What is your WHY? Why do you want to become successful?

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What is your REASON and PURPOSE to raise your vibration?

Get a big enough reason WHY, so you can be in action and achieve results?

Most people that sit on the fence, or sit on the sidelines wishing they could be somewhere else, enjoying the fruits of their labor, have a few characteristics to share, in addition to sharing the attitude: “this isn’t it”. Whatever that “this” is, it isn’t it. Neither is how they feel about themselves, nor is the weather. The whole gamut.

The question I set out for myself to answer: what is it that makes these people not successful, not acting, not accomplishing much of anything, not attaining the fruits of their labor even when they do act?

  1. If they don’t act, they beat themselves up for not acting, for being indecisive, fearful, overly cautious. They call what stops them fear of failure, but they are wrong: that is not what stops them. We’ll see later what it is.
  2. They don’t have a vision, neither short term, nor long term. When I ask them what they want, they don’t know. They know what they want, what they want to get done. They may have a vague direction, but there is nothing more to it.

Example: a student of mine sells a weight loss product. That’s their business. When I ask them what they want to accomplish, they say: they want to make 240K income with the weight loss product. When I ask to what end, to what end goal, they turn to hopeless slogans like wanting to help a lot of people lose weight.

Result: the past year they sold a whopping 10K for the year, gross revenue, of their product. Not bad, but not consistent with the lofty income goal they claimed they had.

Gurus teach that the way to whip up your energies, whip up your creativity, whip up your clarity is to set a big enough why.

That why will stand there for you like a beacon of light, rouse you when you are tired, or depressed, or listless, or disappointed, or lazy, and force you to get going, and accomplish what you set out to accomplish. 2

My experience has been that when I ask people about their why, they say things like: My reason is so that I can stop working, so that I can travel the world, so that I can contribute to my family, so that I can have money of my own and buy what I want when I want it.

Although money is a good thing, an indicator that you provided value, that the marketplace saw the value, money is not a good enough why. It is possible to survive on the amount you now make, and it may be even possible to be happy, fulfilled, without the amount of money ever changing. Money is not a good motivator.

Unless you can tap into something inside you that will keep on burning, that will keep on egging you on, you will stop short of your goal, or won’t even start. Money doesn’t have an intrinsic value for you, because it cannot. Money is not an intrinsic value.

My fence sitters, my sideline sitters are all in the same boat: they don’t have a big enough reason to change, to go beyond the call of duty, to get up earlier, and stay up late, to pay attention, to develop new faculties, abilities and skills, to have a transformation. They, instead, have enough reason to stay the same, more than enough reason.

Can you discover your why?

Not really. You can only discover what’s already there. Columbus discovered America; America had been there forever. It wasn’t called America, but that doesn’t matter.

So if it is not discover, are we doomed? Not necessarily.

You can build a big why by building a big Self.

The first step of any building project is clearing the space, removing all that doesn’t belong there. You need to dig as deep as you need to to find solid ground. In my Activate Your Divinity class we’ve been doing it for three months, and we are just now getting close to finding some glimpses of solid ground.

What are we removing? We are removing beliefs and pretenses that corrupted our real selves and made us the weakling, the purposeless, spineless, sniveling moocher or looter we have become.

Going through the year-long journey of Activating Your Divinity is not for most people. It is like doing the Landmark Forum every weekend for a year. Grueling. Emotionally and physically. Way too much work.

Is there a way to make it faster, is there a way to loosen the rubble, so you can get below it, find your Self, the real, pristine, brilliant Self, with its healthy moral code, so you can actually become who you were meant to be?

I don’t know for sure. I know one thing:

Ever since participants have been using the Harmonize Your Vibration audio, my work of guiding them to go deeper has been much easier, and they have been doing 2-3 months worth of digging in a month, not bad.

I accidentally created this tool, an Avatar State audio, that you can use, specifically for clearing the rubble, clearing the fake self, clearing the pretenses, so you can get to the Self, by working from both ends.

On one end you are removing what is in the way. On the other end you are strengthening and awakening the Self, giving it energy, giving it nourishment, giving it pride, so it itself throws off the rubble covering it.

Once the “rescue team” and the buried Self meet, and the Self is be naked, you can effortlessly build a big vision that comes from the desire of the Self, so it will be innate, beautiful, and strong enough to carry you through fear, tiredness, struggle, wrong steps, discouragement, no support, that are the predictable companions of anyone who is up to something.

How does the Avatar State audio perform such a feat?

The theory is simple: by entrainment. Entrainment is the natural process that a high-energy item changes the energy of another item, by raising its energy, to become closer or equal to its own.

The energy can be expressed in spin, in frequency, in amplitude. It does the job without itself slowing down: the extra energy comes from All-of-it…

Entrainment, in the case of a conscious, sentient being, like a human, needs the being’s consent to fully work.

