The cold fireplace syndrome: Is it worth feeding the fire?

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fire-burningIt’s not worth it… you moan…

Is it worth it to invest your energy in something that is uncertain? It’s not worth it, or is it?… It is all about whether it is worth it for YOU or not…

If you are supposed to have it already, then working for it doesn’t look like it’s worth it.

And this is the problem, an epidemic, of today. I have students in all the time zones of the world… and they all share this problem.

Memes, thought forms, prevalent teachings suggest that…

  • 1. you are already happy, worthy, successful, precious, special, blah blah blah or should be
  • 2. that you already have everything or supposed to to be who you want to be or should
  • 3. that you should look within for all the answers
  • 4. that the Universe is friendly to you and if it isn’t then there is something wrong
  • and on and on and on, endless flow of half-truth, endless flow of deceptive ‘inspiring’ statements and quotes and memes.

Now, depending on where you are, depending on what you have, depending on how you feel about yourself, depending on your history, on your vibration, on your clarity, you’ll hear all those memes differently.

The lower you are in your starting numbers on the essential measurements, the bigger the gap is between what you have, who you are, what you feel, and what you feel you should already be, feel and have.

You are unhappy, scrambling, and don’t understand. If you are supposed to have those, why don’t you?

Scrambling, being unhappy, being clueless takes up all your time…

Those memes are 100% lies for 99% of you.

The truth is: you are either happy or not happy. It takes work, organized and integrated work to have stuff that works, and works well. When you look within, you probably look in your mind, and the mind stores mostly misunderstood garbage… so no good answers come from it. And even what you have is so thin, meager compared to what you need… you know little, and what you know is either wrong or misunderstood.

And the Universe is not friendly to you, because the universe isn’t crazy enough yet to reward a whole lot of undeserving people…

So what could be the benefit to you that I say these rough things? NEGATIVE things?

You have had enough lies… now let’s talk about the truth, shall we?

Because you have been mislead, you haven’t done any work, you haven’t done the work it takes to be effective in life.

And because you have been mislead, you don’t know the physics of life, the reality of life, and you’ve been acting out of stupid, naive, and wishful thinking kind of rules, like ‘be positive’…

Rule #1 of life: you can’t get something for nothing.

Rule #1 of life: you can’t get something for nothing. Nothing is free in life. Everything is caused by something… you cause nothing: you get nothing. You cause bad stuff: you get bad stuff.

Pondering, talking, journaling about stuff won’t get you stuff. Only action will.

cold-fireplaceThe fireplace analogy to life

You’ve been looking at the darn fireplace expecting heat. You have been repeating affirmations and commands: fireplace give me heat then I’ll give you wood… and no matter how loud you yell at the fireplace, no heat is given.

Because the physics in life are ignored by your affirmations and commands.

You say: I don’t want to make a mistake. I don’t want to be wrong.

But you are lying. What you are saying: I don’t want to do something… I want to know it is the right thing first.

Hah… it is the same thing as wanting heat without giving wood!

You cannot, will not know what is the right thing without doing what you are too stingy to do.

99% of you are permanently and hopelessly stuck in this stingy mode… It has flavors: belligerent is a flavor. Resistant is another flavor.

But all the flavors are the different flavors of the same attitude: stingy.
  • Stingy says: I want heat before I give wood… maybe.
  • Stingy says: I am only willing, maybe, do something that will pay back 100%, 200%… of my effort.
  • Stingy is not be willing to experiment
  • Stingy is not be willing to be a beginner
  • Stingy is not be willing to learn anything

Stingy is at the root of stuck…

Stingy says: it’s not worth the effort…

Now, for a long time I didn’t think it can change…
For a long time I was working diligently to cause at least one person who can break stingy through

  • I didn’t know where to look.
  • I didn’t know how I would know.

But if you want heat, you need to feed the fireplace.

So I did… in this situation feeding the fireplace means: allowing people to not do the work when they don’t do the work… i.e. not give up on them… hard for me, but possible. So I did it.

In this situation coaching people to see what is holding them back and what’s possible… without ever giving up hope, without ever stopping giving the fireplace wood… even though there is no warmth coming back.

I have been at it for years. For decades. It seems like forever.

In this situation feeding the fireplace means: reading a lot. Reading with the intention of seeing something I have been missing.

Remember: when something isn’t working, there is something you don’t know.

I have been doubling my reading. And it is paying off…

I now have one student, maybe two, who see that work is the price they pay for what they want.

The rest? They are still just talking about it. Jibber-jabber, blah blah blah.

Still no action. No fire in the fireplace.

They can’t see it yet. Or they can’t see that it’s worth it…

As I have said before, certain soul correction people are more stingy than others.

Silent Partner, Finish What You Start, Sharing The Light… true to form they are still just talking… lol.

You may not get the results where you put your firewood… These talking soul correction people gobble up my firewood… and give back no heat.

It’s OK. For me it’s worth it.

I learned something in marketing that may be the key here: Do what you do… and get to making $10 a month. If it was not a fluke, if you double what you’ve done, next month you’ll make $20… If it was a fluke, keep on working on that first $10 until it is not a fluke.

Once you can do it with one person, you can do it with others… if the result came from what you did.

The 67 step coaching does one thing and does it brilliantly: it builds synapses and connections between and among your disparate little islands of knowledge.

If you may remember, in 1998 I suffered a major brain damage. Large areas of my brain stopped working because during a surgery they got no oxygen, I think.

The coaching part of my brain was not damaged. Nor was my computer wiz part.

I started to make my own brain remedy, take large amounts of nutrients in the form of Superfood, rest, and exercise.

None of that was making the functions come back .

night-picture-of-earth-like-brainAnd then I had an induced seizure in 2000, and another one in 2003. Both shocked my consciousness and my remaining brain awake… and created new synapses between the still functioning parts of my brain.

And with half a brain that was now unified and integrated, and connected with plentiful synapses, I have recovered a lot of functions that I’d lost.

Did a doctor tell me this? No, I did not bother to go to a doctor: doctors caused the original damage… and anyway, I am really short on trust. So no, I didn’t.

But I can close my eyes and see my brain scan… and I can see the dark parts… It looks a lot like the globe at night: the cities and their lights are the working parts, and the oceans are dark…

Now, how does this apply to you?

It applies almost directly: you need to build synapses… by a certain kind of reading, by a certain kind of practice.

The best I know is doing the 67 step coaching plus reading the recommended books.

With the intention, with the SOLE INTENTION of building a network of connections, the Sequoia grove like integrated brain with integrated knowledge.

Many of my students are doing reading, doing the steps, but they think they need to take actions to change, to do, to quit, to whatever actions Tai’s questions indicate you should do.

synapse-group-1aWhat they don’t do is build synapses. Connections.

What they don’t have is the foresight that with a full deck they’ll do well, but their steps now come from society’s memes… and therefore are misdirected.

The memes, they tear the synapses before they become permanent, and nothing is built.

If you are a student of mine: you’ve misunderstood your job.

But you can self-correct any time.

      • If you don’t think you need to self-correct… you are still buying into society’s memes… and you are delusional.
      • Now, if you are not a student of mine: you should be. Without building the network of synapses, without building a working knowledge of how the world works, really, you’ll be stuck forever.
      • And if you ask: Is it worth it? just please know: your stinginess is robbing you from fully living a life. Your stinginess is keeping you stuck.
      • And if you think: it is worth it but will you take me, Sophie? Then just get your starting point measurements… and ask me the question. Make sure you enclose a recent picture of yours and your date of birth…

      Get your Starting Point Measurements here. It’s $25 for all 32…

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