On Psychic channeling, psychic channelers, entities, and such… UPDATED

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Channelers are experiencing an unprecedented amount of attention and wealth.

Why is that: channeling comes closest to organized religion: there is an all-knowing figurehead that answers questions, pronounces truths, teaches, preaches, and does your bidding in a lot of ways. A dependence develops between the entity and you… you are hooked. You found your tit from which to suck your knowledge, and you have been relieved from having to think for yourself.

People are hoping to have answers, hoping to be sure before they do something, want guidance, and the channel is more than willing to provide that.

Chenneling reminds me of the gipsy I met some 40 years ago on a sunny spring day, much like today. I was on my way to pick up my paycheck at work, though I was on sick leave, but I had to live.

Paycheck meant cash then, no checks in Hungary, I don’t even think they have checking system even now. They carry around cash, though they have credit cards.

Anyway, I was in a sunshiny mood, and the gipsy showed up and offered to tell me my future.

I won’t go into details in here, but she took all I earned for the month… so I was starving for the next… She took me for all I got.

This is the memory these psychic channelers bring up for me… Was I stupid? You betcha! But I learned from my mistake… Other people don’t.

If you have been on my site any length of time, you know that I teach that there are no such things in reality as entities, spirits, psychic channelers, angels, gods, god, ascended masters, no such thing.

Channeling, or following psychic channelers is for the second-handers, and second raters. They can’t think for themselves, they are little babies needing to be told what to think.

If you are on my site for me to tell you what to think… you won’t be happy with what you read. I demand personal responsibility, you using your brain for real thinking, reasoning, and ultimately to cause yourself to grow out of being a puppet, looking like a human on the outside, being a big nothing on the inside.

Now, I enjoyed watching these movies, like you watch a zombie movie, or a B-movie fantasy. Enjoy.

If you still believe in psychic channeling after watching these clips, please kindly consider leaving my site. You’ll get confused, or angry. The “victim” in you will yell… Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “On Psychic channeling, psychic channelers, entities, and such… UPDATED”

  1. I am not sure what I believe about this topic but here is a question for you.

    Isn’t blindly believing your view just the same as blindly believing theirs?

    How do I learn the truth for myself?

  2. I prefer thinking for yourself instead of believing. But if you are a second-hander, looking outside of you for answers, then you are right, JZ Knight and I am of the same vein, because FOR YOU EVERYTHING IS THE SAME AS EVERYTHING ELSE.

    My only criteria would be, if I were a second-hander, if the person’s products is going to make me eventually become and individual, or every new product/message would enslave me more.

    My experience of JZ Knight is that she is addictive, and her type of messages enslave you. She serves the “I don’t want to think for myself, I want you to tell me what to do” second-hand crowd.

    If it surprises you that so many celebrities are her followers, don’t be. You don’t become a celebrity by being an individual. You become a celebrity by carefully pleasing everyone and giving them a consolation: you could be like me… emphasizing the similarity: brainless, self-less, like you. Empty shell… I would laugh if it were funny.

    Thank you for asking this meaty question, Julie. I appreciate you.

  3. Thanks Sophie. I am clearly a second-hander wondering how to become a first hander.

    Your very first sentence above feels like a doorway I have never seen.

  4. Congratulations on seeing the doorway…

    People have been prompting me to teach thinking, but the problem maybe isn’t in the ability only, it is an attitude, it is a world view, it is a “religion”.

    So, what am I going to do? Probably meditate how to create an activator for that new world view: something like: pull back all the power to yourself. Others are just extras in your movie, there is nothing and no one else but you…

    OK, order placed. The only problem with this activator: people need to be willing to be interested.

    By the way, the custom activator I have made for Audrey is “recover your self from under the fake self” is a great way to start this journey. You see, as long as when you are looking there is only facade, no substance, you’ll be compelled to go outside of yourself for answers.

    But here is the kicker: the advisors are also looking outside of themselves for answer, so what they will give you will be re-hashed, second-hand, third-hand “knowledge” and not their knowledge.

    There are only a handful of people on the planet that do their own thinking. And when I say a handful, I mean it literally. 9 at the moment. JZ Knight is not one of them, obviously.

    I just had this idea, that the life of an original thinker/creator is hard, because they face the crowd, and the crowd doesn’t like thinkers, doesn’t like individuals.

    So if one were an original thinker, one could pose as a channeler, and “sell” the original thoughts as “channeled knowledge that has stood the test of the ages” like Atlantis didn’t destroy itself, blah-blah-blah. But one must be willing to live a fake life, and I don’t think an original thinker will ever be willing to do that.

    None of the so-called enlightened masters were original thinkers. They were all second-handers. By the way. They had, as their unquestioned starting point, some old scripture…

    I started from Kabbalah, and then denied Kabbalah. It’s taken me some time to shed all the second-hand knowledge.

  5. And is it possible to take second hand knowledge and turn it into first hand experience?

    Is there still value in second hand information?

    Also – where can I buy Audrey’s and the other custom activators that you have created? I am still reaping huge benefit from the self-discipline activator so I do not want to switch just yet but I’d like to know where I can get them when I am ready.

    Thanks again. As always you are answering or reframing questions I have had for years!

  6. Julie, the way you word it: absolutely no. But had you said “test it and see if my experience is the same?” then I would have said, yes.

    Anything you turn into… is mind, will, ego, not real.

    There is no value in second hand information.

    All the activators, including the custom activators, are on this page: Avatar State Audioss

  7. Wow! You make incredible claims for yourself (just like you exposing charlatans as you say you are doing), and absolutely everything. You claim to have all the answers – you know everything! WOW!!! How did you find out all the answers searched for forever and a day?! You say there is no god, no entities, masters, no this, no that, …
    “If you have been on my site any length of time, you know that I teach that there are no such things in reality as entities, spirits, psychic channelers, angels, gods, god, ascended masters, no such thing.”
    Please share with all of us how you came to know all the secrets of life. How you – the only human ever in existence to have the truth – how did you discover all this. Please any proof of your claims would be wonderful. I mean this – I am really interested in how you and only you found all this info out!! Thank you!

  8. ok, you disagree with me. Good for you. As soon as you tell me, prove to me how you came to be so knowledgeable we cans tart arguing. Otherwise it is just throwing toilet material into each other’s face. Go ahead, I am game.

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