Raise Your Vibration: 4 Modalities That Can Work

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the visual signs of higher vibration raise your vibration Please remember that this case study is concerned with one aspect: does the modality raise your vibration permanently. That is the only question I answer here, that is my only concern.

Why? Because there are tons of life-coaches, lots of ‘transformational’ programs, lots of spiritual teachers, lots of meditation, yoga, brain-entrainment, etc. programs are out there that create a feel-good effect, but the effect isn’t lasting, and you have to go back for more.

What do I mean?

Examples of stuck states

Let me give you a few examples:

  • A friend of mine follows a guru. She even became one of the ‘master teachers’ of the guru’s energy modality.

Every time she can, She goes to these weekends and comes back, high as a kite… but comes down crashing. She is taking more and more time out of her business to ‘seek’ enlightenment.

Her main issues of avoiding risk, and being alone aren’t solved, but she keeps going back..

  • An ex teacher of mine, today a mastermind partner, is exhausted again. She is yelling at her husband. She is worried. And She works from the moment she wakes up till she crashes at night.

When I examine, she is running on old patterns, like a puppet on a string, battling some invisible scarcity monster that won’t let up. She has had many coaches, but the situation is getting worse… the real issue isn’t addressed.

What’s predictable is that she will never get off the war-path till she dies.

  • Another acquaintance of mine wants to be successful, make money, travel the world, be a sought after ‘transformational’ coach.

In the 10 years I’ve been watching her, she has avoided learning anything. She hasn’t read a book from cover to cover. Nightly She watches videos on youtube and reads articles on blogs, and then sends them to me.

She hasn’t made any useful action in the direction of her goal… She is continually trapped in la-la-land of self-delusion.

The underlying craving for success, and the underlying fear of failure, fear of finding out that she is not as good as she thinks she is causes her life to be hellish.

In the above examples we can see that there is something that needs to be ‘fixed’ under the hood, not on the outside of your ‘vehicle.’

Your conscious mind is the outside, and your other than conscious mind is the operating system under the hood. We keep on decorating the outside, buy new gadgets, but no one is getting under the hood. Why?

Because when you open the hood, all you see is stuff… but you don’t know how it works, and you don’t know how to fix it. So you close the hood and continue polishing the outside, hoping that it will make your life better.

So you try mind-changing stuff, like brain entrainment, hypnosis, subliminal, you go to Peak Potentials, you go to Anthony Robbins, you hope.

But we have a problem. Your conscious mind has no access to your other than conscious mind. The other than conscious mind needs special ‘equipment’ to access. Its lines of defense are strong, and they work 24/7.

Let’s do a little test, OK?

Think of whatever your financial situation is. Done? OK. Now change your mind about it. Done? How did it go? Does the new view stick? No? You feel like it’s a lie?

Bummer, now what? Exactly my point.

So how are we going to gain access to the other than conscious mind? Because we can gain access, but not in an ordinary way, not with the conscious mind.

In my conversations with Source, I have learned that only powers outside of the purely physical realm can do it. (The conscious mind is part of the physical (limited) realm)

Raise Your Vibration

What is this process called? It is called Raise Your Vibration. Permanently.

  • Your physical vibration (health, energy, vitality),
  • And your emotional vibration (joy, happiness, love),
  • your mental vibration (clarity, big picture, precise and thorough, sharp),
  • and spiritual vibration (connection with Source, your purpose, your soul).

Here are a few modalities I have found, that can potentially break through the defenses of the other than conscious mind and raise your vibration:


NOT Scientology, which is a cultish organization, and the average vibration of its members is under 200… nowhere a demonstration of the power of Dianetics, which was the original work, Dianetics, the good old 60-year old process that worked then and works now.

It is available at reasonable prices both in a book and a video format… I bought my copies for $5 each including shipping and handling.

In Dianetics, the process of bringing the unconscious into the conscious, is caused by the immersion into the hellish experiences of the soul… in full reverie, while guided by a fully conscious, fully committed, fully on your side ‘auditor,’ an arrangement is hard to come by.

Even hypnotists bring their own ego and agenda to their sessions, that is why it’s not 100% effective. You can raise your vibrational frequency with this method to 295

I have been studying Dianetics’ ‘light processing’ modality also available in a book format on Amazon, and even that, a self-examination modality, can ease your psychic load and return you to higher vibration, higher energy, higher intelligence, higher awareness. I bought the book on amazon… and the process works. So, even without an auditor you can raise your vibration to a max. 295 with this method

Even if you buy the book, the process is hard to understand, why it would work.

