Unlimited Abundance Review: by Christie Marie Sheldon – is it any good?

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Unlimited Abundance Review… a program by Christie Marie Sheldon

Before i do anything else: I’ll do a vibrational reading (review) on Christie…

Her personal vibration: 130. Truth value of her teaching: 3%… meaning: 97% is not true, not accurate, not effective.

Want to find out if your vibration is higher than hers?

I have gone to her webinars, and I have students who have. I have never met or spoken with anyone for whom it worked. It is a bestseller because people hope that they can amass abundance without working on themselves, without working on their skills, their attitudes, or working… period. The requirement for anyone to want this program is greed and hoping.

The whole methodology of Christie Marie Sheldon is to do incantations. Incantations like a witch, which is quite in character, considering her little wicked giggle, even though it is a nervous laugh, much like a tik… she probably has no control over it. It is irritating nevertheless.

Incantations are affirmation, words. The intention is to change the subconscious beliefs. But your subconscious beliefs aren’t what direct your actions. Your actions come from your beingness: which is either your default, or something higher and intended by your consciousness.

Your level of consciousness is more indicative of what you’ll do, than what is stored in your subconscious.

Not mentioning the fact that no affirmations, not even hypnosis has ever changed someone’s actions with any level of certainty, for any length of time. If it have, you would already know.

She says that she uses the energy of the audience, and she is not lying about that. She managed to put an energy sucking attachment on my neck: luckily I caught it early, because I had removed it from other people before. Her attachments seem to go deep and suck the aliveness, the will to live, the Life Force out of you.

My personal experience is that people who flock to Christie Marie Sheldon, are suckers for miracles, have no or low self confidence, and are not really willing to do what it takes to make a buck.

The testimonials are from the exception: people who are already making money, who have value to offer, and just by virtue of putting their attention on the area, start making more money. This is what we call the placebo effect.

Also, as an empath I can tell you with certainty, that Christie Marie Sheldon doesn’t believe a word she says, and neither does her promoter, owner of MindValley, an Indian guy, didn’t catch his name. Christie is riddled with greed and the impostor syndrome: a tightness in your center.

This guy, Vishen (just looked up his name) may have gotten a private session from Christie, but if he produced any results, it wasn’t because of what Christie did, it was because of what he did. He is ambitious, driven, and willing to go the extra mile, and more, to become successful.

Vishen’s energy is stormy, insistent, pushing. I hated his energy even more than Christie’s…

This is my review.

If you are not a typical Christie Marie Sheldon, and Unlimited Abundance junkie, then I recommend my Abundance Activator, but only if your vibration is above 200. If it isn’t, start with the Harmonize your Vibration, until it raises your vibration to 200.

And start considering that unless you have a vehicle to provide value people want, abundance is not in the cards for you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

19 thoughts on “Unlimited Abundance Review: by Christie Marie Sheldon – is it any good?”

  1. Have you ever checked out Stuart Wilde? A very cagey magus…

    I am a fan of Raymon Grace, he energizes water, and does dowsing, he seems to have a very good heart, and no agenda other than to help and heal.

  2. Sophie,

    Thank you for sharing this. I fear she may have had a hold on me for quite some time. After reading this, and really viewing my life from the moment I ever started paying attention to her and MindValley, I just feel and sense this depleting quality regarding my life.

    Or I’m just responsible for my current misery and I’m simply justifying.

    Regardless, I’m thankful to have come across this.

  3. I had signed up for her sessions… 3 days later I asked for my money back…. It made me feel anxious and I had a hard time getting past the laugh.

  4. So what was Christie’s personal vibration? You know she claims to be above 500.

  5. I went though the program and paid a lot of money.
    I felt the same about the Indian guy he has a very disturbing presents. Nothing worked a lot of BS during the private sessions. they recommend going to sleep after a session?

  6. I agree with your analysis and will not be wasting my time/energy listening to someone who used to be PR for Harper Collins new age section and goes into a Demonically inspired trance.

  7. Thing is this…
    In the Mind Valley Introduction to CMS’s ‘Unlimited Abundance’ course its stated that ‘the rich get richer and the poor get poorer etc’..
    of course … because the rich are selling you their views on the world with courses such as this… which is not of course new.. simply look at ‘The Secret’ video.
    There are great people out there who are truly altruistic and will help you for free try Dr Ramesh Manocha’s book ‘Silence your Mind’ (I picked it up new for £2 UK. ) well researched with proven methodology, try his meditation techniques absolutely free.
    The market is now saturated with NLP ,positivity, Chakra , and meditation courses all designed to make someone a fast buck.
    If Chrissie really wants to help people, then do it for free !!

  8. whenever someone posts a mixed bag of accurate and moronic views… I have to face the question: do I want to just delete it or post it and tell them that they are morons.

    I am opting for this second option now: John, you are a moron.

    The quality of the product, or the amount of desire to help people doesn’t and never guarantees giving something away for free.

    Your communistic attitude is totally against life, against humanity, and you should start to shut up. Hell, yeah, Silence your mind. You can’t, you’ll find out, and neither could the author of that $2 book you are so proud to own.

    OK, enough anger for today.

  9. I can’t believe I let myself to be caught in this nonsense. I wish I read before this article. I am out of it, I hope PayPal will refund me this expensive scam.

  10. I googled “Christie giggle annoying” and I found myself on this page. I was trying to see if her giggle annoyed anyone else and I guess I wasn’t alone!

  11. Hello Sophie,

    thanks for that. Not really for me as I know she’s a scam (she repeats in her video always the same 3 things bringing no reliable evidence… enough to close the browser at the third minute!) and unfortunately isn’t the only one in the industry. (In fact, Mindvalley has made millions and claims to have got an award as one of the “best” places to work in the world or something similar… bah!)

    I have a question for you, though, as I’m really curious to understand if there’s something real in what she says. You said you measured her vibrations… how did you do that? how is it measured? what kind of unit is that?

    did you write any other article re this topic (the vibrations, I mean)?
    And would you recommend any trustworthy book on this?

    Many thanks,


  12. Bruna, I have 3,000 articles… look at the Frequently asked questions: https://www.yourvibration.com/faq
    and about 200 more articles.

    You don’t really think that I am going to explain it to you here… if I have a ton of articles on the topic, do you?
    There is nothing real in what she says, unfortunately. do you think if there was, I would not want to follow her?

  13. well, one should always follow his inner voice… I get Mindvalley emails and I take a look from time to time and I always felt uneasy with Vishen. The way he markets his company and products is very forceful, the way he also promotes all the famous gurus and extraordinary peoples he meets… who all end-up selling something on a share basis on Mindvalley… Great business acumen I’ll give him that

    I agree that everything has a price, but find it hard to believe that every single course has the incredible results he advertises…

    I just watched a video on this abundance course by Sheldon… she seemed OK to me, but the 10mn sales pitch Vishen Lakhiani does before she starts her free course was just painful to watch (and that great opportunity of a free course that people would normally pay $1000 is just an intro, some sort of appetizer so that you buy the real course now discounted to an incredible $250)

    so I Googled Sheldon abundance course scam and landed here 🙂

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