Everything is connected… ok, maybe, but what does that mean to you?!

Everything is connected. The connection is in the invisible realm, but it is not less real than the visible, it is just either below the surface or its wave length is not in the visible range of light.

The connection can be

  • chemical in nature.
  • It can be vibrational in nature
  • Electric in nature

I’ll give you some examples I am suddenly seeing now that my vibration jumped to 950.

  • 1. You (and your family) are the main environment of your water. If you have my Water Energizer® audio, you may find that your water doesn’t want to get coherent, or doesn’t seem to hold onto its coherence.You, my dear reader, you are the cause. Your low vibration.You entrain the water to your own low vibration, and then the water can’t do you much good.

    This is most obvious with people who, for one reason or another, dropped to a low level of vibration.

    You buy a new filter. You charge the water longer… but the problem is you. Until you let go of some of the lies…

    You’ll finish my sentence for me, OK?

  • 2. With winter, with bringing in the plants, the mites I blissfully enjoyed a respite from this past summer, are back with a vengeance.The problem with muscle testing is that your questions come from the mind, the limited perspective you look at your world through.But now that my vibration jumped, I also saw to ask a different question.

    It began with the darned ear mites.

    This time, after I watched The Tiger movie and got in touch with the importance of offspring, this time I asked if I have a way to kill the eggs before they hatch.

    The answer was a yes… and it turns out I have what will do it.

    Betaine… a sugar extracted from sugar beets. A bitter sugar.

    I sprayed/dusted my ears, and from the frantic behavior of the mites, I knew I was on the right track.

    Then I noticed something interesting.

    I sprayed my ears, and distinct areas of my body reported alarming behavior of spider mites…

    The connection can only be chemical… but it is undeniable.

    A big bruise on a finger of mine started to show signs of healing. It’s still ugly, scary ugly, but is getting better.

    I asked Source if it would be beneficial for me to take the Betaine internally. The answer was yes. I haven’t asked what it will do… I want to have better questions before I do.

  • 3. I am seeing that the history of mankind was more shaped by the men of profit than any other kind, even emperors.The profit agenda has dominated our food for quite some time. How long? Even importing the habit of grain cultivation was due to profit. You cannot grow grain in tiny plots… Not mentioning the fact that grain, when it first hit people’s stomachs, started to make people even duller than it makes them today: the grains’ self-protecting enzymes at work… trying to kill you.Sugar is another area where profit motive moved our taste preference to very sweet stuff, and snub sugar sources, like beets.

    But as it turns out, the bitter sugars in plants, mannitol, betaine, mannose, were of vital importance to human well being…

    We, humans, ate plants for their sugars. Tribes of humans got the same through their grazing animals feeding on plants…

    Today’s animals, 97% in the United States, never see plants… and have NONE of these sugars in their flesh or their milk.

    Today you get advertising in your mail touting these sugars as “forbidden” food and sell billions of dollars worth of supplements, subscriptions, while you continue not eating the vegetables that contain the stuff…

    But, obviously, manufactured foods, foods that are carefully engineered to hook you, don’t contain any of the good things a normal person with no addiction would choose.

    I am appalled.

The connection? You and the next person are connected… and if they eat junk, you want it too.

Just like yeast cells, whether they are in them or you, will shriek out to you: sugar! sugar! sugar!

OK, one more thing:

The authors of these miracle healing books, doctors, are recruited by profit motive.

They make so much money on giving you a teaspoon here and a drop there or what you need to know, that they can send millions of huge brochures in the mail… the more they mail the more money they make.

Because instead of returning to sanity, 99.99% or their readers will buy the supplements… to make the doctors even richer.

Can you see that remaining ignorant, remaining slave to your taste buds makes the profit motive thrive… and you even more ignorant, and even more entrenched in slavery?

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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