How the left brain blocks all your attempts to evolve as a person…

I am reading a book 1 that says that humans used to be able to live from their right-brain, meaning they were a lot more intelligent.

The book says that people with damage to their left brain can become savants, exceptional in one or two abilities, or vegetables… lol, maybe not so funny.

Then the book doesn’t talk about me, who did have damage to my left brain hemisphere, and when the brain was knocked self-conscious, the two hemispheres connected and became one.

The good news: I only have some troubles with my left-brain capacities, adding numbers wrong, confusing left and right, and dyslexia: reading what isn’t there, or when it’s bad: not being able to read at all.

The bad news: Your left brain works well, and it suppresses your right brain, the abilities that are beyond words… like being, feeling, knowing, seeing, patterns… all the things I am trying to teach you. My hunch that everything gurus, religions etc. say about the heart, it is really the right brain… And what they call the subconscious is also the right brain. Suppressed, of course, showing itself only occasionally on for a brief second…

Your left brain gets the words, filters out everything it considers garbage, and you are left with what you already knew.

That is the bad news.

The better you are with your left brain the less chance you have to evolve.

Evolution will happen from the right brain. From the silence.

Both the evolution of the species and your personal evolution.

So my main challenge is to get you in touch with your right brain.

I promise you: getting water from a rock is easier. Who was it? Moses? Hah, my job is harder. Not like it makes me better… but I have to become better if I want to make any difference.

The 67 steps program, the 67 talks Tai gave, talks to the right brain. Unless… Unless you set it up to hear it with the left brain. Then it becomes suddenly useless.

So how do you listen to words with the right brain?

By doing something else that distracts the left brain.

I walk. I cook. I empty the dishwasher. I play Freecell. If I had a car: I would drive.

It’s not about understanding. Understanding is all left brain. Remembering is all left brain.

This is why I have the audios on my mp3-player-combined headphones.

The magic knowledge needs to sneak in under, below, the conscious guarding function of the left brain: the linear, boring, pedestrian left brain.

People insist on listening on their phones… Bad idea. Your phone is one of the things that tether to the meaningless and empty societal low life.

Use your phone rarely.

Some people insist on listening on their computer… but then they are tempted to multitask… and miss the whole thing.

The right brain works through impression. Like a shower. You don’t have to understand water to get wet.

Because what you do in life doesn’t come from your word-based mind, but from your feelings, impressing onto your right brain starts altering your feelings. You’ll find yourself doing different things, and the left brain won’t know why.

Listening with the left brain won’t effect your behavior. I have enough students to provide evidence.

The three types of students, depending on how they listen to the 67 steps are these:

  • 1. listens with the left brain. Has words, can talk about it, maybe even quote. No behavioral change
  • 2. listens with the left brain mostly. Can see what changes could happen, but the left brain is blocking the behavioral change.
  • 3. listens with the right brain, at least some of the time. The changes are tangible.

I fully listen with the right brain, and my life is turning out to be a miracle.

Question: can you buy and listen to the 67 steps without getting the coaching?

Of course. It’s a lot more effective with coaching. Why? 1. you hired me to make you accountable 2. you hired me to point out stuff that you do in your posts, that don’t serve you… feedback.

If you can’t take feedback well… well learn to take feedback. Feelings are feedback. Other people give you feedback. Your results are giving you feedback.

If you don’t take feedback then you’ll remain blind, deaf, and miserable.

I am OK with that. Are you?

In the next article I’ll write about the need to trust your future self.

Your actions, buying a product, making promises, starting a project, making plans, are dependent on your future self.

If your trust is blind, if it ignores the feedback from all the times you could not count on your future self to do what you wanted it to do… then you are… hm. hm. stupid.

Stupid as the stupid does.

You’ll probably die stupid. It’s OK. It takes all kinds to make the world a miserable place.

Same with being able to tell if what you hear or read or watch is the truth or not.

Until your right brain has a way to talk to you without being blocked completely by the left brain, you’ll be like a bumbling idiot, bumbling from one lying sob to the next lying sob… spending your life, your money, your hopes on stuff that don’t work, don’t support you, and leads you astray.

Your right brain knows 70% of the time if what it hears is true or false. The left brain 7% of the time.

The 30% even the right brain can’t know… ask me, and I’ll ask Source.

But be self-reliant. And learn to tell the difference between the left brain talking and the right brain talking.

The third reason you want to activate and elevate the right brain in your life is this:

You live in a world of your own design. The design of your world is the beingness you are. So the design changes when your beingness changes.

You be that automatically, and unconsciously.

The left brain can’t even see beingness. It is a right brain distinction.

You can’t change your beingness with anything from the left brain. All the tricks they teach you are tricks that don’t work. They don’t change the beingness.

So you can’t get, for example, grateful by saying so. By humming. By cuddling. By kissing. By anything… unless your right brain is willing: no grateful beingness. And you don’t even know what you are, how you are… the left brain has no access to that knowledge.

But, you see, your world is defined and created by your beingness. So wouldn’t you want to be able to alter your beingness so you can live in a better world?

I did, I do, and I will always want to be able to have a say in what world I live in.

Right brain. That is the missing piece.

Now… crucial question: do I know how to teach you?

I don’t. I try this and I try that. Some works for some, nothing works for most.

I asked that question when I woke up. I didn’t want to get up. Life looked suddenly hopeless.

So I conferred with Source. Is this true? yes. Does this mean I should give up? no. Is there hope? maybe.

This coming Sunday afternoon I’ll have a “What’s the truth about you” workshop session to work on the beingness.

It is more to inform me and give me a chance to try a few approaches.

I will see.

Bring an area of life that isn’t working well for you. Or a project. or something about your life. A problem, something you are stuck on. Something that doesn’t seem to move even though you really would like it to.

That is what we are going to use as a starting point for the session.

Each works on their own. The more prepared you come, the more we can work on your beingness.

Here is the link to register.

If you are already registered, the registration form, hopefully, will tell you.

Make sure you have your username and password for this site, before you hit the link

When that is done, register to the webinar here:

There is no benefit from watching the replay, unless you were part of the workshop. Don’t register if you don’t mean to come.


PS: All your teachers, all your scientists, gurus, church leaders, friends, spouses have their right brain blocked by their left brain. The book I am reading is written with the left brain. Your diets, your health, your freedoms… all defined by left brain enslaved people.

The brain damaged savants, and two people (there is another person, according to muscle test, who is neither a savant, nor a left brain enslaved person. One other person and me… The other person doesn’t teach it. I wonder if they know it. Or if they think, like I used to, that everyone was like them…) who are reasonably normal and functional.

Which means that most things you read, hear, are spoken from the left brain. But you can still train yourself to hear it from the right brain, and thus make the right brain call the shots more often.

If my hunch is right, and what “they” call the subconscious, is the right brain, then this way more of the good stuff can call the shot in your life… You want that, don’t you?

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  1. Return to the brain of Eden by Tony Wright and Graham Gynn. Truth value: 7%. Careful, that means 93% b.s. If it is such low truth value: why am I reading it? Because, as you’ll see later in this article, I can tell truth from falsehood, because I read with my right brain, I can get from the book what I need, and none of the b.s. You can’t… yet.

    I just started the book, but my hunch, at this early on is that what they say about food is what’s off…

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