do, and you have the strength and the courage to do it.

What I have never told you, because I wasn’t aware of it myself, is that you can’t allow yourself to hit bottom, unless you can cause coherence, at will.

The Harmonize Your Vibration audio, a carrier of a coherent, powerful energy, will do just that for you: harmonize your vibration to its vibration, your incoherence to its coherence.

How fast? It depends on your current vibration. It depends on how far you have gone into expecting to be rescued and never take charge of your affairs. It depends on you. The audio will do its job, but the starting point will be different for everyone.

It is guaranteed to work. I bet my reputation on it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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