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circuits activated light up I saw another episode of Star Trek last night. The issue was if Lt. Data, an android, had the right for self-determination, or free will, like a human being. In the trial, the prosecutor studied Lt. Data’s design, and circuits, and to demonstrate that Lt. Data was a machine, he turned him off. It was like he killed Data, heart wrenching.

It occurred to me that human being is a superior machine, but its superiority depends on the number of active circuits…

Mr. Data illustrate that to have respect, self-respect, to honor, to be honest, to be courageous, and the list of these characteristics and abilities is long, is either active in a human being or not. But… it is there by design and the circuit can be activated.

L. Ron Hubbard was designed to be capable of modesty and respect.
Adolf Hitler was designed to value human life, human dignity.

I could make a long list of famous people that had some or many of their circuits never activated.

L. Ron Hubbard lived on prescription uppers and downers, according to his son.
Adolf Hitler lived on uppers.

Your need to use substances to make life livable is a sign of inactive circuits…

Life is not fully satisfying, no matter how high you made it on the totem pole, unless you have your circuits fully activated.

Mr. Data was superior because he strove for those human capacities. He researched them, he had experiments, long conversations, asked for advice. And though he came only with the potentiality, if examined, after the self-activation of those capacities we would see those circuits light up on the schematic.

I know, because I was the same. The first capacity I desired to acquire was generosity. Not the meaning: ‘being giving’: that is a simplistic interpretation of generosity. Instead, the generosity of heart that allows room for another human to thrive in your space, that allows another person to shine around you, and you can honestly say, that you had a hand in that.

It took me three whole years to “self-activate” that darn circuit… and yet, when I recently muscle tested it, I saw that, with the limited perspective of the human mind, I only caught about 75% of the capacity. Once I knew that, I went and fully activated it with the specific activator download, called generosity. In 3 minutes. Hm, 3 years – 3 minutes, 3 years – 3 minutes, no contest. I wish I had known that this is possible 25 years ago. Imagine where I would be now!

You with active or inactive circuits: a comparison

In times of chaos and in times of extreme difficulties, diseases, war, climate upheavals, people with more circuits activated, will adapt better, find better solutions, keep a cooler head, and will make it through. The more circuits active, the better you can adapt, the better decisions you can make under pressure. The less stress you experience. The better you sleep. The better you get along with others. The more fun you are able to enjoy.

The ones with only the basic survival circuits will perish. But before that, they will have a tough time living: stress, pressure, health problems, thinking problems, joblessness, the kinds of problems most people face or are afraid of today.

Today, it is possible to ask for a circuit to be activated, and it will be so. But it is up to you to test-drive it, learn what it can do, learn how your behavior and thinking will change.

Just like I see many people driving a superior machinery, like a Mercedes Benz, as if it were a piece of junk not able to turn fast, not able to hold the curve, not able to accelerate, many people will drive their superior machinery with the activated circuits, as if they didn’t exist.

This is very free will really counts: you will always choose to be generous or trample over others, to respect others, or tear them down.

That is the Original Design. Attainable by the Activator Downloads…

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