New healing articles on my healing blog… please check them out. Liver cleanse and more

Some of my students are very excited about what I teach in the Self-Healing course. They are really excited about being able to do their own healing, and prevention.

Don’t be mistaken, you can do a lot more with energies than with medication, or even dietary and lifestyle changes.

For example, at this moment in time, I don’t know of any other effective method of ridding your body of heavy metals and other chemicals, or to cleanse your liver and your pancreas. 1

Dr. Schulze’s incurables program cost around 400 bucks, and you can’t really do it while you live a normal life. You are put on a raw vegetables diet. I think it works, though I was never able to do the whole 30 day regimen, not able, not willing, I didn’t do it.

On the other hand I have no problem doing the whole 30 days’ worth of work in about an hour, with my own self, for no cost whatsoever. And I, personally, experienced a lot more direct results from it.

My absolute favorite is the brain cleansing: when it’s done my thinking is clearer, I sleep better, I see sharper… of course it needs to be combined with a liver flush: even though I have been doing it regularly for about a year, I still have toxins to clean every time… and it goes to the liver to be flushed from there.

One of the students had so much heavy metal in his brain, it had to be cleansed several times. But it was worth it: I am noticing on his behavior a dramatic change. He actually got off his depression medication, so far he is doing well.

Anyway, go and read the new articles on the healing blog, please.

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  1. the pancreas needs more energizing than cleansing, by the way!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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4 thoughts on “New healing articles on my healing blog… please check them out. Liver cleanse and more”

  1. Dr. Hulda Clark has a book “The Cure for All Diseases” and in that she shares her formulas for cleansing the kidney, the liver, the gallbladder using very inexpensive ingredients. And also how to kill the parasites in the body with a zapper which you can build if you are electronically inclined. The plans on how to build the zapper is in the book too. Suggest you check it out.

  2. Dr Hulda Clark: personal vibration: 200, truth value: 160

    That’s why I don’t promote Dr Hulda Clark.

    May I ask you if you are using the Harmonizer you got from your brother? because your vibration is still 170, which tells me that you probably don’t use it.

  3. Dear Sophie,
    More brain cleansing, please. My mind feels clearer, and I know there is room for more clarity. I am still having an issue developing a real sense of self. I practice being someone while walking down the street, but it’s a Lipitor but it’s a put-on. Is there someone to be cleansed, or something to be added?

  4. Having or digging out the self has nothing to do with your brain. It is a transformational process. I just made an activator for it on our Soul Correction session this past Sunday. Dig out the self from under the fake self… it is recorded, but it is not offered for sale yet. keep it in mind. It will be painful

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