More about the Avatar State audios and INSTRUCTIONS for use! Updated

More about the Avatar State audios

First off, the Avatar State: it’s a strong and wide connection. It is much like a wide laser beam, on one hand, that bores through obstacles.

What obstacles? Depending on your vibrational frequency (truth value) you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of obstacles… those are the standards, ideals, and “truths” you live and judge by.

I wrote a sentence in a recent article: “You can’t expect to be elegant in mind, elegant in spirit, if your environment isn’t.”

He read it and went into massive rage and fear, sent me 17 (I counted) emails to prove to me that I am wrong. His vibration is 170. Going into rages like this, fixed focus, nostrils flaring, being stuck and not able to look around, is an obstacle.

I have had one obstacle, that I just recently demolished (I hope that I have demolished it fully, though muscle test says “no”). A standard that ‘I should be loved for myself not for what I do.’ It has ruined my career, and it’s rendered me poor. It makes everyone look ungrateful, unloving, unappreciative… It’s an obstacle in the flow of the energy, and it will be blasted, slowly, so it doesn’t kill me in the process.

All the untruths that you hold dear or true, all the unrealities that guide your actions or judgments are obstacles.

The connection is the vertical element. The second element of the Avatar State is a horizontal sheet-like element, much like a vibrating rotating saw blade. It harmonizes everything in its reach to its vibration.

That is my vibration that is broadcasted, and therefore it is very important that I am integrated and high vibration. It will be most crucial when your vibration, hopefully, will approach 1000 and your fragmentation 100%. 1Fragmentation is explained here:

Now, why am I explaining this? Because you don’t want to fully put yourself in the way of such powerful forces as this horizontal and vertical elements: I myself cannot stand it in my normal state: it is jarring, but for you it can be worse than just jarring.

You want the avatar energy reach you but not aimed at you.

On the days when I enter the Avatar State I am all used up, exhausted, confronted, and tolerate less than on “normal” days.

The Avatar State is 1000 vibration, but with a power that multiplies it. I can stand it because I am generating it, directing it, recording it, but could not just stand in it, like you stand in a shower.

One of my students, won’t name her, listened directly through her headphones while she was sleeping.

I’d like to compare these energies to a sharp knife. If you use them properly, they cut through the crud and crust and blockages of your self. If you hold the blade as if it were the handle: you will hurt your hand, suffer cuts and bleed.

Use as directed, please.

Instructions: play the audio on an audio player of your choice, preferable on very low volume, or with a headphone just left alone. Do NOT wear the headphones. If you can hear the sound, you are too close to it.

Play it as often as you can. Best to put the audio on loop or repeat mode. You can play it and it is effective, even if you play it at home while you are at work or traveling. It is YOUR audio, and it works on you and for you.

If you can feel energy, you can tell if the player is on or off, even if you are not at home.

I have also re-recorded all the audios and will upload them today, so you won’t even feel tempted to try to understand what I am saying. I am not saying anything. In the original audios I was leading my own meditation… but it is not important what I am saying. You are paying for the energy and the transformation it can cause, not my words. Read my words on this blog: this is all about words.

OK: if you have bought any or all of these Avatar State audios, the Harmonize Your vibration, the Abundance Generator, The Cure Procrastination, and the Winning and Keeping Love activator, you’ll get an email from each of these programs with instructions on how to download the new audios, plus detailed instructions.

Another issue came up in a conversation: do NOT play two audios at the same time. Like energies do, they either add up or diminish each other. In the case of the Avatar State audios, they diminish, extinguish each other, and you will be left with no change. What a waste!

The only difference among the different audios is one thing: the focus. You can use any of the audios for any of the focus if you have the capacity, the attention span, the decisiveness to pick one focus.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “More about the Avatar State audios and INSTRUCTIONS for use! Updated”

  1. Just by struggling with that statement, you may become a better person. Especially if you notice that YOU are struggling with it… it point to some resistance. Every resistance will teach you something about yourself.

  2. muscle testing is available and accurate if and when you test while
    connected to Source. Thinking you are connected doesn’t count.

    My students have tested it, time and time again, and they got the
    same numbers as myself.

  3. You are the only person I know of that says muscle testing only works when connected to source. I am sure it doesn’t bother you to disagree with the rest of the world, but it would help if you could provide some evidence besides your opinion. Perhaps you have provided that elsewhere but I missed it?

    PS: You might want to fix the links in the article.

  4. thanks for pointing out my mistake about the links…

    with regards to muscle testing, all tests done by others were pointing to no reliability. But when one is connected, the results seem to be consistent. do some research about muscle testing and David Hawkins.

  5. You are attracted by the power over others. It is a very bad place to come from.

    Only when your heart is poor and you don’t care about the numbers, yourself, that the numbers can be accurate. At 170 you can’t muscle test correctly. I recommend that you use the Harmonize Your Vibration audio in the background, 24 hours a day, until your vibration rises to at least 200, and then buy the muscletesting training videos. Until then just watch your ego wreaking havoc and then getting less and less loud.

  6. I have been familiar with muscle testing for 25 years. It is an interesting concept without any peer reviewed scientific confirmation. I am also familiar with Dawkins, who is a controversial character, often described as a quack and a cult leader. I think it boils down to about 50% (the scientific community) think muscle testing is BS, 50% (the new age spiritual community) think it is valid, and you alone who think it is valid only if connected to source. All opinions and theories, no evidence. A faith concept to be sure; proof strengthens faith.

  7. is it possible to teach others to connect to source so that others can do the same work as you do and can also test the vibration of others?

  8. What you mean to ask is if I can teach others to do the work I do. Let me ask Source. The answer was no.
    Why? Because you need to be a true empath and you need to have done the work of raising your vibration above 900.
    No other true empath on the planet, and no other person close to 900, according to Source. The next highest vibration person’s vibration is 600 and the person is not an empath. Who that is? I don’t know. It’s a man, in the far East, in or around Korea… of Mongolian descent.

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