If you have a smart phone… What is it doing to your Twitchy Little Bastard Score?

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If you have a smart phone… What is it doing to your Twitchy Little Bastard Score?

Warning: this article is half teaching half ranting… Consider yourself warned!

As you know the most reliable indicator whether you’ll have a good life or not is your TLB score.

We could say that your worth a damn factor is very close to your TLB score… And whether you are worth a damn, is clearly indicative of the quality of life you’ll live, the kind of friends you’ll have, the kind of money your can make, consistently, and the kind of intimate relationships you can form and maintain.

Tai Lopez says… one of the high achievers said it… that it is awareness.

But this was said before the age of the smart phones.

Today the amount of time you are willing to spend without your phone is a better indicator than your education, your IQ, all you could do if you had time… almost anything.


Because anything worth doing well takes concentrated effort, and you cannot have concentrated effort if anything is allowed to interrupt it, or distract you.

Your Twitchy Little Bastard score can be changed… but automatically it only goes down.

If you have a TLB score of 1, I will not bet on you… because the likelihood of you doing anything worthwhile is between zero and none.

Now, I do have clients and students whose TLB score is 1.

Why am I still working with them?

For the most part, they are grandfathered in. This doesn’t mean I am betting on them. They have proven that they won’t change.

And I have a new student who I am still betting on… because she is still getting physically well. My hunch is that with getting her health under control, following the regimen I recommended, she will get her TLB score under her control… and then I can wholeheartedly report that I was betting on the right person.

What is the connection between getting well and your TLB score? A whole lot.

One of the reasons you are not well is your low TLB score: your eating is all over the place. There is no rhyme and reason in why you eat what you eat and when. You are like a puppet on a string.

You are a river that flows all over the place, flooding towns, killing people, killing you.

When you are “forced” to eat by a certain discipline, at least one area of life is like a river restrained by built shores. At least that area of life is using discipline to gather momentum, to have power.

Your word, created in a moment of clarity and while you saw the big picture, has a lot more influence on what you do… in that one area.

You are in the driver seat… driving your life. In the area of what you eat and what you drink…

Now, if your twitchy little bastard score is low, or if your response to feedback falls into the evil category, then I’ll most likely won’t take you on as a client. Unless I make a mistake.

I have been using Cell Hydration as a test: if you do that right, and you are consistent with it, there may be hope for you.

So, how does health relate to your TLB score? it is a back and forth interaction: your TLB behavior makes you sick, but it is also true, that when your cells are hydrated and your have some energy, you are more likely to rein it the power over your life and your actions… i.e. you give yourself a chance to increase your TLB score.

I know this was too complicated for many of you… TLB score also correlates to your intelligence and your comprehension…

So, what should you get from this article?

  • cut your dependency with your cell phone.
  • Don’t put your audios on it. Don’t surf the internet on it. Don’t have your emails on it. Don’t set it to make a noise when you get a message or anything…

I do have an Iphone. I use it to check the weather.

It doesn’t make a peep. I ignore all the calls, all the messages, except the messages from my bank.

I use filtering in my email, and I don’t have it on my cell phone… I only look at emails that are from people who paid me or will pay me.

If you are a customer and you bother me with a lot of emails: I’ll tell you off. Your money doesn’t compensate for the loss of concentration… your one-minute interruption of me can cost me thousands of dollars… so I’ll be blunt, rude, or nice but tell you to not consider me your friend.

I am NOT your friend. Your friend and family are your worst enemy… They think they can interrupt you with anything at any time…

You don’t have my permission to destroy my life after you destroyed yours. And if you paid me $15 for a reading and you expect me to use all the polite correspondence rules from the last century… I am not going to and you are going to complain… or not.

I really don’t care. You really think caring is giving up my life for yours?

Your map of reality and reality are seriously out of alignment.

Keep on using your smart phone… I cannot help you.

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