What is the purpose of life?

what is the purpose of life?I watched a movie last night… actually, it took me two nights to watch. It was a Korean movie, a historical movie. An old hunter and a huge tiger… bound for life by gratitude and tragedy. I am still weeping… I’ll explain.

It is all about the purpose of life… and the purposelessness of life, if you wish.

Your answer will depend on where you’re looking from.

In the movie, once both the hunter and the tiger lost their progeny, their offspring, and their hopes for the survival of their genes ended, they are both ready to die themselves. The purpose of life ended with the loss of their offspring.


I have no offspring. I have been ready to die for decades. I am still alive because the genes have found an alternate expression: cause the evolution of others… because we are all in this together.

So I am working towards that: causing the evolution of humankind, through a few individuals who are ready and willing.

So let’s look what is the purpose of life and where humanity has gone astray…

If you look what is the purpose of life from the Life-Force… the level of the protein molecules that want to reproduce themselves through you, the purpose of life is to create more life, nurture the offspring so that it can create more life too.

Now, in the competition for resources, in the competition for the gene that will dominate the gene pool, you don’t think that our evolving to the next level is any priority, but you are mistaken: evolution is pre-programmed in the genes.

You are near-sighted, and it is causing the extinction of humankind… your kind. You produce offspring that is less and less a match for life.

Humanity, individually and as a civilization, has overridden this gene driven activity, and hasn’t evolved in the past 200,000 years. Neither intellectually, nor emotionally, nor spiritually.

In fact, many mind-driven life philosophies, religious dogmas, ideologies have degraded intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence…

And definitely degraded physical intelligence.

Which means, from the genes’ point of view, humanity has proven to be a disappointing vehicle for the genes. Humanity is heading towards extinction.

How? Why?

Evolving is mandatory, it is not really a choice.

And the masses of humanity have placed themselves, willingly and voluntarily into a position where they don’t have to choose, don’t have to know, don’t have to deserve

You, for example.

You have bought into those philosophies, and ideologies, that degraded you… degraded your parents, degraded your teachers.

You are going through life having your hand out… instead of earning what you want.

You eagerly follow the mind-control ideology… but even if you could perfectly control your mind: your mind controls nothing.

Abilities, actions, emotions, are not controlled by the mind…

Let’s do an experiment: Think this: it is entirely up to me what I do with my life, or how much money I make.

Did you succeed? Oh, you read it, you chanted it, you memorized it?

But I asked you to THINK it… and that: you can’t.

Repeating something is not the same as THINKING it.

At one time in my life i had a live-in boy-friend, the son of a famous philosopher. He himself was a philosophy student. But NOT a philosopher. And probably never became one.

Teaching is, for most people, parroting what somebody else said, without ever THINKING IT.

When you really THINK something, that which you THINK becomes real. Your life starts to flow from it.

In that the Bible was absolutely accurate: THINKING creates.

But what you call thinking isn’t… it is thinking about, having thoughts, pondering, but not THINKING.

Most people, 99.99999% have never had an original thought, moreover have never managed to THINK.

So you see, it takes evolution to get to that level… and chances are we won’t make it.

Reading this article doesn’t say otherwise. It doesn’t say that you are the exception. It doesn’t say you heard the voice that demands that you evolve.

No, you just want to continue the mediocre, comfortable existence, but feel better, have more, like those who seemingly feel better and have more.

Having watched that movie I have more clarity.

And an enormous compassion for myself. I am the old hunter. I am the huge tiger who is the last tiger in Korea.

There is no real reason to live any more. Not for my own genes.

Maybe for the genes of humanity?

The movie is on Netflix, and on youtube…

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