Pushing on a string.. Sometimes you are the pusher, other times you are the string

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Around the time when I graduated from Architecture School, my brother impregnated a woman 10 years his senior, who wanted to get married.

I recommended that he pay for her abortion and call it quits.

To my surprise he listened to me. (This is the phenomenon, when it is NOT pushing on a string… rare) I didn’t know why and how I knew that the woman just wanted to marry a Jewish boy… that it wasn’t for love, or for mutual support. I didn’t know I was an empath.

Knowing what is people hidden intentions is a blessing, and is a burden.

Most people want to go down danger’s path… it is their path. Talking to them it is like pushing on a string.

But in the years since then, I have advised people a “million” times about what they are walking into.

I was encouraged by my brother listening to me. He listened and found a lovely woman for a wife, he still lives happily with. Three great kids. Nice home. Supportive relationship. Good marriage…

People are not nice through and through.

You are not nice, through and through.

I had a “Playground” type call yesterday on money. We intended to rewrite the internal map about money, and the goal was to dig up the foundations of the current internal map about money, so both he and I can now make money and keep money and enjoy money. With the current map both him and I need to lose the money right away. “Other people” call the current map beliefs… but they are not beliefs… they are something very different.)

Most of the call was finding the not so nice, not so honest, not so honorable decisions we made about money. It took some coaxing to get him tell the truth, because we live in morality, and have a difficult time telling the truth about our immoral nature.

Immoral means: obeying the built in, hardware type needs, self-preservation, etc.

But unless you can tell the truth about your inner conflicts between the moral high ground and wanting to fulfill your own needs, you’ll never be able to build a new inner map of reality, that is now your own creation, not forced on you by society.

There is a way to have integrity and fulfill your own needs. There is a way to take care of others and your own needs. The way is not morality’s way. Morality needs to be removed: it will make you miserable, and punish yourself for the natural and mandatory needs you have.

I always hoped that this can be done with someone waving their hands and saying some incantation… but, of course it is impossible. You can get a lobotomy, but its effects are much wider.

So what there is to do is to tell the truth, see that the truth didn’t kill you, and make new decisions about life, about money.

I know people who are unwilling. Trying to help these is like pushing on a string. They will bend, but they will not move.

I have found that religious upbringing, religious roots, precisely, Christianity, will prevent people from owning up to their humanity, owning up to their inner not-niceness.

Immorality. Christianity considers even a thought of immoral nature a sin.

Almost all human thoughts are immoral. If you read the 10 commandments, and watch your inner dynamic, if you can, you bristle against all of them.

Christianity, Christians, never committed to keeping the 10 commandments.

They, it seems, are asked to commit to suppress their nature, not to elevate.

Elevating your nature to obey the 10 commandments takes a lot of telling the truth. The truth is different looked at with different cones of vision… with the different size of backgrounds included in the picture.

When you do the “bad things” everyone does, your cone of vision is about immediate gain.

When we look at it 20-30-40 years later, in an intimate mapping conversation, we include your whole life, and whole life… Life in it. So what we see is a whole different truth…

And when you manage to see it that way, what you did, what made you do it, life and the map alters. If you are willing.

The map largely says “this is how it is, and therefore you must do it like this…”

But those “therefores” are only true in the narrow cone of vision, only true through the eyes of a child.

They become not true when we see them with a different cone of vision.

For example, integrity becomes what it really is: a relationship between you and you. Not morality.

Commitment becomes a whole new “marriage” where you marry first and love thereafter, instead of the opposite you were taught.

You know you are committed because you love. Not the other way around.

You know you have integrity, because the relationship between your two yous is harmonious, supportive and happy.

This work, remapping, needs to be done in tiny chunks. Trim-tabbing… turning a whole screwed up life around in tiny intentional steps.

To the degree you can express your feelings, turbulent as they were when you were a child, to the same degree the map can be re-written.

Foaming the mouth anger and hate. Violent desire to kill. Or being beaten to a pulp devastation.

To the degree you are willing to re-experience them, to the degree your life can turn around.

This is one of the places where your TLD score is indicative, and the same place where it can be raised.

TLD stands for the Twitchy Little Bastards score… where you are unwilling or unable to stand unpleasant or painful for any length of time…

My pain threshold is high. Unusually high. I rose it through diligent practice.

It is painful to look at pain. Yours or others’.

You have a fixed way of being with pain, depending on your TLD score. You are twitchy… take your kid to the doctor to be stuffed with needless medication to appease your pain.

Your child gets better when his immune system overcomes the invader. The antibiotics or analgesics just delay it, because the immune system says: “oh, you don’t want me to do anything? Oh, ok… f… you.”

Your TLD score also shows you your fitness to be a parent, a business owner, a friend, a husband.

You can easily see others’… it is harder to see your own.

Suppressing is a sign of a low TLD. Saints had a very low TLD.

Your TLD is as good a measure of where you are on your journey to become a human being, a MAN, as your vibrational number. It just shows it on a different, a more linear scale.

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