How will you have the energy to grow? How I did it…

I saw something today I hadn’t seen before. But before I say what I saw, let me dispel some myth: there is no such thing as bad energy. Energy is energy. It is good if you use it for good. And bad if you use it for bad. I’ll write another article on this: but I have the urge to state it here and now: there is no such thing as bad energy.

All energy is good… and some meets you and triggers something bad… But it’s you… sorry. Oops.

OK. let me start saying what I wanted to say:

As you may know, I have been listening to the steps in the 67 steps. For the past 11 months. On average five steps a week.

Now, it’s been changing my life… more and more every week.

Why? How? And how is it possible that a guy’s program whose vibration is 170 can change the life of someone whose vibration is above 900?

Two things: The listener is more a determinant of the vibration of what she gets than the speaker.

You hear things on the level of vibration where you are.

Which means you hear my above 900 words on the level where you are, which is bad news for you. Why? Because you hear little, and you hear wrong.

But I digress…

So I hear what his mentors have said, I hear what he says, I hear his mostly authentic humility, and I thrive from it.

I experience an almost daily substantial energy injection into my life from it.

I know many people who listened once and then stopped.
I know a few people who listened once and wanted to stop, because they already knew what he was saying.

It’s like saying: I can stop eating now, I already ate yesterday.

Which means: they don’t see energy injection as food and energy injection as wisdom the same way.

They can get fat, but they can get wise with this attitude.

Energy is energy is energy.

You need it. You need spiritual energy more than you need physical energy.

You are, probably, already doing and being everything your current energy level allows for.

You are living in the results that energy level can produce.

Want more? Get more energy injected, daily, into your life.

I see an analogy you may not like… but it’s very accurate:

Injecting energy into you is a lot like wanting to unclog a drain with a plunger.

You may have to push the plunger for a long long time, and see no result.

And then suddenly the water breaks through, and there is flow.

And some of you have fats cake and become solid in the drain… you also need some hot water to melt those solid fat cakes… before you can have flow.

All those programs using woowoo to do away with your blockages are bullshit. All of them. No exception.

Not enough energy in them, and it’s like hoping that one push of the plunger will crear the drain. Keep on hoping.

Given enough nudge, given enough energy injection, you can go all the way to heaven. But you need to expose yourself to the energy.

Now, let’s look at the energy woowoos of people… I am going to look at those now. The question is: can they give you enough nudges so you can go to heaven?

  • Church, prayer: it is always the same. Or if we look at sermons as energy injection: once a week won’t cut it. But prayer can put you into a pleasant calm, meditative state of mind for a while. But energy injection? No. Nothing is coming from outside of yourself, so no, church and prayer won’t do it.
  • Same with meditation.
  • Energy practitioners: if they let you see something new every time they do it, something new about reality, then yes.

    I personally don’t know any that does that, so no, for the most part energy practitioners give you no energy infusion.

  • Landmark Education: here we get to a very important distinction: unless you are there to see something new and unpleasant about you, Landmark Education lulls you into a very seductive “Them and I” state where you are superior. Cutting you off from any chance of happiness, because happiness and a superior I (ego) don’t go well together.

So there you have it. I used to have intense programs like Tai’s 67 steps, my courses, Brilliance at will, Activate Divinity, Second Phase, Third Phase, etc. activators courses… All were designed to do energy injection.

They worked because they were frequent, 3-4 times a week, because they were new and dramatic every time, and because they raised the vibration of the participants.

But it is too much work and not that much fun for me.

It left me no time for me to do my own work on myself and my life.

This is why I picked the 67 steps. It works, and it takes only an hour of my time per participant a week on average. It is my usual 15-25 times overdelivery for value (money) received. That is my self-imposed standard.

And there is another important benefit for me: my students teach me a lot.

So, at least with some of them, the interaction also creates an energy injection in me, even though they are talking about their own stuff. The energy injection comes from me looking at their issues: another redirect that would not happen. And while I am pondering their issues, answer their questions, my life receives a significant amount of energy.

So thank you. I am blessed. And my life is blessed. As long as I do the 67 steps or some other regular energy injecting program.

What would happen if I stopped?

I am not sure, of course, but my hunch is that my life would go back to having low energy, and humdrum.

I would stop waking up with a sense of adventure, with a sense that my life and how the day turns out is up to me.

And that I am not willing to risk.

So 67 steps: here I am… staying the course.

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