What is Abundance?

Let me set up this article for you, so you get how I got to where I got to:

1. I am a movie buff. I know movies, I understand movies, and people love to follow my recommendations. I find hidden gems, And I find the hidden gem in movies most people miss.

2. I have a report, Effortless Abundance and an Avatar State audio that I’d like you to have, so I wanted to write an article to promote it. As usual, the gestation period for an article is quite long: I have been carrying this one in my belly for quite some time.

3. I have been pondering the difference between individual and personality

4. I have been receiving angry emails from a person that can’t accept that you need extrinsic values in life in addition to intrinsic… he is really angry. I only read every 15th or so of the emails, but the depth of his anguish reaches me whenever I see his name. Poor kid.

5. Ever since I published the article on moochers I’ve been watching people’s reluctance to produce or even to commit to any results.

As you can see, writing an article is not a two-bit thing, even if it comes out, occasionally, two-bit sounding.

OK, now, here is the meat…

Gloomy SundayThere is a movie I have already written about, before I started this site, yourvibration.com. The movie is Gloomy Sunday, a Hungarian movie, made in 1999.

The story is about three people, two men and a woman. The woman loves both men. Both men die, one commits suicide, the other perishes in a concentration camp for Jews. The woman, some 40 years later, poisons the German that deceived her and deported her lover.

I cry every time I think of that movie. And ever since I first saw it, some two years ago, I cry every time I think of it, the victory of the final act of revenge.

But killing is wrong, revenge is wrong… but where is this coming from? This is a religious teaching, and as all religious teachings, this was “designed” to suppress individuality, suppress your real self, suppress your power, and make you behave like sheep.

There is a movie, a documentary, that I have instinctively refused to see. Some Holocaust survivors brag that there is no anger in their hearts, how Christian of them. Maybe they should hold their other cheek to the slapping hand… yeah, that’s what they should do!

I’d like us, both you and me, to consider, that everything that you were taught, everything you thought was good, decent, high vibration, godly, nice, happy, serene… whatever, was taught to you to suppress your real self, to make you sheep, and ultimately make you miserable.

Happy, fulfilled people don’t need religion, don’t need gurus, don’t need police and don’t need politicians, bankers, lawyers and such. Happy, fulfilled people know who they are, know what’s good for them, and go out and get it.

By the way, don’t try to look around and find people like that. That is an almost non-existent “breed” of people, muscle test shows that there are eight people on the Planet at this time, the nine that meditate properly, minus one, myself. I am on my way, but I am not there: today’s discovery, I predict, will take me much closer to owning my real nature.

So, what is your real nature? The best place to find out is behind all the teachings of religions:

Be loving, be forgiving, don’t be angry, don’t be ambitious, blah blah blah.

This doesn’t mean that you should abuse people. You need to be able to feel what you feel, including all the feelings of anger, hate, vengefulness, etc. for what it is.

The reason the Dark Side is winning, because you are placid, patient, tentative, uncertain, fearful, appeased, satisfied with too little, and obedient. These are, by the way just some of the ways you be.

When the Nazis were gathering the Jews of Europe into ghettos and then into cattle cars, the dumb, religiously indoctrinated Jews, my ancestors, my family, my grandfather, my uncles, didn’t do anything, Didn’t rise up. Didn’t resist. Didn’t run away.

The descendents of the Nazis are coming for you. That was just a small scale experiment. Will you run away? Will you hit back? Do you have ANY energy to fight for your life?

A year or so ago I asked my students to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10 in all areas of their lives, including health. Each rated themselves 8 and 9 in health. Then I asked: if you needed to: could you run for one straight hour to save your life? None of those students could, not even walk, let alone run.

I have been walking ever since. I can now walk an hour… I am still far from being able to run, but I will get there: will YOU?

Oh, and to answer the question in the title of the article: the politically incorrect way to translate the definition given to you by the Dark Side is: the state where you don’t care what you have, you don’t care how you are treated, because you have suppressed your desire for a great life, for love, for everything to the degree that it’s so hopeless that you are now manipulating yourself into believing that this, the experience in the moment, that you are incapable of, is the only way to experience abundance. So you try to live your life in a state of somnimbulence, trans, in total unreality.

Is this the abundance I am teaching? No. This is what you have. I am teaching real abundance. Both as an experience and as a life. Are you ready for it? I don’t think so. But if you follow the instructions in the Avatar State audios, you may be able to get there. But don’t think you won’t have to cross some hells as you shed the fake self. It will be hell, but it’s worth it. Your very life depends on it.

PS: While you are at the topic of movies: watch Dirty Pretty Things, a British movie, and watch your reactions.

You love watching movies because the movie characters are able or willing to do what your conditioning doesn’t allow you to do. Watch my word.

Or Kinky Boots with the same black actor as Dirty Pretty Things. Both of those movies are on my favorites list. The kind of grit that you are not allowed to have, the kind of heart, the kind of passion. Go and learn who you are. These movies guide you to self-individuation… if that is a word, lol.

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