Eastern philosophy put billions of people into poverty

The Eastern philosophy that put billions of people into poverty, living in hovels, by accepting it as inevitable. karma, really appeals to Americans.

What is so attractive about Eastern philosophy and karma? My guess is that Eastern Philosophy advocates being in the present moment. If you sit down, close your eyes, and withdraw your attention from past and future, and manage, for a moment, to be in the now, you will find that in the now moment there is never anything wrong.

Mind and time came to be at the same time, and they are inseparable, like the front of the hand and the back of the hand.When I say mind, I do not mean your brain.

I mean the activity of the brain that does sorting, filing, retrieving, comparing, and trying to make sense of the data, without using any other tools, but sorting, filing, etc..

The mind is like a filing clerk, busy 24 hours a day, even when you sleep. It spends all its time in the past or in the future, has no interest in the present moment. Its job, just like any low-level clerk’s is to justify its own existence, not anything else. It doesn’t care about you and your life.

It is fundamentally distinct and different in its function and purpose from the reasoning mind, the creative mind, the problem solving mind. The problem solving (constructive) mind has goals, it has vision, it has problem solving as its highest pleasure. It takes pride in itself, and its powers of observation.

If and when the constructive mind is used inside a moral foundation that is aligned with the Original Design, the design of the Universe, it never exploits, never uses, never violates another’s space, or nature: it is too busy creating prosperity and wealth for everyone.

The constructive mind always operates in the present moment.

Schooling did not train you to use and respect your constructive mind: it has reduced you to the busy filing clerk mind… and the Eastern philosophy seems to address that and try save you from that. It offers silence of mind.

There is no experience of happiness, joy, pride, creativity, accomplishment, inside the filing clerk mind: it is not able to experience anything, because all those experiences happen in the present moment, and the filing clerk is not able to even relate to the present moment.

All of life happens in the present moment, the memory of life isn’t life, so if you live in your mind you don’t live at all.

According to the Eastern Philosophy there is a cycle of re-incarnation, all your past actions need to be corrected… This puts you into a perpetual defense mode, and just like the national debt cannot be paid off, because the country pays interest on the money it borrows as its currency from the Federal Reserve Bank, your karma debt is going to grow and you can never become free.

The underlying deception comes from the same idea: a nation that doesn’t control its destiny but hands over the reigns to a group of people or a group of gods, is sheep: easy to dominate, easy to fleece.When each year you are worse off than the year before, your enthusiasm for life diminishes, and you settle for survival.

It is easier to denounce karma that to get rid of the Federal Reserve System: you can do it individually. But if you live in a country within the Federal Bank System, your life doesn’t belong to you, your product doesn’t belong to you, and you spend your energies paying off the unpayable debt… hopeless.

Eastern religions say: don’t have a self.

Don’t have ambition.

Don’t have wants and desires.

Which, if interpreted the way it is taught, is the death of humanity: it teaches survival, going back to being an animal, leaving the dominion of intelligence.If you interpret it the way I do, you get this: ambition, wants and desires, when held in the mind, remove you from the present moment, and leave you perpetually unsatisfied, in the “this isn’t it” state.

But it is possible to have ambition, desire, plans and goals, and still be in the present moment: you need to move the mind out of the thinking process, and see, in the present moment, what it is that you are doing now.

The ambition, the desire, the plans and goals turn into a context, and not something to attain some day. Instead they inform your actions about the direction, just like a good map and an itinirary informs the driver of the car, every moment.

This is what they probably mean when they pout the generality: ‘enjoy the journey, not the destination,’ or however that inane quote puts people into a Tree of Knowledge mode. Looking smart, being stupid.

Eastern philosophy says that it is all maya, it is all unreality, your environment has no effect on you, because it is not real.

It results in a complete justification for not being responsible for anything, neither for your environment, nor for your actions or results.One of the best books I have ever read is an Indian book, ‘The White Tiger.’

On one hand it gives you an accurate view of the results of living the Eastern philosophy, many aspects of it, and on the other hand it gives you a taste of the journey one man has to travel to remove himself from the jail that it is.

There is a lot more to becoming a free man than what our hero in that book does, but becoming a man is a step by step process. In the same way that there is no instant healing, there is no instant transformation from sheep to proud productive man.

And there is no ‘instant enlightenment’ either: you may get an insight, but your vibration, i.e. your world view, even when you incorporate that insight, becomes just slightly above your environment’s, that is why the “enlightened” gurus’ vibration is so very low.

Of course there are exceptions, but not many.

I don’t dabble in enlightenment. Enlightenment is not my goal, I travel the path of the Avatar: ordinary person equipped with extraordinary tools and extraordinary commitment to create peace and prosperity on the planet.

The fact that I happen to have silence in my head, that I have a peaceful aura, that I can love, is just a side-effect: it has never been my goal.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Eastern philosophy put billions of people into poverty”

  1. Being Asian, eastern philosophy is what I have been exposed to growing up and I know that my default thinking falls back on that philosophy. I had to take many Landmark & Scientology courses to shift my view from being at the mercy of Karma & various Taoist, Hindu & Buddhist deities to finally getting that I need to take responsibility for my own life.

    But my experience is that knowing that doesnt make a difference… I still feel like a victim. I think thats where the anguish comes from – the habitual mindset that I cannot choose my own life. Other people or destiny or chance decides my life for me. I am angry all the time because of this…

    Which avatar audio can help with this issue? Or maybe you can make a new one to address this? 🙂

    Many thanks Sophie!

  2. There are several books entitled White Tiger. Are you referring to the book by Aravind Adiga?

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