Breakfast or no breakfast? That is a question…

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I bought a book yesterday. An ebook, to be precise.

I only bought it because I wanted something to offer to my overweight or weight conscious readers. I have been, myself, packing it on, and I thought that if I got into trouble, maybe other people did too… you?
Anyway, I read the whole book, or more precisely, I listened to it on my computer, and I got more than I bargained for.

You see, it is one thing to know that we are duped into the Tree of Knowledge, everyone knows type of stuff, and it is another to see it precisely, what they said, when they said it, why they said it, what was their purpose, what is the cost. Can you see my point?

Let me give you an example: You have a friend and you get along famously. Then someone says something, offhandedly, something like: “That friend of you talks about you behind your back. And she laughs at you…”

You know it’s not true. You know it, you would stake your life at it, and yet, it is there, in the back of your mind, lodged in there like a nail in your tire, starting to deflate your relationship with your friend, and one day poof, no more tire, no more relationship.

You see, even if you had the guts to confront your friend, you cannot prove what you didn’t do. So she can’t win. The evil wins, and that’s that.

So, here is what I learned in that book I bought.

Some hundred years ago, food manufacturers, especially cereal manufacturers, started to worry that their product isn’t selling fast enough. Isn’t selling enough. People ate when they were hungry, but that didn’t sell enough boxes of cereals. The production of cereal now was enough that every person in the United States of America could eat it all day and there would be still more on the shelves.

So they hired an advertising agency to work on the public. The advertising agency, in turn, hired a “research lab” to start spreading the “research results” that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, that if you had breakfast then you got smarter, and had more energy for the day.

People listened to these messages on radio, saw it in their newspaper, and the breakfast myth was born. And with it obesity, cancer, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, and a slew of other chronic and deadly diseases.

Now, that was good, not just the food industry, but for the medical research industry, the doctors industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the lawyers industry… everyone but the poor bloke who bought the myth. And his kids.

Eat whole grain, food combining, organic foods, eat fruits only, eat vegetables only, juicing, the enzymes are missing… all these solutions would not have existed without the original myth to FORCE you to eat more.

You can’t fix what isn’t wrong

If all the troubles began because you added breakfast to your regimen, then no other solution will work: just stop doing it. But it is a heretic idea, and I myself fell a victim to it. I remember experimenting with different grains, with different diets.

I used to be pencil-skinny, until I did that. I used to eat what felt right, and breakfast never felt right. But experimenting made me fat. There was a time I was like 170, maybe even 175 pounds, and I am a tiny thing… I had a picture me playing at a concert wearing a blue velvet dress, and I looked like a beached whale!

I remember reading Wallace D. Wattles’ book, The Science of Being Well, and I said, publicly!, that everything I think is true, but this no-breakfast thing must be his only mistake… I am ashamed to tell you I lost some 10 years of well-being because of that wrong belief. Mine, not his.

Can you imagine that all this Tree of Knowledge stuff, everything that you know, everything that you believe to be true, is a creation of some “industry” keen on selling you more stuff, whether it is going to church, abstaining from sex, driving your brood to soccer practice, acai berry, or that the world is going to end?

You see, when I muscle test your vibration, or the vibration of a teaching, I don’t test how high-minded one is, how ethereal the thinking. I am actually testing what is the percentage of actual truth in it. In what you hold true, in what they teach.

Most of what keeps you low vibration, you took like you took all your knowledge. And some you made up. Stuff that especially keeps you miserable.

I remember I made up that I can’t trust anyone, that people are innately willing to murder, that I can be murdered any time, and there is no one who will protect me.

It’s extreme, I know, but that is what I made up, through lifetimes of experience. Is it true? It was factual for me, but that doesn’t make it true.

For a long time I had a Jesus complex, not suspecting that Jesus wasn’t real. I was persecuted in every lifetime I could see. I could not see that I was sold that belief like I was sold the idea of breakfast.

It’s time to become aware, and muscle test everything. Especially the things everyone believes. Like breakfast.

BTW, I recommend that you read that book I read. Eye-opening. And learn how to muscle-test while connecting to Source. Muscle test, normal, is 50% of the time wrong, which is not going to help.

If you buy that book, send me the receipt (sophie at and I’ll give you access to the Self-Discipline activator: you’ll need it. The whole world argues for your misery… It takes incredible self-discipline to get well in today’s world. The whole Tree of Knowledge is against you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Breakfast or no breakfast? That is a question…”

  1. I’ve recently discovered several sites for downloading Kindle bestsellers for free. This has enabled me to compare many different diet and self-help books at once. I think the free Kindle books are the best thing that’s ever happened in the field of self-improvement. Here’s just one site:

    And the authors get something out of it, too…when lots of people get the book for free, their Amazon ranking goes up. So there is reciprocity.

  2. Diane, most people, I mean MOST people lack the critical thinking skills to be able to compare concepts in different books. Although I have noticed that people get better when they use the harmonize audio, they can even think better.

    With that said: based on what do you compare the different diet books?

  3. I don’t have a standard, it’s more like reading a lot of similar books in a short period of time helps me understand the whole subject more quickly, and avoid getting bogged down in one author’s “hobbyhorse.” Most self help books have the same format, a huge introduction, that is like every other book on the topic, and then one or two chapters with the actual information. Free Kindle books give me an abundant mindset…I go right to the new material and skip the filler, because I’ve already skimmed half a dozen books with the identical introduction.

    Plus, being able to quickly get the whole cultural background of any trend, whether intermittant fasting or anything else, helps me see the details more easily, and I’m less likely to get attached to a method that doesn’t work for me. Plus, it’s fun.

    That said, I think I’ll take another look at IF. I read Eat Stop Eat a few years ago and it didn’t work for me, but I’m in a different place now, thanks in part to the education I got from all the other diet books.

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