what is intelligence, and what is more intelligent?

dogs-unseen-venn-diagramThe quality of your life depends on your overall intelligence… intellect, body intelligence, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, the ability to live a full life, with a range of emotions, and to conquer difficulties, adversities successfully.

You are born with certain DNA defined potentials. No doubt about that. Your ancestry and its habits lead to your DNA being allowing and restrictive, and yet, all human capacities are encoded in your DNA… but what is not needed, what was not needed by your ancestors is dimmed out… “not needed”, Nature decided…

The next phase is as crucial as ancestry… how you evolve, personally.

Your environment, whether it is stimulating or dimming your light… maybe it is even suppressing the potentials to ever express themselves.

  • Your nutrition…
  • Your autonomy…
  • Your ability to express yourself… and how people “listen”, “hear” you.

Then here we are 20-30-40-50-60-70 years later. You are the way you are.

The questions are: are you done? Are you cooked? Are you settled? Are you the FINAL version of yourself?

And the answer is: it depends. It depends on what you do with what you’ve got…

capacities dimmedAbilities, capacities open up when they are needed.

Let’s talk about this “needed” phenomenon.

  • Do capacities open up when the environment needs them? No.
  • Do capacities open up when you are put in a circumstance where they are needed? No.

Needed is an internal volition… when you will them to open up. Long enough, persistently enough, that “nature” responds by releasing the restriction on the capacity.

This is where the saying “you chose your life” rings true.

I work with a lot of people, and rarely they put themselves, and keep themselves in a position and in a state, where nature responds.

The saying: jump and the wings will appear… or something like this.

Most people don’t jump from any higher than the curb… and even when they do jump from higher, they look at the landing, worry about the landing… so the wings never appear.

Wings are the capacities… Emotional, physical, spiritual

When you live your whole life flitting hither and tither inside what you already know, what is familiar, what is comfortable, you have the same number of abilities and capacities you had when you were born… or less.

Nature is frugal. It puts away the toys when they are not used…

Now, after telling you the sad state of the inner world… let’s look what would make capacities open up… or alternatively stay on when I force them open?

To see that, we’ll need to examine some of your habits, some of the rules by you live, the meanings you attribute to things, happenings, intentions, people, yourself… because that is where you decide to dance on the open floor, where you decide how to live.

We could look generically… meaning finding what is common in all people, but I am going to look a little more specifically: through your soul correction AND your zodiac sign.

Why? Because they seem to be also coded into your DNA: causing you to react to the world in predictable ways.

And those predictable ways cause you to block your personal evolution in typical ways, with typical rules and beliefs.

  • Memories people, for example, live as if everything that is possible is already known. And thus they hope to create something big and lasting and sparkling inside the tiny world they already know.An evolved “Memories” person will allow themselves to be guided to look outside the tiny “I already know this” area… if the guidance is gentle.An unevolved “Memories” will force their way back to what they already know… even if, by chance, they were taken outside. They like to stay inside the “I know this…” area.Remember the “famous” pie of all knowledge? The Memories people stay inside the I know that I know, and the I know that I don’t know area… and don’t venture to the area of “I don’t know that I don’t know”.The reason I started with the “Memories” people, because the behavior of staying inside what you know is the core of all people, causing no human evolution, across the board. All countries, all human races… the lowest common denominator.

    So in the rest of the article, wherever I look at a soul correction, I will leave this out: all soul corrections contain this element.

  • 27490-the-measure-of-intelligence-is-the-ability-to-changeSoul correction “Removing Hatred”… the original “positive thinking” people…They divide the world to things to look at, and things not to look at. Things to feel, experience, and things not to experience.Feelings are suppressed. Anything disgusting, unsightly, unpleasant, ugly, is suppressed and avoided.Iron fist… this could be the middle name of this soul correction.We don’t talk about those things.

    Any chance that a person with this soul correction can grow, activate capacities?

    To the degree that they can accommodate the ugly, the unpleasant, the difficult, the strenuous, the probable failure, the fear… to that same degree they can expand.

    When you suppress anything, you suppress everything. You suppress hate? You suppress disgust? You suppress fear? You suppressed love, enjoyment, beauty, freedom, autonomy, courage… No choice about that.

    Suppression works this way.

    Suppression also works on your physical… your immune system. Your physiology.

    You’ll eat funny… restrictively. You’ll protect your family from seeing anything ugly. To live an honest, full life.

Let me talk a little bit about living a full life…

A full life is all of life. The good, the bad, the ugly, the uncomfortable, the unpleasant, the difficult is part of a full life.

To the degree you are able to integrate, be with, face, deal with the ugly parts, to the same degree your experience of life is the whole human experience.

The importance of being able to hold thoughts and feelings of ambivalence and controversy

Empires, historically, fell when the living was comfortable. When people of those empires could avoid the ugly, and they chose to do so.

