Winning and keeping love – Valentine’s Day Special

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In my work with people we look at the hidden stuff that actually determines you life. We are looking th ways you have fragmented your self, to the point that today you have only about 7% of your real self available, and the rest of the virtual self is a pretense.

And as with all pretense, you have to protect it from being seen as a pretense, you have to hold it together.

In the est training they used to say: you have your s-h-i-t together. That is exactly what you have together, your s-h-i-t, or as I say, your virtual personae, a different one for each circumstance. No wonder that you have no idea who you are, and what is the purpose of your life.

The personae you put together may look good, but doesn’t feel good: it’s a costume, it’s a mask. You are wearing it because deep down you don’t believe that you are good, that you are lovable, so you feel that you must.

But the truth is both more complicated and simpler than that. You were born lovable and good, and then you became a little monster, partially “they” made you, partially you misunderstood how the world works, you misunderstood how reality works: you made up stuff that wasn’t true.

I haven’t met a person who doesn’t have an issue of love, of being loved, of being appreciated, who doesn’t pretend to show how good, or smart, or whatever they are so they can keep your love, or earn your love.

And this means that 100% of all people still crave, still miss, still suffer from not being loved, not the way they want to be loved, blah blah blah.

It is time to set things straight and return, at least you, my dear reader, to reality.

People, your parents, are not obligated to love you. Love cannot be forced. Love can be earned.

But how do you earn love? Good question. Not the way you have been going about it.

I have two “products” that can help you with this question:

One, a report, explains the basics, but don’t expect to be able to live it from just reading it. I have been selling it for two years, and other than insights, no one can claim that they have changed their ways.

So I have created an Avatar audio, specifically for Winning and Keeping Love… and I find that it also works for winning and keeping friendship, a job, customers, and other coveted “possessions” that make life enjoyable and worth living.

And I have a special for you: If you buy both before midnight Valentine’s day 2013, you can get both for $20.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Winning and keeping love – Valentine’s Day Special”

  1. In your article you write ”

    And this means that 100% of all people still crave, still miss, still suffer from not being loved, not the way they want to be loved, blah blah blah.”

    Looking at the “blah blah blah” at the end of the sentence, I wonder where does this need to be contemptuous (or dismissive, if you will) come from, Sophie?

  2. I think you mis-diagnose me, Krista, I am not contemptuous in that sentence. I don’t like the feeling of being hooked on wanting love… I am part of all of you. And the blah blah blah only says that I either don’t want to go into details, or can’t go into details.

    And although my soul correction is “Forget Thyself” and my main negative emotion is contempt, I don’t have contempt in this arena, I actually have compassion.

    Maybe you feel that everyone feels superior to you and puts you down?

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