Heroism vs. incremental process: choosing will choose your life for you

you are fine until it is time to bring in the troopsI just read an article on our mindset, collective mindset, where you wait until something goes really wrong and then you seek out help. It’s here in pdf form… for your convenience. incremental-medicine

This is the mindset that will move you out of trouble and towards a successful life in every area of your life, health, wealth, love, and happiness.

But this is not how you live. You live your life campaigning.

Anything that doesn’t require drama, heroism, anything that is not over the top is ignored, poo-pooed, looked down upon. In every area of life. By you, and by “them”. You dream of being a billionaire while your bills aren’t paid. You dream of a private jet while your credit cards are maxed out. You dream of being a rock star while you haven’t been able to play one song well.

You don’t know, or you ignore the cause of your misery, and then you need rescuing.

Let me explain this from the inner dynamic, the inner motivating, pro or con, feelings point of view.

You experience (feel) something. It is a feeling that indicates something. It is unpleasant. A pain, a buzz, a discomfort.

You quickly override its instruction: “Pay attention to me! Trouble is brewing!” by quickly doing something that overrides its unpleasantness… eat, sex, sleep.

Or worry about it. The worry is a good suppressor: you now feel the unpleasantness of worry… and don’t have to do anything, you are safe. (Can you see how ridiculous this is?)

Some time later, on the operation table, you can recall that it began years earlier, with that slight discomfort.

Now, because doctors make more money attending to real or created emergency procedures, they don’t care.

And even if they did: their education lacks teaching the causes. There is no money in prevention.

The internet is flooded with partial or wrong information… and you get no help. Most of it is disseminated by phD’s in popular books

One of my students invented a mission statement yesterday:

I humbly and scrupulously compile, assimilate, clarify and illuminate data and written materials for the benefit of others.

I suggested that without discernment she re-distributes potentially harmful information. So I asked her to put discernment into the sentence.

She wrote:

Exercising discernment, I compile, assimilate, clarify and illuminate data and written materials for the benefit of others.

That is beautiful. But can she? Does she have the seeing big picture capacity? Because only in the big picture can you see that something is out of whack.

Imagine a huge box of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Thousands of pieces. Like life… Like health… Like happiness…

By shape they can be put together in thousands of ways, ok, maybe hundreds.

By color they can be put together in hundreds of ways.

But, listen up! only one way is correct.

Unless you can see the finished puzzle on the cover of the box, you can’t call yourself discerning, you can call yourself guessing, or clueless.

When I measure your Starting Point Measurements, I tell you also how many spiritual capacities you have open. Many people ask what they have open, as if it mattered. What you don’t have open is the issue… Just like in health: the problem is less about what you put into your mouth, than what you don’t put into your mouth.

If you don’t put the essential nutrition daily into your mouth, then all bets are off. But you can only see this if you have the big picture capacity…

If you always choose to do what’s pleasant, not what needs to be done, though it’s unpleasant, you can be sure that the big picture capacity is missing.

A low TLB score is a sure sign of the big picture capacity missing.

And, of course, humility missing. Because even to activate the big picture capacity, you need to feel that you need it… but unless you have humility, you don’t need anything.

Needing is a sign of humility being open. Saying you need something is not the same as needing something.

A surest sign of needing is an action consistent with fulfilling the need. As rare as one in a million.

Because unless you heed the feeling of need, you won’t do anything.

  • Need is a feeling. Not words; feeling.
  • Want is also a feeling… much weaker and much more “popular” than the needing feeling.

Words don’t give either justice.

Wanting has an immediacy, immediate gratification. Need is a long term thing.

Until you can tell the difference, you remain at the bottom of the TLB hockey stick graph.

So how do you develop the big picture capacity?

With my help and by following some practices.

My help is turning the capacity on for you… unless you need it, it won’t stay on. And of course you don’t need it… the way I explained above, you want it. You hope that it will work like magic, and suddenly you become the next Donald Trump… lol

But it’s tricky. The exercise is time consuming, and requires you to put up with discomfort.

Most won’t do it. Because you don’t feel you need it. You don’t feel you need anything. You are fine.

This “fine” is the enemy. It’s what is killing you. It is what makes you live a life below the level where health, wealth, love, and happiness live.

I really don’t get myself into a tizzy over that. I do have a preference, but that’s all I have. And when I asked Source: Source is the same way.

It expresses its displeasure with me in countless ways when I am not choosing the uncomfortable myself. I am in tune with what Source says about me… three times as much displeasure than pleasure.

Who you adore, who you admire and why is a good indication of who you are and what you’ll do, by the way.

I admire, more and more, people who have gone for the impossible, whether they won or not.

You always pick your heroes by what you are willing to do yourself.




How you do anything How you do anything is how you do everything. You wait for emergency to act? You do it everywhere… you love drama… that is your how…
I am fine I am find is the opposite of good, the opposite of excellent. Your fine covers up that you won’t do anything unless you are already on the edge… the edge of extinction
well-being You can only ignore what your body needs so long. The new generation will bury the next,… because of lack of nutrition in the mothers.

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