Talk back to me: How long will it take to raise my vibration to 395?

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Question: People ask me: how long should I plan that my vibration rises to 395? Do you have a plan that will allow me to do that in two months?

Answer: This is the type of questions I get regularly. The question belies the world view that we live in a two plus two equals four Universe.

“Plan your work and work your plan.”

  • I do not share that world view.
  • I do not believe that cause and effect is linear and you can even detect the why of things happening.
  • If we could plan, do and bank on the results, then there would be a lot of vibration 395’s would be running around. At the moment there are only four people with or above that vibration on Planet Earth.

Are you disappointed? Did you REALLY think that running some high energy audios will transform you into a sage? A mystic?

My most successful student, at the moment hovers between 360 and 370 in her vibration. She has been doing the work with me since October of 2011.

It is useful to look at what someone else did, but using it as a plan isn’t. Later on I will share what she did, just read on…

Your thoughts about planning reflect your innermost beliefs about the workings of the universe. When you speak of planning, you unknowingly speak of religion and politics; you speak of how you believe the world works, and of the best way to fix it.

I believe there are only two kinds of planning:

  1. Process planning.
  2. Result planning.

A process plan is commonly known as “Plan A.” We give it that name when we’ve decided to abandon it because it isn’t working. Results are most often achieved through Plan B or C or D or K or Q or V.

Don’t let yourself be seduced by the promise of a miraculous process that leads to golden results. Yesterday’s perfect process becomes “the box” people are struggling to escape today.

Focus on the result, not the process.

Now, with that said, look at yourself, look at your life, and examine if you are working with

  • no plan, no results
  • with a process plan… lots of frustration
  • without a result in mind, just floating like stork s-h-i-t 4 in the warm air.

There are more combinations, but I am most interested in the question: what is the result you are planning for? And why?

It is much like the “Go west my son” generation: they had a direction, they had a dream of finding home, finding a place where they can call their own, that provides them with a livelihood.

And that picture: home, a place to call your home, a place that provides them with a livelihood is the purpose, is the result in mind. They knew they would recognize it when they found it. They knew it, and you should too…

What do you think the myth of “an orderly universe where you plan your steps, work your steps, and achieve the exact result you planned for is the order of the day” was created by the Powers That Be 5 ?

If you guessed they created it as a mind virus so that you become a wretch, so you become forever disenchanted, frustrated, feeling bad about yourself and your life, you guessed right.

So what is Soul Correction if not trying to fix yourself?

You see, Landmark Education, home base for 27 years, got something almost right. They say that you are already whole and complete, there is nothing to fix.

The second part of the sentence is accurate, the first is horse-poop.

You are NOT whole and complete, and you know it. Now, had they said: “you should say: my attitude about myself is that I am whole and complete, needing no fixing, thank you very much,” that would have been great. Because when you succeed in living with that attitude, then you are coming from that deep place in you that was untouched by greed, untouched by “society”, untouched by “religion”, untouched by even fear. But, listen up! on the top of that perfect core, you’ve built a crappy life with an even crappier set of habits, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors! And you left fragments of your Self in incidents where you could not face your Shadow side!

Soul correction doesn’t mean what many say it does 6 , that your soul needs correction. NO! It means: Soul Guided correction of your habits, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. Soul correction is bringing that beautiful inside to the outside, by dropping, removing, shaving away the crud that settled on you through living among people, in society.

The goal, the purpose, the result that you should shoot for is to be more yourself every day… and the yourself is not your persona, it is the real you, the pristine one. You don’t need to create it, you just have to give it some elbow room to breathe, and fly.

Now, with that said, do you think that you can follow a plan, a schedule, doing that? Do you think you can hurry that? Do you think there are two people that will take the same path? Even in the same workshop, people move at a different speed, through different stumbling blocks, move through different trepidations, fears, resistance, because we are as unique as our thumbprint.

But, the difference in life experience between 170 and even 180, is tremendous.

Will you be able to get up to 395? I’ll do my darned best to take you there, but it is up to you 95%. Only five percent is up to me. Unfortunately.

