Does thinking about something bring that thing about? Or what mistake the Law of Attraction people make that makes what they do fraud?

Warning: lots of footnotes in this article, don’t miss them!

The simple answer to the question: “Does thinking about something bring that thing about?” is no it doesn’t. But it is not for the reason you think. It is because thinking about does not connect you to what you are thinking about.

Attention does. 1

They say in business: whatever you give your attention to, whatever you measure 2 will grow.

What is attention? Where does it come from? What is the nature of attention?

Attention is one distinct aspect of a human being. It is not mind, it is not eyes, it is not intention, not visualization, not thinking about, not even thinking. The starting point of attention, emphatically located, is in the backside of the eyes, or thereabout. 3

Attention is much like a search light, a narrow beam search light. It has a direction, but, unlike search light, it has power. It is able to move your Self to what it directs itself to. This is my interpretation, not necessarily the Truth, but darn close to it. The Self can move with the attention into the object of the attention, like an energy. 4

You can’t be casual and move your attention. You can’t be thinking about stuff and move your attention at the same time. You can’t worry and move your attention to anything other than your worry. You need to be clear to move your attention.

When you actually move your attention you will notice that you put power behind it.

Multi-tasking reduces your effectiveness and intelligence because you are trying to move the narrow-beam attention from one thing to another and back, oscillating between two or three things.

Because attention is quite physical in that it takes energy to move it, it takes energy for the Self to settle in the new location, oscillation between two or more destinations is against the nature of, against the design of attention.

Hurry also works against attention; on one hand hurry takes away your power that you would give to attention and it puts that same power into the thought-form: we need to hurry… aka “there is something wrong here” or “somewhere else is better than here.”

Anything you try to do hurriedly will come out shabby. When I have a deadline, I have practiced this, I calm my mind down that would want to tell me to hurry, and force myself to put all my attention on the one thing I am doing, until it’s done. To the degree that the thought: hurry, is still active, to that same degree the action will be ineffective and mistakes will happen.

Most people will not know what it means: put power behind an action. Most people only do one thing with power: they resist. Their whole life is a big “no.”

I have a student who alternates between “no” and going limp. If she could put the power she puts behind “no”, on something that’s a yes, she would be winning in life. She hasn’t gotten the concept, yet.

Sidenote: you don’t need to put emotion into the attention, actually that may backfire!

In my drill calls (presently we are taking a break from that right now), the most important thing I teach people is how to use their attention, tightly control it like you would want to control a sword, or the steering wheel of a vehicle you are driving.

Does attention really cause its object to grow?

There have been experiments with plants. Plants are good: placebo effect is rare with plants.

You decide to pay attention to a particular plant you have access to. You determinedly don’t change your actions, just the amount of attention you give to the plant.

Time and time again, in every experiment, the results are staggering. 5

If it is true with plants and crops, then it is true.

It is also true in business. The numbers you check frequently start to grow 6 .

I have done an experiment recently: I set out to increase my numbers in one of my businesses without increasing my resources, without spending more money on advertising, without doing anything other than keep my fingers on the pulse of the business.

I now check my ads on a daily basis, I think of the people that read it, I look at other advertsisers’ ads. I have seen what makes my service special, and have committed to be more like that.

My numbers have grown crazy. I am afraid to jinx myself, so I won’t tell you how much, but one thing is clear: it’s been my fault that that particular business suffered and almost died in the months where I took it for granted, when I expected it to just give and give and give, without me giving it any energy.

What is the truth about this whole attention thing?

All my examples came from instances where the only real thing that was missing was attention in a business/job, the crops, and maybe this is true for relationships as well, instances where the resources were already established.

Just like Christie Marie Sheldon’s abundance course only worked for people that had resources with a lot more potential revenues than what they were already producing, if you have no resources you first need to create some: use the attention to create resources instead of growing your numbers. 7

The same thing is not true for my Avatar State audios: if you have resources, they activate them. If you don’t, they activate your intention and power to create resources. This is the element that is most missing from all available programs.

The Avatar State audios rebuild you from the ground up. They leave no aspect of you out.

All aspects of a human being are mandatory for a thriving person: body, mind, constructive thinking, ego, Self, soul, subconscious, attention, intention, will, observer/witness are all needed: they have a function that other aspects can’t or won’t take over.

