Republished: Self-Discipline and Brilliance: what is the connection? Conation? WTF is conation?

a dog's conation and a cat's conation are differentBrilliance: what is it, and how is it connected to the Original Design, your vibration, and your world view?

If you have been borderline a failure, but you think you are smart, this may be the article that you need to find your brilliance and your power to act on it.

I play the Self-Discipline Avatar State audio in the background. 24/7.

I am dealing with several issues, among others I eat the way a chain smoker smokes: from the moment I get up till the moment I go go bed. There is always something in my mouth, food, or tea, or water. It is a defense mechanism to the onslaught of feelings I have difficulty dealing with, given that they have nothing to do with me, they come from the environment.

I would like to restrict my eating to a few hours a day. Why? To demonstrate my power over my behavior. And I could use dropping a few pounds, eh, about 10 or so. I am having the hardest time, though with the self-discipline audio it is a tad easier. I have already dropped 10 lbs, that’s why I have only 10 more to go.

Yesterday I had an insight:

conative_peoplethe self-discipline audio activates the self first, and then it activates your ability to learn new things, new ways of being, new ways of doing thing. I have no idea what that means to you, but I’ll tell you what I have been noticing.

I am a quick-start by nature, shoot first, no thinking. 1

A jumping jack. I have been taming it, or better said, I have been trying to tame it. It cuts an awful lot of work out when I take a moment or two to look first. Not look and look and think and think, just look. Much like in PhotoReading®, you don’t quite look at the pages, you look behind them, and make your eyes fuzzy.

What sees the pages is not your conscious mind, it is your “other than conscious mind” and it is faster by far. It is very different from what you call “mind”, the other the conscious mind doesn’t try to understand or evaluate, or compare, or opinionate about what it sees, it just gets it, it just sees it and that’s it. 2

When I can force myself to look at what’s in front of me that way, the inner guidance, the inner knowing gets really strong, and I can do no wrong…

But my soul correction is trust based, specifically: I have no trust  🙁

motiva2So I need to force myself to look before I leap.

The interesting thing I see is that I don’t need to change myself, I only need to sneak in that brief moment of not-looking-type-looking, the other than conscious mind looking, so I don’t jump into the rocks or an empty swimming pool.

What does this have to do with brilliance? A whole lot.

In my definition, brilliance is being guided by that “other than conscious” that knows it all. But it can only do its work when you know and honor your base nature.

Kathy Kolbe calls your base nature your conation. Conation is your motive power. It just works differently in all of us.

Your conative energy, your native and unchangable nature of how you get things done, how you solve problems, is largely ignored in today’s science, behavioral psychology, business training, everywhere.

Every person thinks that every other person on the planet is like them, from the point of view of how to solve things. Big mistake.

Education, formal education forces you to use a conative energy, a strength that you may not have. Your family, your workplace, they all force you to be differently than you are. That includes your coaches, your guidance counselor, your psychiatris, your case worker.

Kathy Kolbe created four clear classes for this innate energy. These are the classes:

1. Fact Finder
2. Follow Through
3. Quick Start
4. Implementer

Inside these classes you can be
a. Insistent
b. Accommodating
c. Resistant

You can be anywhere on this insistent-resistant continuum in any of the four classes… not the same in all four classes.

If we said that you have 20 units of creative energy, that is what you have to work with, you distribute that 20 units of energy according to your conative nature… and you are best performing when you are allowed to chose tasks and jobs and methods that closely match your nature.

I am a quick-start by nature, and I have a mild resistance/I am barely accommodating in most other modes: I can use them, but I don’t enjoy using them. I don’t enjoy research, I don’t enjoy follow up and systematization, and definitely don’t enjoy creating stuff, including videos, models, charts, etc. That’s why I hated architecture, by the way. For 22 years… lol.

Now, if you are having difficulty getting started in any new thing, if you think fear is stopping you, if you live a life of quiet desperation, then just knowing how you roll, so to say, knowing your Kolbe index, is a lifesaver and a potential turning point.

I have a lot of students that think that they are procrastinators. When you think of yourself as a procrastinator, you hate yourself. You despise yourself, You can’t have high self-esteem, self-respect. You think you should be different, that you are all wrong, and you despair.

If you are one of these people, I recommend two things: start using the self-discipline activator, and after a while you will feel the pull of the self, to start doing things your way. Because your way works for you. Because your way is where there is the most harmony between your nature and your actions.

And if you want an even faster path, to know what is your nature, order your Kolbe Conative Index, the A index. The site, has a ton of information, read

Once you buy it, book a 15-minute session with me… I’ll help you understand it… to the best of my knowledge.
It’s hard to be silently brilliant, lots of thought occur when you open your mouth…

Make sure you send me the four digit number you got, example 4493. Enclose your receipt as well, please.

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  1. This is my conative classification, see the end of the article
  2. This is what I always ask you to use on my live calls, so far to no avail :-(

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