Vibrational Reviews: Dr. Hulda Clark, Stuart Wilde, Raymon Grace

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Dr. Hulda ClarkDr. Hulda Clark: vibration: 180;  teachings truth value: 210

Stuart WildeStuart Wilde: vibration: 170; teachings truth value: 190

Raymon GraceRaymon Grace, he energizes water, and does dowsing, he seems to have a very good heart, and no agenda other than to help and heal. : vibration: 190; teachings truth value: 170


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Vibrational Reviews: Dr. Hulda Clark, Stuart Wilde, Raymon Grace”

  1. Thanks for these, Sophie. I really like Raymon. Can I send you his energize water DVD to test out? Some miraculous claims associated with his method. Stuart Wilde also makes big claims. He’s a master charmer, but I think he works with some questionable energies. Thanks again!

    These numbers make me wonder if there isn’t something other than vibration and truth value by which to evaluate a person/method. Purity of intention? Peace of Mind? I dunno…Bliss Level?

  2. you can send me the dvd. the intention doesn’t matter. peace mind doesn’t matter. bliss level doesn’t matter. maybe for themselves, but not for you, the customer, student, or client.

    By the way, the problem with these “methods” that are like incantations a la Christie Marie Sheldon, and this Raymon Grace guy, is that they use normal consciousness.

    I ask you to consider a question: If you can clean water and energize water at will, why can’t you do other things with your words?

    Now, I don’t know what’s on the DVD: if it is an energy instrument or just “instructions” . If it is an energy instrument, then the question will be, and I prefer to test it directly, does it work?

    Now, when I muscle test it without the DVD, which you will send to me, muscle test says that the DVD is an energy instrument. It wields energy. Does it energize water? Weak NO. Does it infuse water with energy? Weak NO. Does it purify water? Weak NO. But it does something, probably something from the fourth plane, the plane of the imaginary entities, spirits, blah blah blah, muscle tests “YES”. Does it actually energize the person drinking the water? Weak NO. Personal opinion: strong placebo effect: YES

  3. Thanks again, Sophie. I’ve played the DVD to my water many times, does not seem any different to me. You have a laser-like vision and listening for distinctions that matter. Thank you for that, and for not wanting to keep the “magic” behind a curtain. You are a teacher.

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