At this point, the programs and products that I have that actually have a proven track record of raising your vibration are:

  1. Unconditional Love Activator. I am going to revamp it without losing what worked about it, so you can get the results without having to connect. I’ll make it much like the Avatar-State audios, except that one layer of the audio is going to be the original Unconditional Love Activator.

    If you already have the Unconditional Love Activator, I will email you to upgrade your copy, as soon as I test the new version.

  2. The Avatar State Audios: a total success, amazing.
  3. The Soul Correction Workshop. Twice a month multi-hour webinar workshop. The format is new: extra-paying “hot-seat” participants get coaching, while you listen in. You have a chance to type in questions, and if they are good questions, I’ll answer them. Pre-requisite: minimum 200 vibration, and the willingness to do the work. I’ll muscle-test before I admit anyone. I reserve the right to remove people if they are disruptive.

And what I have, in the works, is to re-tool all the existing activators to be energized with the Avatar State, to get a real umph.

One such activator will be the Impervious activator. Impervious to fear, impervious to negativity, impervious to blame, to guilt, to worry, to anguish, to making mistakes, etc.

I’ll write more about these when they will be ready.

In the meantime: I recommend that you start by finding out your vibration. If it is under 200, get the Harmonize your vibration audio, and use it as long as it takes. I recommend that you use it together with the Heaven-on-Earth remedy: the rise to 200 is mighty emotional.

If your vibration is above 200, consider signing up to the Soul Correction Workshop. It is on Sundays at 4 pm NY time, to accommodate every country except the zones 8-12 hours before NY, like China, Japan, etc. I am sorry about that, someone needed to be left out.

PS: I promised to tell you what my most successful student has done:

  1. She has, to date, used the Unconditional Love Activator hundreds of times
  2. She uses the Heaven on Earth, and witnesses as it works on her
  3. She has volunteered to do work with me, editing my articles, being the crash dummy for new methods
  4. She takes every course I’ve offered since October 2011, she buys every product I offer. And she uses them. She always does her homework, grieves when she needs to grieve; she feels that living a life worthy of her is more important than the discomfort she needs to endure to get there
  5. She has a huge tolerance to not completely understand something, and knows that the understanding will come when she is good and ready. Some distinctions I’ve taught in every course (6? 7?) and finally in the current one she got it… hopefully.

Don’t follow her process. Follow your own. Do what is the next thing at the level and place you are at.

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  1. this is a Hungarian expression meaning someone who has no motive power, no ambition, no aim, no combustion engine. Storks shit in the air, their shit dries out and starts to float with the air currents
  2. aka Dark Side
  3. Kabbalah Centre
  4. this is a Hungarian expression meaning someone who has no motive power, no ambition, no aim, no combustion engine. Storks shit in the air, their shit dries out and starts to float with the air currents
  5. aka Dark Side
  6. Kabbalah Centre

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Talk back to me: How long will it take to raise my vibration to 395?”

  1. That might be your best post ever. Clarifies a lot, provides guidance, easy to understand. Excellent.

  2. Witnessed. Out on a walk earlier, I asked myself what if Sophie’s stuff is not it? Crap. Who wants to take responsibility for themselves? So much easier to have a teacher with all the answers. I may stop believing you, even if I somehow believe in you in the background. I have work to do. You are doing your work, and I am trying out your practices and discoveries and creations. I have felt little so far, but will not give up yet, because it’s all too juicy and it is right in front of me now, do I intend to prove it and work it now.

    I like the fact that you throw our expectations back in our faces. Damn, you’ll knock the passive consumer right out of the gift shop. How can I still be so asleep? I am entombed in a mausoleum of fear, habit, identity, laziness, and disconnection from life.

    I would say mercy, there is no blindly following your path, your BS detector is first class. I don’t need to make myself worthy of you and your methods. I need to make myself worthy of the miracle of life and consciousness. Numbers, salvation, enlightenment, self-deception. Whatever. Let’s do it. Glad I found you. Next find, me!

  3. That tube of feeling from the centre of my back, across to my heart and down to my solar plexus is going crazy after reading this post … I am so excited to start the happiness course tomorrow … drilling the exercises is bringing senses alive (and sometimes hurting my head!) … this in itself brings shots of intense feeling (happiness?) amid the fear and resistance. Thank You.

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