Life is a lot like plate spinning… Are you dropping your plates?

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Today I learned a new word.

Injecting energy into something… as a way to delay or avoid entropy. Entropy is the universal tendency of everything to move towards dissolution…

This is the nth time I heard this step in the 67 steps, but this time I heard the expression “injecting energy” for the first time.

If I missed it even though I heard it many times, how many things do you miss?

  • If you think that you hear everything… you are delusional.
  • If you think that the only reason that you miss something is because you didn’t put all your attention to what was being said: you are still missing the point.

Most things worth listening to are deep. Layered. And use words that you either are not used to, or totally misinterpret.

Injecting energy into what you want to stay alive competed in my mind with another phenomenon: putting all power in all actions. This is what i heard the first three times, not what he said.

There are two things about this: a. I am stunned how much I miss… b. I am amazed that I have never considered injecting energy into what I want to keep alive.

Health, wealth, love and happiness…

And inside those main categories, there are projects… that will surely die unless you inject energy in them.

I have used, often, the example of a plate spinner in the circus… but never knew that he was watching the plates and injected some energy into the ones that started to wobble.

So what is it that I really heard today that is relevant to me, and relevant to you?

I have observed that the tendency of my students is to live like this: whatever is not in sight (focus?) is out of sight. And out of sight is out of mind. (A sure symptom of overfocus, and narrow cone of vision, by the way.)

This tendency: you get busy with something and forget everything else.

As if you could not do one thing, take it to a place where it has gained some energy, then move to the next thing and give it some energy, etc.

If you look at your life, whether you are in my 67 step coaching program or not, you should have at least four projects energized every day.

Instead, what I see you do, is take one project too far… and drop the rest.

The experience of life, if you do life this way, is “always starting from zero or below zero”.

Exhausting, isn’t it?

Moreover, it is very ineffective.

So how do I do it, and how could I get better yet?

  • Health: my health is getting better. It’s 70%. Every day I inject a little energy. Twice a week I walk down and up the hill, and participate in a class, Tuesdays balance for seniors, Thursdays yoga for seniors. Once a month or so I go to the chiropractor. Chiropractic and Dr. Schulze’s products are my health insurance: I haven’t been sick for 18 years now.How could I get even better?I could inject a little energy by doing five-ten minutes a day of some exercise: getting up from the floor, or dancing, or my hip-flexor videos… Just a little bit.And I could also watch my sleep closer: the moment I don’t sleep well: that is an indication that I need extra Vitamin B12 and B1.
  • Wealth: This area is the easiest to neglect. It is the easiest to go and do a project and then think that is all I needed.
    But years of financial ups and downs have shown me that it is not a very good way to deal with it: it needs daily energy infusion, energy injection.But a tad more than a little bit of busy work… It may need rhyme and reason… I am behind here… It needs some planning.
  • Love: I have been talking to my older brother. and I have initiated contact with his wife.
    I see that unless I am the mover and shaker in this area, this is a desert, a dead zone.
    So little bit at a time I inject a little love… It’s quite rewarding, by the way. Half an hour at a time.
  • Happiness: happiness comes from the context. The context you invent, and re-invent and re-invent… It has to be fresh or it loses its power. I attend to it every Sunday with my friend, and in many of my articles… Most people can’t hear it… but you cannot really do this alone well… someone has to hear it and echo it back to you.And it is risky. But mandatory if you want fulfillment, and if you want to be happy.

Summary: most people live life as if it could be lived fully like a campaign.

But life cannot be well-lived that way.

This, the campaign mentality, is the reason, holidays are so disruptive to your growth, to your wealth, health, love and happiness.

Because if you live in a campaign way you neglect every other area that what holidays mean to you.

Your health, your spirituality, your wealth… and zero in on one area… love? happiness?

But when the holidays are over you return to a life that is in shambles. Your vibration fell through the floor. Your hydration, your health number, your income.

I literally don’t know anyone who doesn’t live life like this.

So this article can make a difference, and hopefully it came at the right time.

Inject, regularly, some energy into every other area of life, other than the holidays.

You’ll thank me for it.

PS: I found this article helpful

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. Thank you so much for the reminder injection of energy email . Wonderful written article and enjoyed the video as well. Made me smile,

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