Talk Back to me: Do the Avatar State audios work on my family too?


Thank you Sophie. I have bought the Self discipline Activator and it’s working perfectly when I downloaded it to my mobile, is it ok for me to listen to it now.

I am just wondering Sophie I have been playing the activators nearly 24 hours and I see good change with my children and my husband we are living harmoniously especially my youngest daughter she used to answer back a lot but now she hardly do it. Does the Avatar Activator has an effect on them?

Ma… from London, UK

My answer:

Yes, Ma…, the Avatar audio works even on people who didn’t turn it on… it doesn’t work as well as on you, but it does a lot that can be done without you committing to change


Hi Sophie,

I have been feeling very dark and heavy for the last couple of months. I have constant thoughts of death and dying (though I do NOT consider myself suicidal at all). These thoughts are not “me”. I don’t feel as if I’m in control of them.

Do I have anything negative and dark influencing my thoughts and feelings? Also, am I an empath?

I have been playing the harmonize mp3 numerous times a day for about 3 weeks now.

Any insight you can give me into what is going on with me would be much appreciated. Thank you,


My answer:

You are a sensitive. You also live too close to Canada. Canada is the center of the Dark Side, and has been active exactly about three weeks, overactive, in fact.

Your vibration dropped to 170.

Your soul correction (Finish what you start) is very hard to deal with, because you have to go back to the beginning and tell the truth.

It’s like this: you set out to do an impossible task: do more than you can, do more than anyone can, because it is not possible. Then you have to pretend that you are doing it, but of course you can’t… so you feel guilty all the time.

So what the harmonize is doing to you is strengthening the soul, so it can guide you out of the catch 22 you are in.

I am going to post an article today: it will guide you to understand what is the catch 22, and to know that it is up to you to change it.

It will rock your world, but it’s worth it.

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