Your current thinking, your Tree of Knowledge mind holds some of those aspects as desirable and others as undesirable. This puts you out of balance, puts you on the path to inner tension, and ineffectiveness.

The Avatar State audios restore the balance of your being, so you can live like a human, like a Man, not as a puppet serving your masters. Thinking about is for puppets.

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  1. Thinking about doesn’t use your attention, only your mind. Your mind has NOTHING to do with your attention, unless you identify yourself with your mind. If you do, you will think that you are your thought, NOT what you direct your thought at, and that is just as weak as not having any attention.
  2. measuring needs your undivided attention and thorough understanding of what you measure
  3. In experiments, if you are able to feel anything, you can actually feel a slight dimple in the back of the yes when you consciously and powerfully put your attention to something!
  4. The Self is one of those donut energy structures the Black Whole movie is talking about. Our Self, unfortunately, is fragmented. In my Activate Divinity Course I assist people in finding the lost and denied fragments so they can restore the Original Divine Self. But just like with an amputee, they have pain in their non-existent limb, you can have pain in your non-present Self, emotional pain. And the attention always tries to move the whole Self, whether it is present of not.
  5. In my opinion, this is the reason why Mr. T. has produced results with crops: his results with crops are his claim to fame as a powerful energy practitioner. When crops are given energy, the owner suddenly starts to turn his attention and watch and observe that same growing field with the crops. The results of growth come from that attention, not from the original energy infusion. This may not be true when you get an energy infusion to your body from the same person. A field of crops is homogenous, and you know what you are paying attention to. The human body and the mind is a complex system, and unless you have the power to pay attention to one thing only, and not the whole, your results will be nothing, or near nothing.
  6. unless you are not connecting to the source of those numbers. You can’t assign to an assistent to check the numbers: they don’t connect to the numbers, they have nothing to do with them. You, the owner do. A sales person does, but differently from you
  7. By the way, most courses produce results by directing your attention. This is true for Christie Marie Sheldon, for T. Harv Eker, for Anthony Robbins… and to some degree some of the results my students experience are due to their increased attention. In addition to this type of results, a course or a coaching/energy session could produce quantum results if it actually adds something or changes something in the participants. My experience has been that actually causing real additions or changes is rare and it is always energetic. None of the above teachers, Christie Marie Sheldon, T. Harv Eker, or Anthony Robbins wield energies, regardless of what they say. Their results are the predictable 1%, the 1% of all participants that have resources and the tools to work on them.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Does thinking about something bring that thing about? Or what mistake the Law of Attraction people make that makes what they do fraud?”

  1. oh god sophie, there is something in this article that is humming somewhere inside of me. i have never given attention to ‘attention’ or the word ‘attention’ at least.
    so, is ‘thinking about’ not giving attention? you know the way they say that ‘what you think about grows’? good or bad.,, a whole bunch of incidences where i give my attention in the present (as in when i am with someone, namely grandaughter:) the joy & connection is there and it does grow. and i now see where it’s happened for other people also. but i still haven’t got a handle on it. i don’t have any resources and no idea how to go about creating them. is attention an ‘action’ thing? a deliberate action thing? like a deliberate focus? or have i missed the whole point of your article? many, many thanks.

  2. You are asking the questions from your mind, and whatever I write, whatever I say, will just go into your mind.

    Please, if you can’t afford to buy the Harmonize Your vibration audio, at least play the free version for 10 days, so you get to a place, hopefully, where you interact with the world and information not purely through your mind.

    here is the link

    Until then there is nothing I can do for you.

  3. Hi Sophie, I recently (about a year ) have understood that “multitasking” is energy draining. I have been all my life in a multitasking mode because of being on the run, always anxious. Now I try to do one thing only, and stop dividing my attention when there is a chance. I have bought the Harmonize Your vibration audio a weeks ago, it helps a lot. It is true, my attention is most of the time in a worry mode.
    Thanks for your words, I get further on my understanding

  4. yes sophie, i figured i tried to analize the whole ‘concept’ of attention 🙁 i will re-read your post and plug into your audio. and i thank you for giving me that opportunity,,
    feel like i’m in the middle of murphy’s law at the moment and not coping that well with all that’s happening in my life.
    would be a relief to get out of my mind,,,
    thank you heaps x

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