Worlds Apart: the two basic world views every world view belongs to… Part 2: Comparison

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Like you, I want certainty. Like you, I want to be sure. Like you, I want to understand how the world works.

Why? Because we are coming from a personal world view that Life is dangerous. Or something to that effect.

Osho has a theory that when you are born and have to suddenly and without preparation leave the safety and luxury of the womb, your first emotional response is fear. Especially if you are born in a delivery room with glaring lights, lots of noise, and someone holding you upside down and slapping your bottom to make you breathe.

L. Ron Hubbard (of Dianetics fame) adds that people talk in the delivery room, and you absorb all of it as if it were the truth about you. One of my students had a hard time getting through the birth canal, and was stuck for a while. “She is stuck…” the doctor said, and she’s been stuck ever since.

Another student of mine (probably) heard in the delivery room “I can’t feel anything” and lo and behold, he can’t feel anything. Hunger, anger, love… none of it.

Now, whether that is the reason, or it is cultural, it is immaterial. You live in a world where the mood is: The world is dangerous, mistakes are bad, you need to know, and therefore you are incessantly looking for a safer way to live.

In that environment, you “buy” anything that sounds like an explanation to all the strange things you hear or feel. You follow anyone “who has the answer.” You follow religions, gurus, teachers, you become vegetarian, fruitarian, anything to avoid the uncertainty of life, i.e. life itself.

You are like the ostrich that hides his head in the sand to avoid confronting life.

In my programs I won’t make life less dangerous for you. I won’t give you any certainty. I won’t give you answers. I will empower you to be powerful in the face of life that is uncertain. You’ll get the ride of your life.

We love roller coaster rides. It is a kind of preparation for the dangers we anticipate. We love horror movies, for the same reason.

But that love comes from our profound distrust of ourselves to do well in the face of adversity, in the face of challenges, in the face of life as it is.

Instead of finding tools to do well, instead of growing to do well, instead of expanding our self and our knowledge (experience! not book knowledge!) we shrink. We live life the same way we do sports: we sit in the stands and watch other people; we participate vicariously.

My Avatar State Activators, my courses, are all designed to get you off the stands of life, and make you a participant. But not without preparation.

Sending you into the football field without the shoulder pads, skills, etc. would be like slaughter. No, you will develop capacities that will make you do well, enjoy the game, and enjoy life. Without having to resort to hiding, shrinking, safety.

Most people that I encounter are shrinking violets. Some are in positions where they don’t enjoy life. They all want to know what they are supposed to do with their life. What is the safe path that they are supposed to take, to survive life and feel fulfilled.

I know my answer is disappointing, but there is no safe path that is also fulfilling.

Fulfillment comes from challenges met, risks, curves, obstacles well met. All the stuff that you can’t call safe… Unless you can fail, there is not chance for fulfillment. Just watch yourself: you need to pee. You go to the bathroom. You pee. Do you feel fulfilled? Maybe relieved, but they are not the same. You don’t feel like you live your life well. That you love your life. You did what people do in the bathroom, without any challenge. Probably, lol. No fulfillment.

The question of what to do is another aspect of this question. I have a secret for you: most anything that you do could give you satisfaction if you did it in a “certain way.” What’s the certain way? With putting all power in all your actions. Being present, conscious, with attention on the task. No multi-tasking, no thinking about home when you are at work, no planning dinner. No. There is a time and a place for everything, and at work the thing to do is work.

So, in my teachings, I don’t teach you what to do, I teach you how. Because it is clear, that at the moment you have no capacity to put much power into your actions, to block thinking, to block distractions. Without building that capacity you will NEVER have fulfillment as the theme of your life.

We could say that my programs are a nursery: I train you to become a human being according to the Original Design. According to your potential. According to your DNA.
Expanding, conscious, powerful, proud, with self-esteem, self-love, and competency at whatever you do. With hardly any attention on what other people want you to do, what other people think of you, what other people like, what’s fashionable, what’s hip, what it is that the masses love at this hour.

To please other people with your life is to lose your self. And without your self, you can’t have self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, without your self you are a puppet on a string, empty shell, wretched and miserable.

OK, so this is one world view, the world view where the world is the way it is, uncertain, fraught with surprises, most of them not pleasant.