Here is my example:

When in 1996 I went through a session to ease the misery an early incident created continually in my life, the person in charge made me go through the incident back and forth and every widening focus. In the widening focus I had access to smells, and lights, and colors, and sounds that were not present in my retelling the ‘sob story’ of ‘what happened’.

After a few hours of this, the size of the dramatic part got reduced to one-tenth, and obviously the drama with it.

I now am looking to do the same thing with the fallout from that story: what happened after, that until this very day still effects my life negatively, especially my finances.

Quantum Thought Shifting of Pam Ragland:

In Quantum Thought Shifting it’s a fourth plane energy, designed by Pam Ragland. It, supposedly, penetrates the ‘underworld’ of your being, and cleans out the loose stuff. The energy does not touch the ‘engrams’ Dianetics specializes in. My experience shows that it doesn’t significantly alter self-image.

The cleanup completely bypasses your conscious mind, you have no idea what was done. A course of about a year that teaches you how to drive your new, improved vehicle is required for success. You can raise your vibrational frequency with this method to maximum 295

I have done it in a group of 20, and I was the only one who got the results.

Tr. Foundation:

In Tr. Blessings, the energy can follow your request (I prefer to say ‘command’) while you are connected to Source: if you can connect to Source. To the degree of your ability to connect and the quality of your connection, you can command the energy to cause personal transformation.

Given that I have a high ability to connect to Source, I connect in a very compatible frequency that bypasses the conscious mind, Tr.’s blessings have reliably increased my vibration, significantly.

Most people don’t ask the energy to work on the hidden stuff, because it’s hidden, and because they have no idea how the process works. Like my mastermind friend: keeps on going back to what she knows, and ignores what would make a difference… While working herself into her grave. No fun, no ease, no aliveness.

Asking for what you know you want means that you keep on sweeping the floor clean around the rugs… never consciously under the rug. You can raise your vibrational frequency with this method to maximum 295.

Obviously, if your starting vibration was higher than 295, it can actually take you much much higher. The average participant in a blessing (2011 number) has a vibrational frequency of 225. That, compared to the average vibration of people on the planet, which is under 200, is very respectable.

Activator Downloads (my program)

The Activator Downloads are aiming to restore your divine blueprint that was either never activated or was distorted, like someone painted a child’s art over the Mona Lisa. I ‘rewire’ your other than conscious mind, so it is less reactive, and allows you to see and interact with the world the way it is and you the way you are: beautiful, abundant, loving.

On an individual basis I can go in and change individual beliefs, individual blockages that don’t respond to the ‘standard’ activators. You can raise your vibrational frequency to maximum 395 with just the activator downloads. With individual belief work the maximum is 695

Note: 10 years after I wrote these words:

What Can You Expect?

According to Source, combining Dianetics with the Activator Downloads: This combined method can raise your vibration to 795

Notice that I am not saying: will.

Why is Dianetics able to raise your vibration to such height? Because Dianetics works with the thinking nature of a human being. Its process is clear to the conscious mind, so it is clear what it can do, once the process is done. That is not true about the other methodologies, including my own.

Imagine if I gave you a 5-year old Toyota. Even if I told you that I put a Mazerati engine into the car, you would start and continue driving it as a Toyota.

  • You would not think that you can pick up chicks with it.
  • You wouldn’t think your status in the world jut got elevated.

No, you would feel like a Toyota owner. Your conscious mind would likely to refuse to utilize the full functionality of the Mazerati… because that is how the conscious mind operates.

Your machinery may be built such that you need to learn how to be with your conscious mind: one of my clients definitely operates that way.

In downloading her activator code I could feel her resistance every step of the way. I stopped and we talked over to alleviate her fears, her disagreements… and then she allowed the activation to go through.

Certain early decisions froze you into an unhealthy pattern in life, and that may not be able to be unfrozen with a ‘mass’ activation, but in short (a few minutes) conversation, it is possible to thaw those frozen circuits, and return the energy stored in them to your Life Force.

This, making the changes available to the conscious mind, is accomplished with exercises in my programs. One tiny bit at a time you adjust your behavior to the increased God-power that you now have.

The end result of raising your vibration: vibrant health, a joyful and purposeful life, supportive and enjoyable relationships, and superior command of life, a much higher intelligence.

The Freedom Course can get you high

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