How much stress, how much tension can you handle? It is all in the stance…

I am going through a rough time.

A business I started 25 years ago needs to be shut down. It wasn’t a self-expression for me for about 10 years now. But closing a business is much like getting a divorce, so I was just plodding along until it is costing money instead of making me money.

It’s not very complicated, actually it is much easier, technically, thank a divorce: you just shut down the websites, and cancel a few contracts with suppliers.

But there is a very interesting aspect of this, that I would have not guessed without actually starting the process myself: the process is largely irreversible, like death. Fear of death, fear of commitment. Fear of loss.

I am watching myself. Of course, half of the feelings I feel are not mine: it seems that a close friend of mine is going through similar issues. His anguish is stronger than mine.

So what is this feeling I call Anguish?

I have identified that a component of the feeling I call anguish is the Bach Flower Remedy Energy® Cherry Plum: a sense of overwhelm, a threat of overloading the circuits, the I can’t take this, it’s too much feeling. All faculties, all nerves are misfiring: incoherence across the board.

The interesting thing about this Cherry Plum state is that it is brought on by less and less important stuff: it’s getting worse. Unless, of course, you are using the Harmonize audio: it returns you to a much higher coherence, a much more stable mode, where you can handle a lot more stuff that used to threaten you with a feeling that you would go crazy. That stable mode is what I call “stance” in the title. 1

Why am I sharing with you all this? For two reasons:

1. to teach you that no matter what’s your vibration, life may throw you curve balls that you are not quite prepared to handle smoothly. lol.
2. to let you know that what you are going through, as a daily occurrence in your life, is so widespread, that you are not alone.

America contributed one philosophy to the world: “positive thinking.” 3 … oh well. I said it.[/note] It began the descent of Americans. turned them from proud strong people to wimps. Positive thinking suggests that you should never notice or speak about anything that is happening that you don’t consider positive: instead lie your ass off… and pretend that you are not lying. Also, correct everyone who relates to reality, and call them negative people. That will do it! It has turned you a wimp that cannot handle life. Needing Cherry Plum is a sign of that.

Oh, and if you live outside America, you have also been infected…

So, what can you do, given that you are rotted by this avoidance of reality, this rule that makes you pretend, through and through, and there is no life circumstance that feels safe enough to you other than hiding from life?

I have a few “remedies”, some are temporary, some are permanent

1. Start using the Heaven on Earth. It’s an energy remedy in a bottle, and has Cherry Plum in it, plus 39 other energies: each energy meets one of your own feelings head-on and smooths them out soothing you in the process.

It’s not a permanent remedy, but it is inexpensive, and it works. Non-addictive, non-habit-forming. About a thousand bottles have been sold to date, no complaints yet, apart from a few people in Canada that needed the original Bach Flower Remedies version: Canada is the center of the “avoid negativity” movement. Bad bad energy… UPDATE:  the audio version of the Heaven on Earth works well in Canada.

2. Use the Harmonize Avatar State audio (and its kid sisters the Abundance Generator, Brilliance at Will, Winning and Keeping Love, and Cure Procrastination) generously.

Those cause permanent changes in your “energy matrix” and make you a lot sturdier, a lot tougher to break, a lot more resilient.

3. Consider my new course I fashioned after my wildly successful Activate Divinity Course. No name yet, I am considering “Become who you were meant to be” but it is not final.

The course will be great. Each person will have to participate in a per-course session where we’ll look at your soul correction: your soul correction is the context of your process, and it’s very important. It is the closest you can get to a 1-on-1 with me, even though it is in a group session format.

And then, after the preliminary session, you can participate in the monthly sessions: each month there will be one “to identify the way you are not you” session and an integration session.

Now, in my 28 years of transformation training, I have seen and taken a lot of courses that identify the issue, but I have never seen any course that could close the deal and turn the insight into a permanent change. This is why the results in each program out there is less than 1% of the participants produces a real lasting result. No kidding.

My method produces a 100% result. You may have to go over the same issue using different angles, but in the end the result is predictable, and it will last.

In Landmark they say an insight is a dime a dozen, and I have to agree with that. Real transformation is rare, and the reason so is that you need an energetic intervention to cause permanent change, and our integration session is all energetic.

I am going to invent a new way to get new students introduced to this new method… and I don’t quite know yet what would work. I will probably do regular webinars.

Now, if you are into positive thinking, this course is not for you. In this course you will need to confront and face your dark side, your shadow side, the parts of you that you don’t want to own.

The whole process is to cause you to own, accept, and embrace all of you. The parts of you that you have denied have cause this current state of fragmented self that can’t deal with life, can’t deal with challenges: it is out of balance, and is too small to withstand the pressure.

I expect a lot of people to sign up to the preliminary session, and most of them using it like a psychic reading session. I don’t mind. But if that is your attitude, you probably won’t continue to the real course. That is all right with me.

I like to work with people that want to grow, that want to become who they were meant to be.

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  1. If you stand on one leg, it takes only a gentle push to get you out of balance. If you stand on both, it takes a bigger push to get you to move. If you stand like a warrior, feet firmly planted, at shoulder wide or maybe even more, I won’t be able to push you strong enough to effect you. The below remedies will cause you to have a firmer stance, so you can be undisturbed, unperturbed, calm and collected, no matter what.
  2. through Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, and countless others… nowadays especially the Law of Attraction scheisters (also spelled as shyster) 2Scheister comes from the German language and refers to a person who is a cheat. A shyster is a slang word for someone who acts in a disreputable, unethical, or unscrupulous way, especially in the practice of law, politics or business.

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