Nothing can raise your consciousness, nothing can raise your vibration fully, unless you agree to it, unless you desire it, unless you help it, unless you act consistently with that desire.

I have been testing this for two years now. Originally I thought that just like inanimate objects, humans will accept the higher vibration, without knowing what hit them. I was wrong. They don’t. My global activation failed because of this “law” of volition, which is a fancy word for wanting.

Now that I know that mass activation doesn’t work, I am creating these Avatar State audio products for individuals that want to raise their vibration, that want to get more out of life than they can in their current low-vibration state.

And one of the biggest obstacle to happiness, to loving life, has been the undeveloped, buried, corrupted Self.

I have, to date, developed six Avatar State audios, but the audio that everyone needs to start with is called: Harmonize Your Vibration. It has one goal, and one goal only: to shed. Shed all that is not real, all that is artificial, all that doesn’t serve you.

The fancier activators, like Abundance, Procrastination, Brilliance, Self-Discipline, and Love can only build on a reasonably cleaned up Self, so you should start with cleaning of the self. You can start anywhere, but you will be disappointed. The “fancy” targeted activators’ energy is focused on a particular result and not on the shedding of the false self. Doing the audios in the wrong order is going to strengthen the false self, instead of removing it.

How do you use your Avatar State audio?

The audio works not words through your mind but through energy, directly to your core. The energy is activated by playing the nature sound added to the energies in this audios.

The best way to play is to play in the background all the time, on low volume. You can even leave it on in your home while you are at work, on a trip, while you sleep. Your turning it on will connect you to it, wills it to work on you.

It will work on other people too, but with limitations. My downstairs neighbor doesn’t know about it, but seems to have calmed down: he used to have serious anxiety and anguish throughout the day, now I often wonder if he is at home, there is no emotion coming up to me.

And if you want it to work really gang-buster, you need to assume the attitude of 50-50, co-creation.

Instead of being a limp child that a parents must lug, be the child that clings to the body of the parent, thus is easy to carry.

Just put your attention on what the energy is doing, in the case of the Harmonize your Vibration, it is shedding the false self; help it. Notice some of the false self, celebrate the little gains you can notice, the unexpected little ways you are different, day after day. A little attention makes it work a thousand times stronger.

And don’t make the mistake a customer I spoke with had made: acknowledge it as the source of your growth, don’t think that things you have been doing for years, with no tangible results, suddenly started to work after you started to use the Harmonize audio.

Just like a wife invalidated won’t give you much love after that, the audio will simply stop working if you invalidate it. Why? Because you withdraw your 50%, and create an inner resistance that serves to make your assertion right. You will need to prove the audio wrong, and you will succeed.

You are going to be the only loser, and you will have a missed opportunity.

But if you acknowledge and support the audio by noticing the small results, it will raise your vibration fast, and it will take you to a place from where you can start tackling individual and specific issues, like your soulcorrection, like bad habits, like ambitions… and we’ll have activators for all of them.

In the upcoming Soul Correction Workshop, each session, I’ll interview and work with individuals and then create a Custom Activator for the issue that stands in their way to happiness, wholeness, satisfaction, results.

These activators then will become available to purchase to all. So you can grow from next to nothing to Divine Proportions.

Now, that is a great why! I am inspired. Are you?

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  1. It sets the context of your life, of your project, like the sky behind the clouds. I talk about this concept in other articles on this site...
  2. It sets the context of your life, of your project, like the sky behind the clouds. I talk about this concept in other articles on this site…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “What is your WHY? Why do you want to become successful?”

  1. For the people that assume they aren’t acting due to fear of failure – not acting because they haven’t built a big enough self yet?

  2. I am not saying that people aren’t afraid, I am saying that the fear is much bigger than their reason to act. This is why I put the picture with the shark in the article: when a shark is chasing you, you may be afraid but you will want to live more. Your why is big: it is to live.

  3. Thank you so much Sophie, this post had cleared up lots of lose ends for me. I welcome your introductory article for newbies to follow. First wipe, than fill. I have the awareness/knowledge about the distinction from mind and self, but have not able to put to practice. When my energy is higher, will this distinction becomes easier?

  4. Jennifer, energy does not equal vibration. But when your vibration is higher, when you are more who you really are, then all distinctions become easier, guaranteed.

  5. your writing is brilliant. I use the harmonizing the planet activator every day and Love it! I have noticed tremendous success already and I am keeping it going as it really is wonderful. This article as do most of your articles, gives us more clarity and understanding. It’s motivating too! maybe because I am listening to the Harmonizer right NOW

  6. I have been playing the harmonize audio nonstop and have been seeing improvement in my ability to be with my reality without wishing I or it was something different. I also seem to be more attractive. I have been getting attention from handsome men in all kinds of places…an unexpected and pleasant benefit, lol!

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