The fourth category of teachability

because-he-wants-to-do-itQuite a few of my students sent me a request to measure whether they are teachable, whether they are coachable.

And that is where I had an insight:

The reason the 67 steps coaching is so effective is this:

People make the changes, the tiny, near invisible changes in what they see, what they do, how they do it, because it is their choice. 1

What does this mean?

When you make a change because you saw that you needed to, then that change can become permanent. It becomes part of who you are.

leaderWhereas if you make a change because someone else tells you to, then it is someone else’s need, not yours, and as soon as the relationship disappears or as soon as you get angry at them, you will go back to how you were before. It wasn’t YOUR need… so you resist it, you defy it, you push back… or alternatively do it obediently, dutifully and with resentment. Or make it just a little differently, to prove them wrong… 2

So, the brilliance of the 67 step coaching is that you are taken to educational tours and trips, you see stuff, you hear stuff, you look at your own life, and you say: hell… this could be better. Hell… I am a blockhead in this area… Hell… I a frittering my life away. Hell… I have nothing to show for my life… Hell I have been living in hope.

And you change. Tiny things.

Measuring people’s vibration, measuring the number of capacities they use, their health number (1-100) and their cell hydration number (1-100) they are growing. Slow and steady. Imperceptible on a daily basis, substantial on the long run.

People, outside of coaching/training programs like this don’t grow.

Life is not conducive to growth, living life doesn’t naturally lead to growth. 3

And people don’t naturally set up their lives, their environment to activities that lead to growth either. Not many, and most don’t.

I am reading a book on Jeff Bezos, the founder of

He participated in an experimental education program as a child… a program that daily nudged the pupils’ creativity, thinking capacity.

But most of us grow up with education that stifles thinking, stifles creativity, stifles growth. It tells us what to do, and our inner desire to learning, inner curiosity, the sense of Self dies, or goes to sleep in the process.

9ebd5d6f72f942c3abf4235444f4cba3So we don’t grow, and when an opportunity shows up, we say “nah… it’s not comfortable.”

And it isn’t.

Growth is like this:

Imagine yourself a raw diamond. You are just a pebble, and you need the work to become a jewel, sparkling, and valuable. All you are is a potential. The potential for brilliance. The potential to become something worthy.

It’s really all up to you.

But programs that do the transformation work: from pebble to diamond, are rare.

Why? Because they are not profitable to the seller.

I actually don’t know any other program, but the 67 steps.

It’s long, it is worth 67 times more than what you pay for it, and it is repeatable, because it has depth.

It opens you up. I am noticing both on myself and on some of my students the increased ability and willingness to see teachings we can use in other places.

For me, the Necessary Endings probably would have been just another book a year ago… today I can turn my life around with it… all because I opened myself up.

One of my students read and re-read Siddhartha, and is mining its depth. An excellent book for life… if you are prepared. And he is… But a year ago he would have missed it.

These are just examples from the past 24 hours.

So, what is the insight exactly?

The insight is that in addition to the three categories: wise, foolish and evil… there is a fourth.

laotzuThe person who can and will grow through insights.

And between you and me: these are the most admirable people… And the ideal students for me. Why? Because they cause their own growth.

My slogan for “leadership” is from the Lao Tzu: go to the people. Find out what they know. Find out what they have. Teach them. When they are done, they will say: we did it ourselves.

Go to the people
Learn from them
Love them
Start with what they know
Build on what they have
But of the best leaders
When their task is accomplished
Their work is done
The people will remark:
“We have done it ourselves.”
– 2000 Year Old Chinese Poem

My vanity, my ego is bristled… but my Self rejoices.

You see, my soul correction is “Forget Thyself”. It is naturally and always about me. I am the smart one, I am the cause of everything… no credit goes to anyone. Ruling with iron fist.

Except I have a commitment to cause greatness. Moreover to cause causing.

I was looking high and wide for a vehicle to do that: cause causing. The 67 step coaching program is the perfect vehicle. In that system people cause their own growth.

I can have my cake and eat it.

leadership-quotes4I caused them to cause their own greatness. My ego is happy, lol, and they are happy.

No iron fist. A synergistic method. Everyone is happy.

But Sophie, what about the people who quit? Who are unhappy?

My answer is: if they didn’t “need to” grow, then they didn’t. And quitting and blaming me is the typical way of the foolish. I am OK with that.

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  1. In health, wealth, love, and fulfillment.
  2. that is the evil in you
  3. con·du·cive
    adjective: conducive…

    making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible.
    “the harsh lights and cameras were hardly conducive to a relaxed atmosphere”
    synonyms: favorable to, beneficial to, advantageous to, opportune to, propitious to, encouraging to, promising to, convenient for, good for, helpful, instrumental in, productive of, useful for
    “an environment that is conducive to learning”
    antonyms: unfavorable

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