The Secret To Attaining A Good Self-Image and Self-Esteem

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The Secret To Attaining A Good Self-Image and Self-Esteem

Remember, that the more you like yourself the better you like your life? But did you know that you don’t like yourself, because you disappointed yourself?

When you are down in the dumps, and you try to pick yourself up, the experts say that you should do some juicy affirmations. But the truth is, that you know you are lying, so the affirmations don’t do you any good, in fact they erode the little self-esteem you have.

Your soul, your “real self” doesn’t approve of lying, doesn’t approve of cheating, doesn’t approve of stealing, and the like.

Our outward directed attention gives us the mistaken impression that if the world likes us, if we are outwardly successful, then we’ll like ourselves.

Unfortunately for most of us, the outward success doesn’t do anything for your self-esteem, and for your liking your life. It is the inward work that matters.

When you promise yourself to do something and you don’t do it, you lose a little bit of your self-esteem. When you take something that doesn’t belong to you, you lose a little bit of your self-esteem. When you speed, you lose a little bit of your self-esteem.

There is a program in Landmark Education where the preparation is 2-3 months long, and it all gears to restore your sense if integrity, your wholeness.

In addition to keep your promises, stop taking stuff, stop talking about others, stop speeding, you are also asked to clean up your physical environment, throw stuff away, return books, ask for books borrowed from you back, get a hair cut, clean up your diet, shed the extra weight, clean out your closets, get in communication with people you have been avoiding.

Cancel or re-negotiate obligations or promises you see won’t fit your schedule or won’t do. All of them.

Schedule your actions that you promise, as soon as you promise them. Look before you promise, whether to yourself or to someone else, if it is something that you can or even should promise. Cancel your promises, re-negotiate them, before they are due.

If you did everything that was in your power to keep a promise and you failed, communicate the failure. Own it.

And the list continues.

Now, why am I sharing this with you? Because if you read the above as a list of YOUR out of integrity, you were right. We are all guilty of some or all of those, and in “real” life we never get a chance to clean up our act.

Even a little bit of cleanup raises your vibration. It takes courage, honesty, clarity to do so. Most people never go near to any of them, they keep on piling up missed promises, unspoken, swept under the rug, looking the other way.

They are surprised that they are miserable, that every time they talk to me (I have X-ray vision, lol) they demonstrate horrible anguish for most of the call.

One of the fastest things anyone can do to raise their vibration is to start cleaning up their act. And take note about the actions they ignore, hesitate about, or plain refuse to do. Those are the most intimately part of your soul-correction.

I will re-organize the above list as a checklist and will make it available in pdf form. Just print it out and start wherever it is easiest for you.

You’ll thank me for it.

The self-discipline activator and the cure procrastination activator are going to help you, so get them if you are serious about cleaning up your act so you can finally love your life. Oh, and if you haven’t been using the Harmonize Your Vibration: start with that. You may be able to do this whole thing just with the help of that Avatar State activator.

The people that are going to go furthest are the ones that complete more of the above list.

Update after publishing: I just realized in a conversation with a friend, that the most important part of integrity is this: “integrity is: nothing hidden.” The way it came up is this: I was sharing with him, that the fact that my place is a wreck, and that I have put on weight, etc. doesn’t effect my integrity since I have been putting myself on camera (during the self-healing course sessions) showing my place without covering it up, showing my body without changing my clothes, etc. because I completely and publicly own it and don’t hide it, am not trying to make airs that I am different than I am. Big discovery, for myself, and maybe for you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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3 thoughts on “The Secret To Attaining A Good Self-Image and Self-Esteem”

  1. Yes, integrity…played as a game, for real. Loved Landmark for this…very little wiggle room. Be your word. That’s it. Clean up messes. Get off it (it only takes one…you!).

    I like the real-world edge you bring to your approach. Not all airy-fairy… grounded in real life and hard work.

  2. I agree with Johnny. Very good article. Your writing is getting very good indeed. I am remembering Landmark now.

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