Meditation: What is it and why is it useful?

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I wrote this article a year and a half ago. I never published it, but I will, now. Why? Because I have a lot more insight about meditation I can share, and because I offered a famous marketer to teach him meditation, and he hasn’t even bothered to answer my email.

I write many of my articles as a way to poke the Universe for answers, as a way to force my intelligence into gear.

What is meditation and what is the role of meditation?

Quoting from Wikipedia: Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself

I will examine this question as a non-meditator who has tried to meditate and failed.

I am not against meditation. Meditation as a tool, to allow all knowledge to reach you, past the noise of all there is, distinguished as knowledge beyond your own, is invaluable.

I have been quasi meditating the past day or so… the questions I am meditating over are

1. whether God is a sentient being
2. whether the “law” of attraction, the law that says that you can earn something coming to you

Ultimately I want answers that are either included in the chorus of many voices that speak thousands of truths that contradict one another, or truth that hasn’t been revealed because there was no one to hear the answer (or ask the question).

Why would be people asking questions and not hear the answer?

Because their own mind and ego combined prevents them from hearing it.

What happens? The question is asked by the conscious mind. The other than conscious mind goes out for an answer (the reticular activator effect, the heat seeking missile of psycho-cybernetics!) and comes back with answers… the mind/ego jumps into conclusion and stops looking.

What do scientists do? They have a question, in essence a hypothesis and then they go out to get a yes or no answer. But you see, the answer is never a straight yes or a straight no.

Look at MY questions? The questions are leading to a yes or no answer, but the answer is probably neither. The questions came from the limited perspective of the human mind, and that is only a 1-10% of all of it… limited.

But aren’t those questions fundamental questions? Oh yes, and they are given by our current level of awareness. What is there is sentience and there is Sentience? What if our anthropomorphic perception misleads us? What if, coming from our need to get an answer gets us the wrong answer? It has, and for as long as we have been asking questions, from the beginning of the human species!

How many of you would have thought that we have inactive circuits in our DNA? How many have thought that we need to ask for these to be activated? That simply boggles the mind! It does not come from the same place my original question came: How do you get human to erase past pain and fear and wrong beliefs, permanently, so they can live a free or freer life?

That was the original question, and I was looking for a methodology of erasure and implanting… quite a different phenomenon from what turned out to be the situation.

What lead me to the current “solution” was being willing to be guided by something not earthly, nonsensical, in a way.

The guidance came through movies. First I was taught how I was going to be guided, through the TV series of “Medium.” Then I was taught, little piece by little piece, what I could do, what darkness was, what lied in the way, what I needed to do.

I consider that a long meditation is going on, going into the 10th month… no breaks, no returning to “normal” consciousness.

And the amount of time I spent cross legged and closed eyed will probably amount to a few hours total. Looking like I am in deep meditation. I walked, worked, loved in deep meditation instead, Connected to my question, no matter how many answers came, like I am still now.

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