Vibrational Reviews: more famous and not so famous people

  • Iyanla vanzant. Personal vibration: 140
  • John of God vibration
    John of god – Joao de Deus, Medium. Personal vibration: 200
  • Joshua Bloom vibrationJoshua Bloom – Quantum Healing. Personal vibration: 230
  • David (220) & Kristin Morelli (200) Everything is Energy
  • richard-gordon-quantum-touchRichard Gordon – Quantum Touch a year ago in January: Richard Gordon (Quantum Touch) Personal Vibration: 240
    Quantum Touch: 300, today: Richard Gordon personal vibration: 230 method: 260 (about 9%)

  • Intenders of the Highest Good – The Vision Alignment Project. Tony Burrough: 200
  • The Tapping Solution – Nick (170) & Jessica Ortner (220), Dawson Church
  • Marci Shimoff vibration
    Marci Shimoff personal vibration: 170
  • channeling basharDarryl Anka channeling bashar Personal vibration: 210. Technique working: 30% of the time
  • judy satori channeler's vibration
    Judy Satori (The Ascended Master El Morya speaks through Judy Satori. El Morya is the chohan of the first Ray, the spiritual ray of Divine Power and Will.) Judy Satori personal vibration: 210. Truth value of channels: 210 (About 8%)
  • Sabrina Reber Raise your vibration: personal vibration: 200
  • “The Gateway Experience” (truth value: 190) by Robert Monroe (personal vibration: 190),
  • “The Lily and Beyond” (, works: no, vibration: 200

  • “the Work” of Byron Katie (personal vibration: 170)
  • the author and teacher Caroline Myss (personal vibration: 220, truth value of teachings: 220 about 9%[/note]
    ( ?
  • Let me measure your vibration?
    Click on the link to request a vibrational reading…
    The Map of Consciousness will show you what it means.

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