How Visualization Probably Won’t Help you

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visualizationVisualization is a tool to accomplish what you want, but it can also be the tool to diagnose what you are not resonating with. Or a tool to get trapped in the desire trap.

The ultimate clue as to what you can have and hold onto, is to what degree you can visualize, what detail, what variety of images you can have in your “movie”.

This is what vision boards and vision movies use.

As with any other singular method, the results are a mixed bag: about 6% of the users see their vision materialize, some sees some result, most see no result.

Why is that? why is it that a Frank Kern, millionaire marketer, can envision in one afternoon a whole life, with a lot of details, like the tiles of the bathroom, and a few years later get exactly that, while another person can’t imagine a coherent image, and can’t get results…

The mind movies and vision boards are a nice way to allow those of us that can’t visualize to pick pictures of other people’s lives, and claim that as our dreams.

Unfortunately, as nice as it is, after all all you need is enough magazines, a pair of scissors, and some glue… you can do it, right?

But it is very different to generate a movie from your values, from your principles, from your ideals, from your soul’s yearning, and picking fashionable, hip pictures from a magazine.

I once participated in a year-long class where we did a unusually high number of collages on every imaginable hidden aspects of our lives,  seemings (it seems to me that… life is cruel, I won’t amount to anything, I will never be thin… etc.), rackets, winning formulas, agreements, etc. In a way a seeming collage is the opposite of a visualization: because it depicts something that exists, while a visualization depicts something that could be…

I did a collage on a seeming that was supposed to get to the bottom of “I am alone”… as in aloooone… as in a complaint.

I picked the pictures of crowds, and then I picked a picture of a lone bear on the top of a very very tall tree.

I glued all the crowd pictures on one side of the board, and the big picture with the bear on the other side of the board, side by side.

When I looked at my finished work, I started to laugh. That belly laugh, you know what I am talking about.

I saw that my complaint was a smoke-screen. I was the bear, and I chose to climb up the tall tree, away from the crowds, to get my beloved alone-ness… instead of being rejected by the crowds, as I held it before the collage.

Collaging 2 this way can be a real eye opener, and shed some light to the undercurrents of our life.

Once you know what’s really important to you, you can incorporate that into a vision, and you don’t have to create a politically correct vision that you would not want to live.

The times when I spent a lot of time with people were the least productive and most miserable periods of my life: I am a thinker, and I am a creator… I create is silence, and I create in one-on-one dialogs… not in crowds, not in teams.

Visualization helped me to find the truth about me, and allowed me to make the best of my time. Because it left me with a chance to be responsible for the ways I create my own reality, and change it if it didn’t work for me, and love it if it did.

Now, that is me…

I had no huge desires, and it seems that that was the biggest blessing a person can get.

When you desire something that is in the far future because it is unattainable, you’ll find yourself trapped in the desire trap.

And it’s an addiction.

Your whole life pales in comparison, and you start to find yourself unhappy.

At the same time your ability to do something towards what you desire diminishes… the fantasizing now replaces that future, and you put your energy into the vision.

There is no workable path towards what you desire, even if other people can seemingly get what you want.

I see this all the time.

People who are trapped in the desire trap are very low vibration.

It is not your fault you can’t have it… because you would now have to sacrifice your “meeting your own expectation” also called your self-image. So you blame.

The woman who cries: all men are assholes… she cannot see that she is in the desire trap.

The man whose wife is abusing him: he cannot see that his desire for a peaceful marriage is a trap.

And the examples are endless.

What is in common in all desire-trapped cases is the inability to see one’s role, and the inability to see that reality and your map of reality are at odds.

And yet… programs that sell the dream proliferate, and do very well.

The Law of Attraction crap, the Mind Movies crap, the crash diet crap, thought shifting crap, blockage removal crap, crap and more crap.

So what do they programs do? They get you deeper and deeper trapped in the desire trap.

Even articles on goal setting and time management.

They are part of this desire trap building.

When you are more interested in the results than the process: you are already in the desire trap.

When you set a goal to read five books a month… instead of looking at your life and seeing how and where you can use your time better to do what you love to do: read.

What if you don’t love to read? Maybe you don’t love to read everything, but some things you do. Read those. It’s becoming a reader.

I remember when I was a smoker and I saw that the way to become a non-smoker was to choose, in this moment, to say no to smoking.

I kept a case of cigarette. I practiced saying no when someone offered me a cigarette.

Tai has a brilliant article about this:

“Why You Should be Planning for 2018”
My 7 Figure Mindset Formula

Don’t just plant a tree, plant a forest.
Most of us are shifting our focus to the new year with a determination to be better.
Here’s a hard truth…

Most will fail. Only 8% of people reach their new years resolutions.

Most won’t stick with their lofty goals.

Most will forget what they even wanted.

So how do we separate ourselves from MOST people?
It’s simpler than you might think… but it’s also one of the hardest things to do.

STOP making new years resolutions, start taking new year actions… Today.

– If you want to stop drinking in 2017, don’t drink TODAY.
– If you want to be a happier person, surround yourself with better people TODAY.
– If you want to start a business, take the first step TODAY.

Your brain is TRICKING you into thinking you have to wait till tomorrow, and it’s a seductive trick…
Your mind tells you “I can feel better right now by dreaming of being better tomorrow.”

And it FEELS good to dream.

But dreaming is like candy, it taste good now but it doesn’t last long.
What lasts, what do we actually need to do to see results?


Taking action today is telling your mind WHO is really in control. The truth is we all have that inner voice that is telling us to settle, telling us to quit, telling us we can’t do it. Why is it there? Nature. Our mind wants us to save our energy, because up until recently humans as a species just had to survive. Now our brain’s survival mechanism is keeping us from thriving, all in the name of saving energy. Humans are naturally lazy, its a survival technique.

Here’s some practical tips on things you can do TODAY, right now actually, to take action.

  • 1. Learn selectively. Learn from those who are doing what we want to do, not from those who just talk about it.
  • 2. Do what successful people do, not just what they say. Learning from others is an observational skill.
  • 3. Become a strategist. Keep a notebook of step by step processes, keep adding to those processes.
  • 4. Think of goals as sum of a bigger part. Planting a tree is great, but what do you need to grow a forest?
  • 5. Embrace fear, it’s the sign of change. Fear can be a measuring tool or paralyze us, learn to recognize what it really is.
  • 6. Be curious and quiet your inner skeptic. The curious rule the world.

There’s proof all around us that things aren’t always what they seem. It’s our responsibility to separate facts and fiction, but too many people let fear rule.

Let’s simplify the formula I use over and over again…

Do this over and over again in your life with EVERYTHING and I can guarantee you’re not just going to find more success, you’re going to enjoy life a hell of a lot more too.

When you are someone who can grow, not because they say so, but because they have a track record of having been able to take consistent steps towards, in the direction of growing, then visualization becomes an important tool, exactly the way Cyber Cybernetics uses it… not the way the shyster crowd.

I am almost ready to publish yet another article on creating trust and confidence in your future self… because you have built a track record. Wait for it…

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  1. making a collage gluing on a board different pictures from magazines
  2. making a collage gluing on a board different pictures from magazines

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