Vibrational Review: Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code

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Revisited: What does the vibration number mean? Why are methodologies that actually help people rate low on the vibrational scale? I’ll compare and review the Dr. Bradley Nelson method, The Emotion Code, and the Avatar State Audios.

I just finished watching a few episodes of the Dr. Bradley Nelson show. Dr. Bradley Nelson is a showman, a great salesperson. I think it’s great: I wish I could be more like him doing the work I do. More people would flock to me.

Now, why is Dr. Bradley Nelson’s vibration as low as 190, occasionally as low as 170? Is he an unhappy person? Is this a case of the shoemaker who doesn’t have shoes?

The answer is no. I see two problems with his methodology that would result in such low vibration.

The problem isn’t as much his well-being, peace of mind, etc. as he isn’t in the business of empowering people. His methodology is to work through practitioners, and this model duplicates the system of the medical establishment, the church, the government.

In his system people are treated for an issue with a method that may work, by a practitioner who was “specially trained” to treat people with that method.

So people need to be sick for those practitioners to exist, which means his system perpetuates disease.

In addition to that the system perpetuates the myth that ordinary people need these specialists, they can’t get well.

You need to be miserable, you need to give away your power for these systems to work, medicine, practitioners, church, and government.

Happy people don’t need religion. Healthy people don’t need medicine. And neither needs government that tells them how to live: they innately know. They don’t litter, they don’t hurt each other, they are too happy to do so.

Now, if you take happy and healthy as the norm, as the highest vibration you can get, plus that happy and healthy are somehow rooted in truth, (in reality, not an invented reality, not a system of beliefs, not trying to figure out, not how it is in the world right now,) you can really get that most people will be very low in their vibration.

The modalities, the methods of healing, and making sense of the world I have examined were low vibration for these two reasons

1. Their “worldview” is faulty
2. Their methodology is to add to the enslavement of humans, not to their liberation.

I have to admit that if one wants to do work like this as a business, one is better off being on the side of enslavement: very few people actually want to be free, want to walk out of the prison, very few people want to get really well.

Why? It is comfortable. Being miserable, and unhealthy makes you like everybody else, and that gives comfort.

The fact that part of your misery comes from the soul trying to make you so miserable that you feel like you need to do something, hasn’t done what the soul expected, hasn’t been effective at you claiming your individuality and your freedom.

Human beings are conditioned to settle for less, to live a life of “looking good and making it.”

Looking good is getting the approval of others, even if it takes pretense, lying, cheating, etc. In an of itself will make you miserable, so no wonder every person is miserable. OK, 99.99%.

Making it is even worse: it suggests as little motion as possible to stay alive and look good.

You can see, that as long as your “battle cry” in life is: looking good and making it, you will not want to rock the boat, you will not want to stand out, you will not want to go for the gold.

You will conform, you will have cynicism and resignation about what’s possible, especially what’s possible for you.

The students that hang in there with me, course after course are able to do that because the work we do honors the soul’s purpose: making you the human being a human being was meant to be.

When you connect, or when you are simply in the space of the connection 2 , your soul gets energized, your soul’s nudging gets felt as the soul’s nudging, and instead of illness, it is felt as support. Instead of simply feeling bad, you feel the gap between you as you are now, and between you as you can be.


And as miraculous as it sounds, you know what to do to release the baggage, the crust, the crud, the not you, little by little. It is as slow or as fast as you want it to be. If you allow your conscious mind to help in the process, if you allow yourself to know that the energy helps you identify the next layer, the next inauthenticity, the next correction, then you go with it.

If you resist it, like you resist everything, then it will be slow, or maybe even stop. After all, the whole Universe is built on free will: you decide.

Now, with that said: is any of what Dr. Bradley Nelson teach true? Do his method produce results? About 10% of what he teaches is factual. And his methods produce 9% results. If you want alternative medicine, emphasis on the word “medicine”, it may be ok for you.

Let me contrast it with the Avatar State Audios: their vibration is around 500. And they work, if you support it with the conscious mind, for 50% of the people, especially the Harmonize and the Self-Discipline audios. Why? I guess because they are easier for the conscious mind to grasp the concept.

Why aren’t the Avatar State Audios higher than 500? I guess because they are second-hand. Because they need to be filtered down so they don’t burn your gaskets… Pure Source energy, Light would burn you to ashes.

UPDATE: PS: One more thing I forgot to mention: Dr. Bradley Nelson says that with a simple back-rolling, magnet, etc. he dislodges and eliminates stuck emotions from the subconscious.

There are quite a few issues with that.

Stuck emotions have been dictating your attitudes, your behavior, your relationships, your vocation, everything. Even if someone removed your stuck emotion, which I doubt can be done with the methods demonstrated in the videos, you are still the same person, because you didn’t have to go through personal transformation to get the change. So you will behave like you always have, and the stuck emotion returns because there is a space waiting for it, and is supported by your behavior, attitude, and the people around you behaving with you like you haven’t changed.

Your vibration stays the same, because you didn’t earn the rise, so it doesn’t stick, even if for a few days it goes higher.

The main issue with EVERY modality out there, that promises instant transformation, is that they don’t ask you to do any work, they promise to do all the work.

When you run the Avatar State audios in the background, it is co-creation. You do 50% of the work, and the audio does 50% of the work. It is work. It is often painful for an hour or a day. But when you get to the other side of it, you became a new person, little by little, an inch at a time, you can get from wretched to fabulously free, guaranteed.

If you are a moocher, like all of the people that hold out their hand to the establishment, including alternative medicine practitioners, my methods will have to turn you a non-moocher first, so your attitude changes to “I’ll do the work to get what I want”.

It’s not for most people. And even though you are reading this, you are probably “most people.”

Let me measure your vibration?
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The Map of Consciousness will show you what it means.

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