Duality: is that the trouble with the Universe, or the nature of the Universe?

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I have been attracting new people, a new breed of people, people that have been on the spiritual path. They litter their emails and their speakings with generalities and rules that they learned from their teachers and gurus, one-ness, duality, acceptance, etc.

The teaching that I want to talk about in this article is the concept that duality is wrong, and we are all one.

I never understood the concept of one-ness, but because it is showing up in my space, I took the time to do some serious thinking.

This is a report on my results, so far.

I don’t know who started this unscientific b.s., but they had no idea about the world, it reeks of religion and it does what all religion do: it forces something unnatural on humans, so they get cut off from their intelligence, they get cut of from their instincts, and they walk around carefully treading to avoid stepping on taboos.

The nature of the Universe is duality. It shows up in every dimension, in the micro, in the macro, on the level of planets, solar systems, every which way you slice it, the nature of the Universe is duality.

If you took the time to watch the Black Whole movie, you can see that the donut is an energetic phenomenon that is build of the black hole which is the negative side of duality and the energy flow, like a fountain, which is the positive side of duality.

Each atom, each molecule, all of the material world is based on duality: attracting and repelling, polarity, which is another word for duality. I refuse to read up on this: I promise that all the reading takes your power away from thinking on your own.

Just like black holes match the number of “white” fountains (I know it is not called that, I will call it that, fountain, for the purposes of this article, it communicates.), goodness and badness, Light and Dark need to be in balance.

When systems are left alone, all systems are in balance. Unfortunately, the Mind of humanity is like a cancer: forces ideas on life, causing out of balance, by preaching that goodness is the rule, that we are one, blah blah blah.

All religions were invented by the same group of people: people that want to take over the planet by reducing other humans to sheep. Why? I am not sure. I am not sure what pleasure is in that, but they have been doing it at least four thousand years, and their dominion over the Earth and its population is almost complete. In certain countries their job is finished.

They intend to eliminate individuality, achievement, real thinking, pride, nations, cultures: and you are buying into it, because you are not able to think: you are only having thoughts. (The few of you (one in 10,000) to whom this doesn’t apply, you know who you are, and you are not offended. If you are offended, it’s because the truth hurts. I know. I feel for you. I want to wake you up!)

Somehow you learned that you should not this and should not that, among others, you should not make a mistake, you should be perfect, do everything perfect.

You should look perfect, and you demand of everyone to be perfect. You demand of yourself not to have a negative thought, not to have a bad feeling.

How realistic are you? How much room do you have to live, to love, to dance, to play? None, right? Or not much.

Most people I talk to love crying watching movies, hate having any reason to cry in their real lives… Are you insane? Experiencing life by proxy?

My job is to restore balance. The handful of people that constitute the core of the Dark Side are energy masters. Compared to them I am a kindergartener. And you are on their side…

You are like cancer.

The energetic issue with cancer is that it’s a black hole: it doesn’t give out energy, it just consumes it to grow itself. It is an aberration that is the perfect sign of our own imbalance.

Each cell is designed to grow along certain lines. Each cell is designed to consume and release energy. Each cell is designed to grow in a co-creative, co-dependent mode, without ever growing at the expense of another cell. But growing it must.

All life wants more life. Life is growth.

Each individual also designed the same way: consume and give out energy, equally, and growing.

Hoarding anything is inconsistent with the design of the Universe. Giving away what you need is inconsistent with the Universe. Sacrificing yourself, your goals, your life, your dreams, your happiness, for another is inconsistent with the Universe.

Being a looter or a moocher, a hoarder or a self-sacrificial puts the Universe out of balance.

Only when an individual lives and acts consistent with the Original Design, the Design of Balance, they are part of the solution. But culture, religion, society designed by the looters, maintained by the looters, family, invented by the looters, marriage, invented by the looters, insist that you sacrifice yourself for your family, for you community, for your country, for the looters.

In Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, Atlas throws off the planet off his shoulders. The near future Ayn Rand wrote about is about here… now. And you are part of it.

I have only one hope for the planet: the Avatar Audios. Their energy is exactly the shape of the beam/black hole configuration, and they seem to do the work of harmonizing human beings to their vibration, which is harmony, which is duality, which is balance. Halleluiah.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Duality: is that the trouble with the Universe, or the nature of the Universe?”

  1. Hi,
    hmm interesting, I may be one of those new people drawn to your site , yes I have gone and listened to a good few Satsang teachers saying very much similar stuff, we are ultimately all one , duality is only partially real , like a veneer coating , different colours to be experienced and enjoyed, yet with this said we all go home with the same hurts to a fair degree , I am open and intrigued with what I see here Sophie , and will try the harmonize your vibration, thanks James

  2. Good stuff, tough love, some attitude, no more Ms. Nice Empath. Western religious play on duality, Eastern on non. I oversimplify. Mystics in all traditions get wordless and mushy; I love them. I don’t believe in the great extinction of ego and personality. I don’t believe in immorality of womankind, either. Lots of stories and beliefs out there to support many views. The superman/ Objectivist thing is hot. I think of the masters of the universe getting it on and producing a new and superior race. We are not all equal, and life is, after all, not fair. Still a sucker for mushy love and compassion. Will not climb up a hill of corpses to plant my flag and proclaim my name. All are one on spaceship Earth. I eat what you secrete. Some day there is no individual or separate enlightenment. There’s something to that, except for the truly enlightened and the avatars, if they exist. Anyway, life in culture at large is designed to keep us at the level if animals, fed and distracted on the way down the chute to the abbatoir. How to awaken? I believe in healing and love and the sacred. Maybe I am not trying hard enough to wake up. You, Sophie, are a piece of work.

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