In this world view you become bigger. You become a match to life, or maybe even bigger than life. You become the you you were meant to be. Strong, powerful, flexible, using all your capacities the way they were meant to be used, your senses, your muscles, your brain, your emotions.

The brain’s function is NOT to remember, NOT to learn book knowledge to remember, NOT to ruminate, etc. The brain’s function is reasoning, the brain’s function is to distinguish, the brain’s function is to expand, to adapt, to grow, to solve problems worth solving, to see connections where no apparent connection exists.

The emotions‘ job is to be the first line of alert. Your senses meet the world even when you are busy doing other things. They have direct line to your emotional system, and you notice the emotions, no matter how busy you are. You pay attention for a moment and use your brain to evaluate the danger. And then act or not act. You choose.

Your emotions, undistinguished and suppressed, rejected, and wished away are a moron’s emotions. To a moron everything feels like frustration, or anger, or guilt, or fear, or annoyance… Sorry. Your unheeded warnings, your resistance, your calling it negativity is one of the ways you render yourself unsuited for life, other than the narrow, safe, dead existence you are currently living. Like a retard… Life is going on, but you are not participating.

So, what’s the other world view? The other world view is a consolation. It caresses you.

There is a Hungarian joke, where Johnny asks the mother: “Do I have a big head, mama?” The mother answers, “Why are you asking, Johnny, just keep on packing those five pounds of potatoes in your cap, they should fit.”

That is the basis of the other world view. Consolation.

You are the way you are, and they’ll shrink the world for you so you feel safe.

Thousand and one methods, different religions, different mythical methods, instant healing, time travel, guardian angels, volunteer souls, aliens that take care of you.

The trouble with this world view is that it doesn’t even attempt you to become more, better, stronger, bigger, more powerful.

No, the setup is that you are OK the way you are, and they’ll give you crutches. Prayer. Law of Attraction. Meditation. Smile. Affirmations. Brain wave technology. Faith. Positive thinking. Quantum though shifting. Energy clearing, energy attunement, light therapy, karma, etc. etc.

Karma is a special crutch. It’s the exact same as government debt. It cannot be repaid. So don’t bother… They never suggest that you could be  saying (both in life and in politics!) that the problem is with the system.

If you haven’t heard, in 1913, in front of an almost empty house, December 23, the Federal Reserve Act was pushed through. This law assigns printing American money to a foreign bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, then the American government borrows it from that bank, with interest. Yes, you heard it right, America doesn’t print its own money. So the government debt has NOTHING to do with government debt, if you borrow all your money, you will owe more money every year, due to compounding interest.

Abandoning the idea of Karma would be, in the area of politics, reclaiming printing our own money, a Declaration of Independence, this time from the slavery of the Money Oligarchy. It takes more courage than current Americans can even imagine, let alone act on.

America is owned by the Federal Reserve Bank, and has for quite some time. A puppet on a string.

The idea of karma owns you the same way: you cannot reduce it: every lifetime you have more of it. So you either live shrinking so you at least don’t add to it, or you TRY to live virtuously, or resign. But either way, you feel indebted, under the weight of your immense debt, and you cannot be happy.

All the beliefs in this world view say: something is bigger than you. You are practically nothing, you are a speck of dust, so deal with it.

Another belief of this world view: you should be ego-less, self-less, sacrifice your wants, desires, aspiration, for the common good, for your fellow human.

It’s like asking a human being to start a business (life) but forcing them to pay 95% taxes. How excited will you be to work in that business? I know what it’s like, that’s what happened in Hungary: just before I left in 1982 I was working on my taxes, and realized that I owed the government all that money: the tax bracket I found myself in was 95%.

I left and never looked back. And once you get the picture, you won’t either.

There is no sense in growing anything in the second world view.

And in the second world view, represented by, among thousands, Dolores Cannon, you have hordes of looters that take advantage of your meekness, forced humility, self-sacrificial behavior.

Just look at the million dollar mansions of the Kabbalah Centre family, the preachers, the Law of Attraction teachers, the pope, etc.

There is another element in the second world view: a ponzi scheme principle. The Church that was founded to fleece you, operates on this principle.

It is shaped like a pyramid: the top is the “thought leader”. The second layer is “teachers” or priests, ministers, etc.

In some organizations, like the Mormon Church, there are even more layers.

In healing modalities, like Theta Healing, like Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing, reiki, etc. the second layer is people who take a class, and then they are healers. Even if the head of the organization is able to heal, the healing knowledge is not anything that can be taught.

