The Process Of Raising Your Vibration Is A Spiritual Process… Here Are The First Steps You Must Take

the self is an empty space
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The process of raising your vibration is a spiritual process. It is a process where you regain your power, you restore your soul to its rightful place, where you restore your Self to its fullness, and you become an individual.

If you are like most people owned by the Dark Side, i.e. you are 99.3% of the population, your whole existence, your attention is directed outward. You expect everything to come from there, meaning, love, respect, value, knowledge, even spirit. You think that by connecting to Source (outside of you) you become spiritual.

you are an empty shellTherefore the most important action is to turn your existence, your attention away from the outside.

The purpose of meditation, real meditation, is not to calm you, but to take you away from the outside.

But real meditation is a meditative way of living. Mrs. Roosevelt said best: What other think about me is none of my business.

The only person that wants to be with others, wants to know what other people think, etc. is the person who has no self. Nobody home. Vacant. Empty. Machine. Second-hander. Wants to be told, given, filled up. Loved.

Your job, if you want to raise your vibration, is to fill that empty space with you, your self, your spirit, your being. It may take a long time, but it’s worth it, because your life can only be a reflection of what you are: empty, vacant, void of self: Your laughter will be hollow and pretentious, maybe even hysterical. Your sadness will look for a reason. But your sadness will be real.

So how do you do it? How do you get out of that life of void?

First step is to know what is the job you need to start: Turning away from the outside as the source of your being, to your own self. The emptiness you’ll experience will be real, will be excruciating, but there is no way to avoid it. Just be with it. It will soon be filled with your self.

The harmonize audio, or for some of you the “get into the present” audio will do the energetic part, don’t worry, they work, work hard. And for the pain, sadness, anguish over the emptiness, take copious doses of Heaven on Earth. If you are an empath or a sensitive, read the footnote: 1

empty_chair_artYou live in a castle with modern amenities, but you only occupy the maid’s room… because you are never at home. You live like a pauper, you borrow your feelings, your ideas, your likes and dislikes, you seek guidance outside of you, and you feel miserable. Then you come to me and you think that there is a magic bullet. Oh, Sophie teach me to connect to Source, that will make me happy.

But Source, as you say it, is like just another god, just another way to avoid being you, being with yourself. You hate yourself, you despise yourself, and the only reason you don’t kill that little wretched you, because you still have hope. But you hope for something from the outside, and that makes you even more wretched. You hope something for me, but I prefer to tell you that it’s hopeless! The way you want it, that is.

There is a whole unexplored universe inside you, beautiful, vast, magnificent. It is great, but you must cut your ties with all the borrowed views, all the interest in pleasing others. You can’t live inside and outside at the same time.

You can’t be a slave and a master at the same time.

In The Fountainhead, there is a character who wasn’t born to be a second-hander, a second-hander who looks outside for its own source. Gail Wynand. But he becomes a second-hander by seeking power over people. He is your proof that there is no joy, there is no fulfillment in being dependent on the outside.

The book is long, over 700 pages, and it is philosophical, with very long paragraphs, but it is a very good illustration of the producer, the moocher, the looter, and the in-between.

Dominique, the female of the book needs to cut her ties with what others think, what may happen (outside), what people can do to you, and only then she will become a real person. Until then she is an empty shell, without a Self.

I have a membership site with the online version of the book and the movie. It is useful to see the movie, though the story was altered by the author herself: she needed to fit a 700 page story into a 90-minute film. But you will be able to see the characters, and for most of you that will be useful.

There is a membership fee to access movies on that site… I filter who I allow to pay… Email me if you want to become a paid member. You also need to be a subscriber to my emails… no exception.

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  1. If you are a sensitive or an empath, you will have an additional task: distinguishing what is your feeling and what is not your feeling. And most of the feelings you feel are not yours, as many as 90%. You will need to be able to observe the feelings like an ugly bug, that is not you. the Heaven on Earth doesn’t eliminate the feelings of others, but it helps with the reactions you have to those feelings.

    For example, a feeling of doom comes and feels like yours… it will feel like yours. The mind says: Oh my god, what did I do wrong? What do I do now? Where can I escape? and that generates another set of feelings, and these are yours.

    Once you can tell that the original feeling of doom wasn’t yours, you won’t react to it.

    That is the purpose of the empath training. To set you apart from what’s borrowed.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

15 thoughts on “The Process Of Raising Your Vibration Is A Spiritual Process… Here Are The First Steps You Must Take”

  1. Dear Sophie,

    I am very interested in getting into the present.

    This past week or so, I have had a hard time even take a full, deep breath.

    Is being in the present about being in the present, but also being out of your mind?