We are in that phase, the current culture… and we are coming to an end. Rapidly.

When people turn on the heat, instead of putting another sweater on… when people turn on the air conditioner instead of opening the window, or taking off a piece of their clothing… yeah… we are deeply in that phase of civilization.

The first signs of it, experientially, is a feeling: not happy. It’s not “unhappy”… but “not happy”. When happiness becomes too important.

But there is no such thing. No such thing as happiness.

intelligencesI am reading a book “The upside of your dark side” and it talks about an experiment where they asked people in two countries, whether they thought Jesus was happy.

The people asked in the United States talked about Jesus being good, and nice fellow, and happy.
The people asked in Korea talked about the crucifixion and the suffering.

The United States (and Canada) is ahead of the curve in decay, dissolution, because people are not even thinking of looking at the darker side of life.

You wanting to be happy is the hook dissolution has in you.

So, what is the underlying human failing, misunderstanding, lack of astuteness, lack of intelligence, the human failing that is the cause of near everything that ails humanity?

One failing? You must be kidding, Sophie… You must be simplifying things…

But yes. One failing, and I am going to say it.

But because it is underneath of everything you believe in, I am sure you won’t get it.

and if you did get it, the sun would come out again in your life…

The missing capacity is this: being able to see that LIFE is ruled by AND, and not OR.

  • You live as if you are either smart or stupid.
  • You live as if you are either free or obedient.
  • You live as if freedom is the opposite of mercy.
  • You live as if life is either good or bad.

Freedom is recognizing your limitations

I could bring more examples, but I am, at the moment, am more interested in my insight that came from today’s Monday Morning Memo: Republicans stand for freedom… and Democrats stand for Mercy.

They are not on opposite ends of the spectrum: they only have a preference. Mercy, wanting social services, and such, doesn’t impede freedom…

But that is the ONLY issue the two parties differ on.

But, of course, the people who most support the Republican party are the least able to appreciate the subtlety of this distinction… That the world, Life, is not a world of either this or that.

The more intelligent you are, the more you can see that.

lead-intelligentlyOf course dictators, demagogues, and their supporters are not intelligent.

These dictators can, in a declining society, a declining civilization, they can call all the shots, because the people at large want to be comfortable, and confrontation isn’t comfortable. Standing for anything… isn’t comfortable. Saying “no” isn’t comfortable. Have you even seen sheep stampede?

I grew up in a totalitarian regime. The cult of personality.

My parents were founding members of the Hungarian communist party… 3

It was not safe to think, to have an opinion. If you were not with The Party, you were an enemy and they killed you.

Stalin in the Soviet Union, had more people killed that the number of soldiers and civilians killed in the Second World War.

I don’t know the numbers in Hungary. I knew the head of The Party personally… I went to school with his oldest son. Our parents were friends. But that would not have stopped The Party from killing my parents, had they been heard of expressing dissent.

The reign of terror ended with the CIA induced uprising when I was nine years old. People hanging from lamp posts, with their pants unbuttoned hanging open showing their genitalia.

All were circumcised.

All prisoners were broken out of prisons, and given weapons… good people and bad people.

Dissenters, criminals, Nazi thugs.

Thugs love the either or thinking… it is a great justification for genocide. Killing is easier when you are sure that you are right.

You are one degree removed from the thugs. On one hand they are willing to act… On the other hand you don’t consider eliminating everyone who stands in your way. One degree…

What you have in common with thugs is your either/or view of the world.

They eliminate the opposition, you eliminate everything from your view that you don’t like…

“The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.” ~Niels Bohr

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Values, intrinsic values don’t have an opposite. Only an order of priority… to YOU.

emotional-intelligenceFreedom and Mercy, Service and Autonomy, Cooperation and Independence are a big happy family… You never really have to choose… You get to say which is more important to you.

I am afraid of the upcoming elections. I am afraid that you are not intelligent enough.

Or, that alternatively you’ll declare yourself and your word irrelevant, declare yourself powerless, and you’ll let the thugs take over.

There is a movie made out of the book, The Man In The High Tower, that is very indicative of what it looks like when Mercy is considered the enemy.

One day you are best friend, next day your best friend can kill you, on the basis of ideology.

Either you make life, or life happens to you.

Now, this one is black and white… you need to choose.

PS: after dictatorship is instituted, there are still a few years where you can either be like a frog: slowly cooked to death, or be aware (another capacity!) and jump out of the pot.

Being afraid suppresses your awareness. 4

When you stockpile food… you are acting from fear. And the fear mongers are winning. You are already being cooked.

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  1. it wasn't called communist, by the way... It was called Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party.
  2. And with your awareness it suppresses your chances of success... including your success to survive what you are afraid of...
  3. it wasn’t called communist, by the way… It was called Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party.
  4. And with your awareness it suppresses your chances of success… including your success to survive what you are afraid of…

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