How much energy do you need to create the good life and maintain it?

how much energy do you need to create the good life and maintain it?If you want to grow as a person, or grow anything worth growing, you need energy. Lots of it. Continuously.

Physical law says that systems, unless they are very highly organized closed systems, like the brain, will fall apart with time (entropy)… Your life is NOT highly organized, because it is not a closed system. So in order for it to stay organized and effective, it needs a ton of energy to be injected, continually.

Left alone, your life starts falling apart. This is what happens during holidays and vacations.

Injecting energy into your life is going to be a crucial distinction you need to learn.

Energy injection… How do you know if you are doing it or not?

I asked a student of mine if she experienced energy injection by doing the 67 steps. She was trying to appease me, so she said: “I have experienced a definite change in momentum with the steps.”

This answer made i clear to me, that this energy injection distinction is not clear to you.

Now, I know you don’t know physics. I know you only went to school because you had to. But let’s look at a little physics, ok?

Let’s put a pot on the stove, and fill it with water. Turn on the heat source… whatever you use in your house.

Eventually the water will boil. If you have a lid on the pot, it boils faster.

Why? Because less of the heat will escape into the air.

Now turn the heat low. With the lid it takes very little new input to keep the water simmering. Simmering is still boiling. Without the lid the boiling stops the moment you lower the heat.

I could do more physics, but this will suffice, I think.

If you want the good life, and you are starting with the whole process, you need a lot of energy to bring your pot to boiling point… which, let’s say, the energy level you need to take effective actions towards the good life.

Life requires you to be hotter than tepid, don’t you think? Tepid water won’t do much, and you being tepid hasn’t done much for you, has it?

Most of you live on a continuous barely tepid temperature, dreaming incessantly about the good life.

But getting to the temperature where you can actually do something that will be productive enough, towards the good life, takes time, takes a lot of energy.
But your tepid life is creating a tepid temperature in you…

Your energy, the energy of all your inputs is heating the air around you, instead of you.

I could write tens of articles on how you leak energy… maybe I find a few and republish them.

But in this article I prefer writing about the source of energy that you use.

Because most of you think that burning manure, burning grass, burning wood on an open fire is just as effective and using the stove. And while you may feed your fire all day with grass, your water isn’t boiling.

Different energy sources provide different energy at different temperatures.

A garden variety article on the internet, a how to article, a how to book, a how to video, are all energy sources.

Most of them are as concentrated as burning grass, as far as boiling your water goes.

Same goes for your food: you are what you can absorb, NOT what you eat. You eat crap that doesn’t agree with your body? You just lost more energy than what you gained.

Most people have a health number under 10. That means simply that the body you so care about (? do you?) is not functioning at the 100% level because it doesn’t have what it needs: energy source and raw ingredients to burn.

The student who I quote at the beginning of this article has a health number of 10. In spite of the fact that she has the food list and the supplement list…

The question she should ask, and you should ask: can she get to the good life if her body is functioning only at 10%?

It is… back to the stove and the pot of water again… as if we put several layers of insulation between the pot and the stove surface. Dissipate the energy before it hits the bottom of the pot.

The water will NEVER boil.

Before you embark on a project, make sure you have a good tight system with as few leaks as possible.

Start with your body.

Then check your environment: distractions, getting sucked into people’s lives who are not interested in getting to the good life, they just want to pass time. Why? Who cares… You need to take care of yourself, or nothing will ever happen.

I have yet to see growth for people who spend a lot of time with other people whose self interest is keeping you down.

  • Family is not interested in you growing. You need to make sure you don’t spend all your time with them!
  • Friends: ditto.
  • Your workplace, colleagues are not interested in you growing. That is not what you are paid for. You are paid to be a cog in a machine.

They, spending time there is on the energy expenditure side… leaks.

You need to have enough concentrated and well directed energy input, if you ever want your water to boil.

  • Reading good books. Not necessarily how to books, or philosophy, or psychology. Good fiction can give you energy. I read two fiction books for every non-fiction I read.Good fiction is like living several lives and experience life and its teachings, learning how people are on the inside, how they think, even what they think. Interestingly, this just came in:

    VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): “‘Life experience’ does not amount to very much and could be learned from novels alone . . . without any help from life.” So said Nobel Prize-winning author Elias Canetti, who was born in Bulgaria, had British citizenship, and wrote in German. Although his idea contradicts conventional wisdom, I am presenting it for your consideration in 2017. You’re ready for a massive upgrade in your understanding about the nature of reality — and firsthand “life experience” alone won’t be enough to ensure that.

