Can I play two Avatar State Audios at the same time?

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How to get the most out of your Avatar State audio?


Hello Sophie

Below is a copy of the receipt I got from PayPal as requested in your “Package Deal” to acquire access to “Harmonize Your Vibration Audio”.

Also I have some questions.
I have both the Self Discipline and the Unconditional Love Activators and have listened to both at different times while on my computer. My question is this, should they be listened to separately, perhaps even alternating days or can they be listened to one after the other? Ideally I could have both of them running in the background simultaneously, but I don’t know if they would cancel each other out or worse, fry some brain cells. LOL! Is that an option?


For the nth time, let me say how the Avatar State Audios work:

How the harmonize works: the harmonize audio is slightly different from the rest of the Avatar State audios, in that it does not have a FOCUS.

It “shakes” you to harmonize your vibration with the vibration of the Universe.

The more out of sync you are, the more work the audio has to do.

The audio is recommended for everyone, but is the only effective tool for people with a vibrational frequency under 200. Why? Because under 200 you are not able to hold a FOCUS. Without holding a FOCUS the other audios won’t work.

I will repeat that: Without Focus The Avatar State Audios DON’T WORK. except the harmonize.

The more you expose yourself to the vibration, the more it can harmonize you.

DIRECTLY LISTENING to the audios, either by leaning close, or by listening through a headset can cause damage to your ability to connect. Don’t do it. I am not responsible for your actions, I have told you, over and over.

I understand that your comprehension is on the level of a small child, but legally you are an adult, and I will treat you as an adult.

What about the other Avatar State Audios? How do THOSE work?

I have seven Avatar State Activators at this time.

  1. The Harmonize Your Vibration is best for beginners, and when your vibration is under 200. You’ll start feeling better, like a weight lifted off you.
  2. The Cure Procrastination Things will get done around you. Guaranteed.
  3. The Abundance Activator. Time to become a MAN, are you ready?
  4. The Winning and Keeping Love Activator will make changes in you that will make love possible and you lovable.
  5. the Brilliance at Will : you’ll get smarter, more intelligent from using it!.
  6. And the essential Self-Discipline Activator

are specifically focusing on the area that their name suggest, while they raise your vibration, and work on your whole self as well.

The five activators, #2-#6 work on the basis of FOCUS. You focus, and the energy strips off the “stuff”, the crud, the wrong beliefs, the wrong perspective, the wrong habits, BASED ON YOUR FOCUS.

You can only focus on one thing, one goal, one purpose at any one time. Switching between focuses reduces your effectiveness, your IQ, your intelligence by 30 percent, and you already have a shortage in that area.

Stick with one focus, and spend some time sharpening your focus.

If you want abundance, start defining your concept of abundance, Reflect on what it might take for you to become abundant. Start mapping out what skills, what knowledge, what attitude you may need to actually become abundant, over time.

The energy will help you focus, but it is much like a motorized bicycle: you need to pedal, for the motor to kick in!.

If I see that it’s necessary by your responses, I’ll map out what to work on while you do each activator.

Do not switch back and forth between activators. Each activator works on all of you. I found the most seemingly unrelated issues surfacing while I was doing the Self-Discipline audio. Money, love, procrastination, self-love… these are all areas that came into focus in the CONTEXT of self-discipline.

I never lost my focus, and yet I had breakthroughs in other areas of my life.

The Unconditional Love Activator

The Unconditional Love Activator is a second generation Avatar State audio: you don’t know the first thing about unconditional love. Therefore it needs to be in conjunction with the statements of the original Unconditional Love Activator: you read it for yourself, to remind yourself and your focus, what may be missing for you to experience the state of being Unconditionally Loved, needing nothing to change, nothing to fix, nothing to do.

Other than that, it works the same way as the other audios.

I am planning on manufacturing an mp3 player that can be plugged in and play the audio continuously barely audible. If you are a tinkering electronics engineer or technician, or you know someone who is, I’d love a referral.

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