What is it costing you that you procrastinate? What is it costing you that you stay the same?

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What is it costing you that you procrastinate? “What is your current mindset costing you?”

Or maybe even a better way to ask: what are you not getting out of your life, given that you procrastinate?

No one can tell you that… but whatever you are resisting, whatever you resist doing, has all the power.

There are people, myself included, that consciously not do a lot of things. I don’t do much house work, but I am not procrastinating. I don’t obsess about it, I have made a decision to not do it, or do as little as I can get way with, and I am fine about it.

If I were procrastinating, my mind would be on hold about that thing which I am not doing, and I would not be fully available to do what I am doing instead: I would be doing everything “instead” and not fully, not joyously, not with power. Why? Because my power would be tied up in what I am not doing.

Once you give yourself permission to not do the thing at all: you are free. You take complete responsibility for what other people say, etc. and that’s that.

But it takes almost as much courage to declare to not do something as it takes to actually do it.

You are suspended between heaven and hell… a victim of your own cowardice.

So, let me ask the question: what is it costing you that you are not free to do everything in your life, fully, with power? What is it costing you that you are a puppet on a string, even though you could cut the strings?

Someone asked a question similar to this six years ago, and I remember that it had the power to unstuck me… that is the power of the question. But I didn’t take on the offer the questioner had at the time, to coach me and mentor me, and looking back, it probably have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars…

At the time I could have paid the tuition, today I can’t. And it is too late… you could say, but something happened in the past seven weeks: one of my own audios. That’s what has happened.

I started to play the audio seven weeks ago. And in a way I can myself cannot see, it has worked as effectively as having been mentoring: I have changed direction, I have seen the errors of my ways, I have made moves to change what I do… all the kinds of stuff you do under the guidance of a mentor.

Remarkable. If someone asked me the question: so how much does that audio has been worth for me, I would say: thousands, but on the long run, probably, hundreds of thousands.

And that audio is available to you, and you are not going to pay close to what it is worth to you.

I would think that a reasonable trade, value for value, would be paying for a month’s worth of gain or savings, and then enjoy the rest of it.

At the moment the audio sells for about $20… which means unless you think you can make it worth for you at least $240 in just one month, then you are playing too small a game, and I can’t help you.

Will it work as fast as that? I can’t promise. It didn’t really kick in until about 3-4 days ago. I guess I was too right about what I can and what I can’t do, about what I know (and was wrong), about how I do my business… The more you stuck in your self-righteous ways the longer it will take, guaranteed.

Will it work for you? If you play the audio in the background at least 12 hours a day, even while you are at work, or are sleeping, then it’s guaranteed to work. Buying it won’t do anything: you actually have to use it… duh.

I have five audios at this time.

The Harmonize Your Vibration is best for you if your vibration is under 200.
The Cure Procrastination
The Abundance Activator
The Winning and Keeping Love Activator
and the newest one: Brilliance at Will 2 are specifically focusing on the area that their name suggest, while they raise your vibration, and work on your whole self as well.

Why is an audio that I recorded works on me? Because the energy I recorded is not mine. It is me who called it down, in the Avatar State, but it is hundreds of times stronger and more harmonious than my own. So we could say, I am not just the owner, I am also a client… lol. And a happy client at that.

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  1. I don't have a sales letter for the Brilliance at Will audio, because it is self-explanatory: you'll get smarter, more intelligent from using it!
  2. I don’t have a sales letter for the Brilliance at Will audio, because it is self-explanatory: you’ll get smarter, more intelligent from using it!

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