What did you get for yourself for Christmas?

What did you get for yourself for Christmas?

I have been seeing that everyone is trying to make a last sale to spruce up the bottom line. This sale and that deal…

I ponder if the distaste I have for haggling and pitching and forcing people to buy is going to render me, forever on the poor side.
As long as you hand over your money to the loudest vendor… yeah, predictably.

The funny thing is: I have bought a few of these fantastic headphones that are an all-in-one mp3 player and headphone.

I listen to the 67-steps on one. I listen to the dance music on another. And I listen to the Holosync meditation on the third.

Instead of swapping the chips…

And I’ll put a fourth one to work to play an audio book I bought about making more money… lol.

I have color-coded them, so I don’t get confused.

Having them made it easier to climb the mountain I live on: I don’t even notice I did that, I am so absorbed in the audio I am listening to.

Having them made it easier to take it all to bed: I have no wires, all-in-one… have I said that?

And I have ordered a bunch of chips to fit the headphones…

I bought this many because I wanted to make life easier for you.

My chiropractor uses this to charge the water for his office. His hydration went from 5% to 30%… and he only drinks energized water in the office.

The chips are en route, stuck in China… so I have, I think, eight headphones sitting in a box.

If you are smart… you are smart, aren’t you? you’ll grab one off Aliexpress with a 40% discount for the next four days. That’s what I did.

Here is the link. I have already bought from this vendor twice… They deliver.

Buy two at this price.

Give yourself a birthday present.

If you don’t love yourself, who will?

If you are not for yourself… who will?

Merry Christmas, or if celebrate some other holiday or some other times… then that…

I don’t celebrate any holidays, but I celebrate Life… And that I have a few days for myself… lol.

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