The Truth About ALL Spiritual Teachings

Knowledge comes when knowledge is ready.

It is said that when the student is ready the teacher shows up, but my experience is more like this: when the knowledge is ready for you… it comes.

Knowledge, real knowledge, is sacred, and it doesn’t just want to go to anyone.

My experience has been that only when you hit bottom, where there are no options, no back doors, no escape, that knowledge is willing to come to you. Maybe it is coming all the time, but I don’t know: I can only tell you that when I hit bottom, knowledge finds me.

I have been at my rope’s end. I am doing the work I was asked to do: using my empath ability to fully experience what you experience, fully feel what you feel, so I can guide you from where you are, instead of where I THINK you are.

It is much like being taught ballet: the teacher puts her hand on your calf, changes the angle of your ankle… hands on. Imagine being taught remotely: the teacher would have to rely on their idea of where you must be, what you must be doing, and give you guidance from that. You would never become a ballet dancer, and you would injure yourself in addition to failure.

The same is true for spiritual teaching: teaching you to find your self, to get out of your mind, to use the energies inherent in your physiology and spiritual body, wield your attention, your will, your witness.

I have been avoiding teachings of others, because they are so full of it. People teach what they heard from people who heard it from other people…

“Sacred” art has been produced down the ages, and what they are depicting doesn’t exactly match how it is. Neither the location of certain “centers” nor the feel of the energy is described accurately.

I am almost certain that the reason there have been so few beings fully connected to all the energies, inner and outer, through the ages, because unless you relate to those connections as a ballet dancer would relate to their craft, you can never teach correctly.

According to my muscle tests all fully connected beings were empaths, unconscious empaths.

To be a conscious empath means that you can fully control, fully and accurately interpret your feelings as a mirror of someone else’s feelings.

If and when you do, you possess an amazing power: you can actually teach someone about their inner ballet, just like you teach a ballet dancer. You can feel it, and it is accurate, it is precise, there is no translating medium, words, pictures, to deceive you.

Everything you know, you heard, you imagine about being connected, fully, to your inner and to your outer Source is fully filtered and distorted by the mind.


Even when someone tells you something that is absolutely precise and accurate, you will do something different, because you add the contents of your mind.

Because I am an empath, I know what you are doing, even though it is inner. A “garden variety” guru won’t: they don’t have the X-ray vision.

Yesterday I had four people on the call. Two of them did exactly as I asked them to do, two did their own version of it. The second two did not connect, they invented their own stuff to do.

The strange thing about call was that two of the participants followed instructions.

Today, you can learn the approximately 20 different inner moves that need to be mastered for you to connect to the states of connectedness the popular youtube videos show. Connect and connect, reliably.

Like this video…

Many people have accidentally connected before, and had mystical experiences, and spend the rest of their lives pretending that they can teach it. 1

If you can’t do it, you can’t teach it. Having done it once, by accident, won’t make you an expert. If remembering moves were useful, you could do it again, but you can’t. What does that tell you? That you are full of it.

When I muscle test if this power is limited to me, I get a NO answer. When I muscle test if I can successfully teach it, I get a YES.

Some of my students have mastered 5-6-7 of the twenty moves. It has made a major difference in their life: caused more ease, more grace to show up. Some doubled their salary, some overcame major sticking points, some became happy for the first time in their lives.

I have discontinued the connection and drill calls because only the same people came regularly, and the new people were so full of anguish, fear, and trepidation that they overpowered the call.

Wanting to feel better won’t qualify you to be in my presence. Not that I am haughty, stand-offish; I may be, but that is not the reason. I cannot control feeling your feelings, and they are so strong, they hurt. I don’t like to hurt, especially when you won’t do anything to move from that bad place.

I have invented methods to give you the energies that can transform you to someone I can train, personally.

The Avatar State audios are great for that. Practicing the moves, however you understand them from my videos, is another great tool.

And the soon to be open “Become Who You Really Are” course will be another great vehicle. The course will be four months long, that is the time, on average, that you need to get to and disassemble the wicked construct that your current persona is. Your persona keeps you miserable, restricted, and in your head.

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  1. My luck is that I never had a spiritual teacher. I never learned about chakras, kundalini, meditation, anything. I didn’t know about god, gods, spirits, angels, energies, nothing. I was green, innocent, and an unconscious empath.

    When my student-support person from the Kabbalah Centre said: The Creator is always there, you just need to connect to it, I immediately connected. I felt the energy, and then I felt the connection, Muscle test says that none of the teachers, none of the support staff connects, they just talk about it. They are all operating through the mind… and the mind doesn’t know about presence, and you can only connect in the present moment.

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