Distinctions are like the dots in a digitized photograph. The more dots you have the clearer the picture.

In printing they call this the resolution, or dot per inch. Different papers allow for different number of dots.

Your attitude, your innate intelligence, your emphasis on the mind can increase or decrease the number of dots you can take and reproduce without distortion.

In the previous article I demonstrated how Esther Hicks can only reproduce the largest letters, but not the spirit of the Emotional Guidance System.

And she isn’t towards the bottom of the pile. There is some intelligence there.

One way you can test your dot per inch, or resolution number is what you see in movies.

For example: if you have seen “The Best Years of Our Lives”.

In it, one of the soldiers needs to get his house in order so he can marry the love of his life. And he does…

Could you see what was the distinction that helped him? Could you duplicate what he did? 1

If you have too few distinctions, your speed with which you can grow your resolution, and clarity is going to be slow.

The more distinctions you have the faster you can grow.

Even if you are in a program like my 67 steps, you can remain without distinctions.

How? How can it happen?

OK, let me explain.

Building a knowledge base, a system of distinctions is like building a raft. A raft can carry you down the Mississippi river. You can build a house on it. You can have a party… The bigger the raft the more freedom you have.

A raft starts with a single tree log… The next log needs to be connected, securely to the first to begin to build a log. A log is not secure, it can do all kinds of unexpected stuff… including killing you.

Now, what happens when you have a log, but the next log is NOT connected to the first… no raft is built.

This is the case of most people I know. Independent, unconnected logs… no raft.

This can happen in school, this can happen at work, this can happen you surfing the internet for interesting stuff.

And, sadly, it can happen on the 67 steps program.

Why? Because it takes conscious intention to tie the logs together, and some people, it seems, are more interested in staying loose and miserable that building a vehicle, a foundation for a life of growth, a life of possibility.

Now, can you change your mind at any time? Of course you can.

As soon as you tell the truth and commit to building something.

How does it look when you don’t build a raft?

If and when you only remember from each step the questions you answer, the questions are about you, and none of the distinction, none of the principles, they you are not building a raft.

It is a struggle to make students even remember the principle. They seem to be in a hurry… The way you drive, the way you do everything: you want to get through it. You want to get to the good stuff.

No raft.

The steps are brilliant, even more brilliant than I remembered: I have towards the end of my fourth round.

You cannot absorb everything, but you can absorb, distinguish, and tie to your existing raft elements of the principle.

But you can’t do it in a hurry.

A fence that went up fast will fall down fast… you are building a foundation… and if you take shortcuts, the whole structure will fall… Stupid as the stupid does… that sounds stupid to me.

Given that I am working on re-orienting you to feelings, it is surprising that the step I did today (maximum one step a day is the rule) deals almost entirely with feelings, and Tai say (I never heard it before) about the role of feelings in directing you.

I am sure I am violating copyright… but I want you to hear it…

And if you are not interested, I’ll know that you are not interested in what I have to say either.

So I’ll consider it a strike against you. I am not threatening, I am promising.

Here is the link to sign up to listen to that step… You have to listen to it within five days that you register… Why? because I really don’t have the right to share that audio… so this is just a layer of protection.

Why is it so important to me that you listen to that audio?

For two reasons: Reason #1: every person that comes to my site and doesn’t care, doesn’t give a hoot of what I really say: is a trespasser.

Reason #2: you want to get a quick idea what it looks in practice what this new science makes possible. And Tai’s step is perfect for that.

Please understand: I’d rather starve and work with a handful of people who want to grow, than have a huge following that follows me in name only… but does nothing.

I am interested in people who will build a raft.

Not you? I’d like you to leave.

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  1. Here is the cheat sheet: he saw that he had a skill that was transferable from his army experience to civilian life

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