    Explain more about finding the universe within. Does is ultimately lead to Source? What about the concept of the “Higher Self” or Higher Mind”?

  2. Thank you for the question.

    Being in the present also means being out of the mind. The mind is not able to be in the present, it is always ahead of it, or behind it, depending on the situation. It either compares things with things in the past (recognition) and thus isn’t present, or it daydreams, given that it “knows” that something is wrong with how it is now.

    Catching the mind pulling YOU out of the present is not that easy, but possible. When you think about, i.e. ruminate about stuff, you are in the past. When you daydream you are in the future. But if you lived there all your life, then how do you catch it? Can the fish catch that it’s swimming in water? Not normally. The fish needs to jump out of the water and see the water from the outside… before it splash falls back into it.

    I think the higher self and higher mind were coined by the dark side, the same people that told you that self-sacrifice is your duty, and the other person is more important than you.

    Introducing those “states” perverted your inner guidance, that you had even as an animal. Only humans with no self will kill for pleasure, will hoard, will use another, will put another person down, etc. etc. The manifestations of the perverted inner guidance are so numerous, it’s hard to list it all.

    There is, in my opinion, only perverted state, and normal state. No lower and higher. Those are fabrications of the church/religion.

  3. Do we need our vibration to be 200 + in order to use the get in the present audio?

  4. muscle test says that you need to have your vibration to be at least 170 to use that Avatar State audio. You are just making the cut… your vibration is 170 right now. Congratulations, by the way.

  5. Thank you, Sophie. To mean this subject is vital but subtle and hard to grasp/practice. My mind tell me that if I just live in the present moment, and put more emphasis on my observations rather than evaluations and judgements, that I will become an empty vessel and disappear. Major ego fear about this. Who am I without my opinions? My opinions are my world-view and personality. Without them, what am I? The present moment seems like a nice place to be when you are already safe and protected.

  6. Dear Sophie, Feeling very good. Slightly convened I might slip into a kind of arrogance of power. Of course, I now worked surrounded by wealthy people, who have a certain kind of power in the world. Not over me, really. I’m just playing a role inside of an agreement.

    Starting to not feel sorry for people. But I still feel compassion. I think the distinction is about not being used by cheap emotions.

    A little concerned about my feeling of dismissal toward religion, especially since some of the power to do so is predicated on my relationship with this work. I feel freer. But am wondering about the place of morality. Without a God figure to keep me humble and fearful, I may have to be responsible. Your thoughts?

  7. you are your own best friend and your own worst enemy, Johnny.

    Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. That is my answer. And if I may suggest something: don’t be humble and fearful, but don’t be superior and trample on others’ feelings, that is not the opposite.

    The opposite of humble and fearful is someone who is self-contained, self-directed, self-respecting, and behaves accordingly.

    When you look at other people for your esteem, you are on the side of evil, looter, moocher, second-hander… nasty stuff.

    Oh, and feeling sorry for another person is just another way to get your value from another person… this time you are superior… I would laugh if it were funny. It isn’t.

  8. Thanks, Sophie. Self-contained sounds great. The mind is an awfully slippery thing. Yes, I will practice just meeting people. As equals. Without all the masks and stories and drama. My new job as a doorman is a perfect opportunity to practice. I try to have a little moment of connection with everyone who passes by. To see and be seen. It’s fun, and is excellent practice for being in the present moment, because that’s what this job is about.

  9. Wow Sophie what you said to JohnnyHeart “feeling sorry for another person is just another way to get your value from another person… this time you are superior… ” just knocked me sideways!

    I have been feeling sorry for people for years and I thought it showed that I cared. I had no idea I was being superior. But now I totally see it. In fact, it’s so obvious I don’t know how I missed it.

    Thank you for knocking me into the insight! I’ve started applying it – instead of feeling sorry for them, I’m admiring them for their strength. Totally different viewpoint. What fun to see it this new way!

  10. Admiring them for their strength is the flip side of feeling sorry for them. It is not a transformation, it’s a change.

    Now you are inferior… No, what you need to do is get that they are suffering, get what it is like for them, get that it is not your job to do anything for them, your job is to become the highest expression of human being.

    You now have the capacity to care, the capacity to have compassion. Your job is to activate it. Neither feeling sorry, nor admiring them activates caring and compassion. Only getting what it is like for them.

    Practice that. Meditate on that. That is your job, whether you like it or not.

  11. Sophie – Thank you for setting me straight on this. I started applying what you said about getting what it’s like for them. What a difference from what I was doing with the admiring! It’s more of a challenge than I thought it would be, but it feels exactly right, which keeps me motivated to keep practicing and meditating on it.

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