Your weirdness factor

Weirdness Factor

One of Tai’s steps talks about the weirdness factor, your weirdness factor.

Only one student whose mother tongue is not English interpreted weirdness correctly.

What the f… right? Compared to what?!

You think that you know English. But your English is a personal English… what you mean is not expressed by the words you use accurately, and what you read is not what the writer of a sentence meant.

So you see, with words being such a flimsy, unreliable vehicle for thinking and communicating, the world cannot be a better place.

The troubles in your life cannot be fixed with the language that created them. 1

This is one of the most important meanings of what Einstein said: “a problem cannot be solved on the level of consciousness that created it.” The currency of consciousness is the “how”.

Language, the way you used it, is a stuck world view. Stuck because it is based on your personal experience, your opinions, your interpretation of what happened, what you perceived. You have no flexibility about it: you have NO IDEA that the world looks different observed from just a few inches away from you.

I know and I often test it when I talk to people, and every single time they understand what I say from their vantage point, and that is not what I meant.

So your so-called smartness is a phenomenon of “local celebrity”, a community of one.

From another’s point of view, given that their world, built from their words, is different, in that person’s world, you are off… you are weird… your are judgmental… you are haughty, uppity, arrogant… etc… maybe even a moron.

The 5-question exercise can begin to break up the spell of illusion that words mean the same things to all people.

You want to change your life for the better? Start with the VOCABULARY

You cannot be intelligent, locked into your own little world, thinking it is the world.

I have been pushing reading, even good fiction, but I am starting to believe that until you have deeper and more accurate meanings for words, you’ll only strengthen your one-person view of the world, and nothing will change.

I have a list of adverbs, the “how” words, in an article. 700+ ADVERBS.

You may “know” all the words, but you have no idea what they actually mean.

So here I am going to go a little deeper than that article.

Each adverb is a word-expression of an attitude or a mode of doing something, attitude and mode borne out of a speaking.

Before you do anything, there is a “speaking” in the brain that defines the how.

Others teach that the “mind” is the creator of the what, but that is not true. The what is created by perception. But the how is definitely created by the mind.

And it is done really fast… You’ve been so enamored by the “what” of the doing, that you completely missed the “how”.

If you’ve ever seen two people doing the same thing achieving a completely different result, you must have suspected that there is a magical ingredient that is not visible to you. This is, by the way, the foundation for antisemitism,

One makes a million bucks, the other loses his shirt.

The difference is in the how. That invisible speaking that is all important. (the part that you also missed in The Science of Getting Rich… totally missed it.)

Most of you have experimented with the law of attraction… The Secret… and got different results. and to make it more confusing, different results at different times, doing the exact same thing.

The Law of Attraction is the science of how… but you haven’t penetrated that paradigm, the paradigm of how… you do things the same way, expecting a different results. Not the same thing… the same way.

And until you become clear, preferably crystal clear about the how, and the many many many different “how” one can do things, you’ll never really change your life.

The how bubbles up from deep inside.

Your soul correction is a good clue…

You need to become a scientist. Curious.

The 5-questions interviews are a great way to start.

And, of course, being my student, coming to my What’s the truth about you workshops are priceless.

Because until you get clear what is the how that dominates your actions, and cheats you out of the results, you cannot change it, and you’ll be stuck with the same results… results you don’t want.

Is it easy? Actually it is not difficult, but it takes time.

Doing this “work” removes the cataract from your eyes. The veil. The virtual reality glasses.

In the movie, The Matrix it is depicted with the desolate gray reality vs. the pretty and beautiful reality of the matrix.

The reality of your current how is not pretty. Steel yourself.

Increasing your toughness factor is a good idea.

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  1. All sages, Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu, etc. emphasized the how… but people can only hear the what. No one, to the best of my knowledge, has ever attempted to teach humans to pay attention and to hear the how.

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