Talk Back To Me: Why and how do the harmonizing (Avatar State) audios work?

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Question: You say: “Eliminate procrastination, discover your hidden self, Increase your awareness, discover your ability to think, see the big picture, activate your intuition, keep calm under pressure…”

Promises, promises, promises? Just by playing an audio in the background?! Is this a fraud? Or is this true?

And if it works, why does it work? How does it work? Please explain…

Answer: You may have heard about binaural beats. You may have heard about Holosync Technologies.

These two work through your auditory faculties. You need to hear them for these programs to work. Their similarity extends another step: they actually scramble your brain, so the status quo, the set way of thinking, the same old, same old gets stirred up.

If I could bring an analogy: You have your lawn overgrown. You get out your lawn mower and cut your grass. When you look afterwards, at the base of the grass, you see tiny little plants grow with tiny little flowers. Suddenly these little flowers get a chance to get a little sun, for a little while, until the grass grows and start suffocating them again.

Those little flowers represent the unused faculties of creativity, intelligence, courage, purposefulness, etc. When, by using these programs, your usual set-in-your-way thinking gets mowed off, something new can present itself, something that was suppressed before.

Holosync goes one step further: it takes your brain to the brink of annihilation and expects it to reorganize itself on a more coherent level… most people never take it that far. I have.

You may have heard about the Mozart Effect. The Mozart Effect works on deaf people too. It is not necessary to hear the sound, it works because the genius of Mozart comes through the sequence of sounds: Mozart was a lot like me, a channel for the coherence of the Universe. An Avatar.

My audios go even deeper and wider than Mozart’s.

The vertical element, the incoming transmission part of the energy brings in the coherence energy. And the horizontal energy, the concentric donuts, the outgoing transmission, is transmitting the Original Design, the design of the perfect man, the producer, the inventor, the one that uses his faculties according to the Original Design, for his own sake, for his own pleasure, but benefiting all.

Analogy: Imagine that your mother is trying to untangle your hair. She uses a comb. In the beginning it hurts. It pulls. It feels like it would be better to never comb again… but at some point it becomes smooth and then your hair flows and frames your face: it’s beautiful.

When we are dealing with your whole consciousness, it’s like several layers of tangled hair, each part of a different aspect of your whole being, your brain, your ego, your self, your soul, your body, your awareness, your witness, your will, your attention. Your layer upon layer of lies, pretenses, misunderstandings, immature assumptions that have created the Frankenstein-Monster-like entity that you call you.

The energies in the audios go deep, go back to the beginnings of you, to the innocent, majestic, magnificent, unspoiled, uncorrupted you, to bring it out and allow it to play, so you can become a Man, meaning a human being the way you were meant to be.

How long will it take? It all depends on where you are when you start.

My guess that it will take long. But it is worth it. Joy, happiness, real self-esteem, real confidence is not available to the Frankenstein-Monster. I know it, you know it, no matter how much you hope, you believe, you pray, you wish, you try to dress it up.

The question is whether you have the courage and the desire go through with it.

Most people don’t. There is a certain comfort in the known, in the defined reality of hell. It is much like the jail-bird that get released only to return to the three-meal-a-day predictability of the prison.

What are YOU going to choose? Jail or freedom?

If you are ready for freedom and what it means to you, here is the link to the Abundance Generator

If you are not quite ready, choose the Procrastination Eliminator instead…

And if the whole idea looks like a really bad idea, just know that your vibration is too low… but the Harmonize Your Vibration will work for you, will raise your vibration where you will have a choice.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Talk Back To Me: Why and how do the harmonizing (Avatar State) audios work?”

  1. For more than a month I am playing the Harmonize the planet audio 24/7 – not listening, just playing it on the loop and the difference I notice in myself is huge and incredible: floating anxiety (my life companion) disappeared almost completely. I had it for so many stupid reasons: going out, meeting some people, participating in classes and so on and so on. Every trip also was quite a nightmare: I had jitters for days before it, couldn’t “collect” myself – and now nothing: in two days I travel to another country and I AM CALM… know what to do – and cannot believe it. I suffered from insomnia for several years – and now I sleep 7-8 hours!!! Unbelievable.

  2. I, too, have been looping the audio silently on my iPad or phone continuously, 24/7, and have noticed huge differences. For a solid week now, I am sleeping soundly and through the night. Body temperature fluctuations that would interrupt sleep have disappeared. During the day, ADD distractibility was a way of life, now, I feel more motivation and focus. I’m switching tasks easily now and not getting lost in the ADD “hyper-focus.” I’m actually getting things done without any frenzy!! Huge! Thank you!

  3. Hi.
    I have tinnitus which is quite bad (for me anyway). It is a constant high pitch buzzing in my ears, more so in the right ear.
    Will that be a problem to listening to these audios, since the tinnitus never goes away?

  4. these audios are not to be listened to directly, they are to be run in the
    background, even when you are away from home. If you prefer, I can give you access to an almost no sound version.

    The sound is just to remind you that you are “under the influence” of high vibration energies.

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