I have a class, Self-Healing Course, where I teach people to heal themselves with the Light coming straight from Source. Except that people need to grow, develop capacities, self-awareness, a higher vibration and a higher consciousness, before they can connect to Source long enough, steady enough, to heal themselves. Imagine how much self-control they will need to develop to heal others.

The ones that actually connect on the calls have had hundreds of hours of practice! On themselves, with nothing at stake, just connecting. Do you think that when it comes to heal another, you won’t be distracted, emotionally and other ways? I must be in total silence to connect fully. And it takes me up to twenty minutes to get into the Avatar State!

So, those healing organizations are a ponzi scheme: the “head” makes money because the “healers” want to make money or want to make a difference, so they pay. And because they paid, they belive that they bought themselves the ability to heal.


Let me summarize it for you:

World view 1: Empowered, you are the cause

The world is the way the world is. Life is the way life is. Your job is to become bigger, to be able to meet life head on and have a chance to win. You will have fulfillment, self-respect, self-love, passion, joy in this paradigm. You will have relationship in this paradigm, but your life won’t be about your relationship, it will be about what you love.

World view 2: sacrificial lamb. you are the effect

The world is defined, explained, fixed, a thing. It’s knowable through some theory they have, they call it the Truth. You are asked to follow some dogma, self-sacrifice, say mantras and other senseless statements, like “we are one.” “Your life doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to your community/fellow human/the poor/the oppressed,” etc.

No chance for fulfillment, joy, self-respect, because there is no self. Besides that it’s called selfish, and that’s a no-no. Challenges are avoided. Ego denounced. You are shrinking, and live like a human machine, like a wretch. A moocher. A second-hander. 2

Or alternatively you are a looter, taking advantage of the moochers that can’t think for themselves, and need you to give them ready made thoughts that they can repeat.

Or fantasies, excuses, a false sense of grandiosity, like Dolores Cannon.

Now that you know what are your choices, choose.

In one you’ll be responsible for your life, your fulfillment, your power. In the second you won’t…

Oh, you can change your mind any time. At the moment 0.7% of humanity live according the World View 1. That is almost five million people. Against seven billion.

The Dark Side is winning. Worldwide. Will it win with you?

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  1. Second-hander means that you don't do your own thinking. You depend on others for your knowledge, opinion, creativity, self-esteem, self-image, etc. You are a non-entity, you don't consider yourself an authority on your self. You want to be liked, admired, even loved for values you don't possess, for products you don't produce, for virtues you don't have.
  2. Second-hander means that you don’t do your own thinking. You depend on others for your knowledge, opinion, creativity, self-esteem, self-image, etc. You are a non-entity, you don’t consider yourself an authority on your self. You want to be liked, admired, even loved for values you don’t possess, for products you don’t produce, for virtues you don’t have.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Worlds Apart: the two basic world views every world view belongs to… Part 2: Comparison”

  1. loved this post! unfortunately i am in the 7 billion ppl category…. so i need to do the work!

  2. Sophie, one of your clearest and most cutting posts. Could stand as a statement of your philosophy. Still, to be ruthlessly rigorous, my understanding of Source and your methods is no greater than my understanding of the source of Reiki energy. In Reiki, I received attunements. In your method. I do something challenging with my eyes and intention and attention and will and maybe connect to something called something. Until I master connecting, I am dependent on your ability to evaluate mt connection. But even if I master the technique, the philosophy is still a second-hand truth until the moment I make it my own. Even then, it remains essentially esoteric and anectdotal. Let’s get real about what’s real and what I have a right to call my own. I am enjoying our work, and I do not doubt your sincerity, but I am still taking a lot on faith, and that’s from the religious moocher model. Why don’t you dismiss your students and have them come back in a year to share their experiences? No, you have a kind of desire to share. Let’s not call it prosletyzing. There’s no judgement here, just a call for microsurgical rigor. You cannot tell us we are different if you are the channel to the goods. There is some corruption and duplicity in every teacher-student relationship. You are working to keep the integrity in a model that we are accepting on its own terms. I don’t question you as much as I question the model. There is too much room for self-congratulatory vanity as too low a cost. I don’t need to suffer, but I need to be certain in a way that makes sense to me. Suspend belief or disbelief? I write this with much admiration and a salting of skepticism.

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