    The biggest problem any of us face is the discrepancy between reality as it is and the map we’ve created, our “personal reality”. We could say that your vibration gets higher as the discrepancy decreases. It will never be zero… it is like the horizon…

    When your vibration drops, this is the biggest reason it drops. You make up “shit”, or you get infused with “shit” from your so-called friends and your well-meaning family. That is why during and after holidays everyone’s vibration drops. Significantly.

  • Doing the 67 steps… as an energy infusion, not something to learn or even to understand! frequency matters. And how you listen: listen for information: no energy. Listen with “I have heard this before”: no energy.Listen with a beginner’s mind: lots of energy. Beginner’s mind is what we call humility. The only way to get energy out of a good energy source.Everything you know prevents new energy to come in… unless you can bring about the beginner’s mind.

The secret to me being able to read so much, and know so much is that I am not reading into my mind… I never try to remember anything.

I learned that curiosity, creativity, anything worth having, get dulled with trying to remember, or even remembering without trying.

I learned it in Architecture School.

Architecture School is 20% learning and 80% doing. Projects after projects after projects.

Creating a project while you remember, or try to remember is like driving trying to remember where the gas pedal is… not very conducive to creating.

So I made a conscious decision that I was going to start with a blank slate… and I did and I have.

Later on I worked with a few architects who were good. The usual 1-2% of all architects… that is the proportion in every profession.

All those architects worked from nothing. Always from a blank slate.

And together we won competitions. And awards.

Why should this matter to you?

Because the good life cannot be built from knowledge you already have.

The good life is an emerging state, moment to moment.

The good life is a direction. It is an end goal. Unattainable. Like the horizon.

But the journey is full of creativity, innovation, curiosity.

Your most important assets are “energy management”, and the blank slate.

Both are hard, but I think energy management is harder.

Because you have to manage the leaks, and you have to manage the energy input.

Especially when you consider that you need to keep all your plates evenly energize, you cannot go too close to one and ignore the rest.

The hard thing about getting to the good life is that you cannot get myopic. Fixated. Rigid. Regimented. Rule-following. You need to remain in a flexible, dance-like state, like a magician.

Ping. Ping. Ping… that is the sound of the magic wand… transferring energy to the areas that need it.

It is too easy to get too absorbed in one thing.

A year ago, I watched Netflix for 3-4 hours a day, maybe more. I neglected my health. I neglected my relationships. I neglected my numbers ($$).

My water wasn’t boiling.

Every holiday steals the energy to keep the water boiling.

My water isn’t boiling now (January 3)… but I now know what to do. It hasn’t cooled two much in this long holiday. I can bring it back to boil in a few days, I think.

I reduce the leaks, and increase the energy injection. Less reading of articles, more listening to the 67 steps. Easy peasy… (I intend my articles, the articles I publish, as energy injection, by the way. Energy injection for the reader, for you. How you use it is entirely up to you.)

It is simple… but it is based on the Anna Karenina Principle… Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

xxEvery person who grows are alike; every person who isn’t growing is stunted in his own way.

PS: On a sidenote: I noticed today that I am peeing a lot. That is a sign that my cell hydration dropped… actually dramatically. To 30%.

When I muscle tested why, the muscle test says “because the water I’ve been drinking is not coherent.”

I relaxed during the holidays. I drank water that is 652 vibration. The water becomes coherent and 653 vibration.

Only coherent water hydrates your cells. Almost coherent is NOT coherent… 🙁

It takes as much energy (time) to raise the water to 652 as it takes from 652 to 653. Why? Because the scale of vibration is quasi logarithmic.

So if your hydration is stagnant, your water is not coherent a lot of the time, depending what level of hydration you are stuck.

Energy injection is the secret. In this case energy injection into the water. Use the Energizer audio ongoingly. That’s the secret.

And just another note: I just got a message that I’m getting the SD chips I ordered, so if you wanted to buy a self-contained mp3-player-headphones that work for many hours without recharging, let me know. I have, I think, eight headphones to sell. Or order yours on aliexpress… I don’t care where you get it, as long as you energize your water ongoingly, so your cells can be hydrated.

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