I thought I had the beginnings of Parkinson’s Disease

canary-in-a-coal-mineI intended to write a different article today, but this is too important to wait…

I had neurological issues this past few weeks. I started to be wobbly, words weren’t coming easily, easy words, and then to top it off, I was dropping an egg or two: they just slipped from my hand. Four eggs in one week… NEVER even one before, in 69 years. 1

I started to muscle-test myself to find out what was the cause of this sudden onset of neurological issues.

The problem with “diagnosing” issues, nearly any health issue, is this: the process is linear.

Linear means that you ask a question and depending on what you get, you continue on a single path.

But… but the question depends on your insights and on your knowledge.

The question and the direction of the inquiry depends on how many patterns the questioner can recognize accurately. And because the process is linear, it can lead to dead ends. In science, in medicine, and in police inquiries. Economics, politics… psychology, in every area of life. This is the main reason the truth value of teachings is so low… wrong questions, wrong direction, wrong conclusions. 2

Some are better than others. Most doctors are not more intelligent than you. It’s an IQ thing. And contrary to how you feel, your IQ is probably lower than average… or at least chances are 50/50.

Anyway, I was clear that the issue was neurological, and MT (muscle test) said yes. But I went down the wrong path regardless…

Lots more questions later I was preparing to be a vegetable, brainless. lol. And die.

dead-canaryBut this morning, as I was preparing my coffee, it occurred to me to ask a different question.

Exactly at the same time that the symptoms started, I started to use a different brand of coffee filters. What if it is the filters?

I placed a single filter between my lips and asked: is this harmful to me? the answer was “yes”.

I double tested. I asked: is this good for me? the answer was “no”.

I asked then: is this causing my neurological symptoms? The answer was yes.

100 percent? I asked. “yes” was the answer.


I’ve written an article before on your chemophobia, and although I was right, I was also wrong.

I got an email from a woman in Russia (I think) who is experiencing big issues while she is breast feeding.

I am breast feeding mom who is dealing with health problems that any lab test did not show up. I did many different lab tests, head MRI, CT scans and all came back negative. Constant ringing in ears, neck and shoulder pain, headaches that start at back of my head, flu like symptoms, brain fog, floats when looking at something, anxiety….. Can help me to find out what’s wrong with me?
Thank you

It’s most likely chemically induced neurological symptoms. With minute traces of chemicals in something she uses… and started to use when the symptoms began.

In her case, I suspect it has something to do with her baby and the baby’s care. Diapers, diaper rash cream, talcum powder, something like that…

coalminerscanaryShe may be a yellow canary, a sentinel like myself… more sensitive, manifesting symptoms that others’ more robust immune system suppresses.

I have another brand of coffee filters, and I have already switched. That one muscle-tested OK.

canary-flyingI expect my symptoms to disappear promptly.

My hunch that my restless sleep, my hot flashes need to be watched too: they could be also caused by the chemicals in the filter.

I’ll let you know.

Need help finding the culprit for your sudden onset issues? Your weight gain can be a symptom as well… Send me a note…

PS: It’s been about an hour that I pushed the “publish” button.

I feel you. You are telling yourself, that because you are not a yellow canary you are safe. You are not feeling anything… and you are, how shall I break it to you? Stupid?

What you don’t feel now is what will kill you 10 years down the line… or tomorrow.

Just an FYI… I don’t care, if you don’t.


  1. Parkinson’s Disease
  2. Oops… we are back to pattern recognition… Hey, sorry about that! But as it is said “All roads lead to Rome…” a proverb that was the cornerstone of Federal Express’ success, and ultimately the cornerstone of your intelligence and ability to grow…

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