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A student of mine just emailed this morning: “I just heard the most marvelous bit of wisdom from Joan Rivers, of all people. Talking about life she said,

“I wish I could tell you that life gets better… but it doesn’t get better. YOU get better.”

Life is life, people are people.

An empath student of mine wrote to me today:

Sophie I felt an energy shift yesterday,experienced way less anxiety and after the call last night felt good my mood was happy. I have not felt that in months

Now I woke up this am with tons of anxiety, my stomach in a knot

this is the roller coaster. I desire balance and not these huge sways

This is what I answered: you will never have 100% smooth ride because you are an empath. I bet the emotions weren’t yours.

This whole “getting better” expression is imprecise though. I have written in other articles, and I’ll write it until people get it: my programs raise your vibration. And a higher vibration is like…

…moving to a higher floor of your building.

Where most people are when they start is in the street… not even in the building. Rain and snow falls on them, the pavement is slippery, cars spray them with dirty water, one hands holds an umbrella, they bump into people that go the opposite way, or try to pass them. Life doesn’t allow them any time to be with themselves, know who they are, what they want, where they are going.

Even getting into the building is getting out of the rush and bump nature of things. You create a little distance, and it’s wonderful.

With each new rise in your vibration you move to a higher floor. You are out of the masses, out of the daily grind, even if you have the same job as before. It looks and feels different. You are unaffected (mostly) and impervious to what’s coming from the street level. Your body may be there, but YOU are not there.

For everybody, not just empaths, it all starts with creating a little distance.

When people say you are not your feelings, not your history, not your mind, you nod, but you don’t really know what it means, do you?

Well, now you do: it means, there is a distance between YOU and the feelings, your history, your mind.

The YOU I am talking about can instruct the mind to do something, like you control your computer. Can feel the feelings but don’t make a big deal out of it. Even if the feeling is anxiety or fear. They are automatic feelings, coming from the reptilian brain, not indicators of danger. And your history is done. It’s past. The YOU I am talking about is always in the present.

The more you can master this separation, the more distinction you bring into your being, the higher floor you move, the more YOU call the shot in your life, the further you see, the bigger picture you see. You may even see the other side of the story, the side of your “opponent.” You may even be able to feel compassion for someone who is trying to hurt you. You may even see that helping others just perpetuates their helplessness.

The Avatar State audios, including the custom activators, remove from you all the “stuff” that anchors you on the street level.

Of course, if you don’t know what is happening to you, you can walk around with your inner eyes closed, thinking that you are still in the street.

They say you can take the guy out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the guy. It is true if the move is just physical. But some of my students carried the “street level” onto the eighth, ninth floor and live as if they lived in the street. Quite curious to watch.

I can only imagine what they will say when their eyes open and say: Holy s-h-i-t, I am on the eighth floor… never noticed. Wow. I can see far, I don’t have to protect myself, maybe I’ll take of my rain-coat… lol.

This is what Joan Rivers meant when she said: life won’t get better. You will.

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