What is my experience with healing stones? Crystals? Do they heal or are they a fraud?

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What is my experience with healing stones?

The question comes from the limited perspective of the human mind. In the physical existence we need to rely on our five senses, and inside the five senses, there is no sense that can tell if a stone or a crystal is doing something or not… or not quite. If we were sensitive enough, if we didn’t resist every “negative” feeling, we could feel the feeling vibrations of a stone, but most of us don’t.

Bach flowers, the energies in the Bach Flower Remedies or Bach Flower energies, have an energetic signature. It is much like music, recognizable, has a mood, a tempo, a timber to it. It evokes a feeling. A mood.

When you ingest the Bach Flower remedies, the feelings are matched. The feeling of the flower, the feeling of the Bach Flower energy. They are meeting your feelings, blocked feelings, resisted feelings head on and they effectively release the blockage.

The vibrational pattern, the vibrational signature of the organized, intentional energy of the Bach Flower Energy wins every time. It smoothes out the tangles wires, and you feel better.

Let’s follow this last analogy to see how this works with stones. Each stone has an energetic signature. When it is big enough and you put it next to your body, it will work two possible ways:

  1. entrains your body to its own energetic signature
  2. interferes with your body’s energetic signature to disrupt or disappear an energy obstruction

Most of what ails you comes from a self-inflicted blockage, and emotional blockage.

For example: I am sent, as a gift?, fear of failure by the Dark Side. I am unconscious (it happens when I am too busy) and I try to resist the feeling. If I don’t get conscious fast enough, I may come down with a cold, a neck spasm, a sore lower back… a variety of illnesses. Or eat… so I don’t have to feel.

I used to have serious stomach problems. Looking back I can tell you confidently that it was caused by my resistance to my mother’s chronic depression… She was just depressed, I was resisting it (as an unconscious empath) and got ill as a result.

So, consequently, the Bach Flower Energies®, the healing stone energies, and the Avatar State audios are each acting on the resistance, so you can return to life and aliveness.

The Avatar State audios are the most potent of them all, much like comparing using an emery board and a jackhammer… The jackhammer being the Avatar State audios.

Don’t forget that we are dealing with millions of blockages, distortions, and you don’t have time to pussyfoot with emery boards or tooth picks to dig yourself out of your misery…

What is entrainment?

A stone, a crystal, has a harmonious vibration pattern with no resistance, no blockages. It is much like a tuning fork: playing one sound. This uncorrupted vibration forces the blocked, incoherent vibration to its own frequency, thus, if strong enough, untangle, unblock the entrained… you.

Each crystal, each stone has a different pitch of vibration. I can tell them apart blindfolded, their energetic signature is as recognizable as the feelings of the Bach Flower Energies.

I get literally sick in the presence of some crystals, although it is not as bad as it used to be.

A decade ago I got a gift from my then boy friend, a quartz crystal, quite big. I got seriously ill whenever I went close to it. I could tell when it was in the room. The pressure in the stomach and the heart area was unbearable.

My core soulcorrection issue is trust and surrender. Even just typing these words I feel extreme pressure in my chest.

Just like with any entrainment, the process is not painless and not instantaneous. It is slow and it is fraught with healing crises.

Just as I have identified the Bach Flower Energy Map, I could, if I needed to, create a crystal/stone feeling map… but I think that using the Avatar State audios one can forgo the crystal healing method for the much faster and much more true and tried method of huge, undifferentiated Source Energy of the Avatar State audios.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “What is my experience with healing stones? Crystals? Do they heal or are they a fraud?”

  1. Sophie, any thoughts in the Bioelectric shield? I think it contains some quartz crystals. I had one for many years and lost it about the time I found you. Coincidence?

  2. Vibrational review: Bioelectric shield: muscle test says it is totally ineffective. Truth value: 170. Utter fraud.

    Some 15 years ago I bought a Q-link, but I hated its energy. So it did have some energy. The Q-link’s truth value is 200. The effects, on a “normal” person: unpleasant.

  3. I had begun to relate to the empath term but had just very recently begun to explore through reading books and attending medium sessions. I was going to approach the concept of crystals, stones, pendulums, etc very slowly but without warning, it came to me without my having to search. A long story but I ended up buying a selenite stone, black tourmaline and a pendulum. Through the books, it advised that I keep these close to me, or hold them to share energies. A week later I put out my back (still recuperating after a week now), had been getting earaches (which for me is the first sign of coming down with something) and just literally feeling like I’m falling apart. Yet, prior to this, I was feeling better than ever, truly optimistic. Thoughts?

  4. OK, I normally don’t answer comments like this, but I got curious… so… I found you on Facebook, and connected to you.
    And them muscle tested: My first hunch was that the crystals don’t work for you… but muscle test said this: before you can rebuild yourself healthier and whole-er than you have been, you need to fall apart.

    Ugh, right? If I were you, I’d do it slowly, after all you need to perform in life… and cannot afford to completely fall apart… unless, of course you can.

    I had a similar experience with Quarz crystal a few decades ago… and after a few months of that I have given it up. Let me find my Quarz… ok, can’t find it… so I have to do it with muscle testing another stone…

    I held it in my hand and tried to open the circle… and it opened… which means that it weakens me.

    Do that muscle testing… and don’t fall for the crystal b.s… especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

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